Step 1: Company incorporation

Business plan restaurant hong kong.

This will give the company a vital edge over its competitors.

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Ladies must be happy to have a lunch at this restaurant. Liquor License In case you want to serve alcohol inside your restaurant, you would need to apply to the Liquor Licensing Board for a Liquor License.

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In general, non-bottled drinks are drinks prepared for immediate consumption and do not require storage in sealed bottles, cans or other containers. However, in case you want to store liquor that is not going to be used immediately, you would also need to get the License for Manufacture or Storage of Dangerous Goods knowledge is power argumentative essay the Fire Services Department.

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The mission of the company is to be a pioneer and example of conscious capitalism, while achieving financial excellence. Ready to get a license? Some factors that you would have to keep in your mind while choosing the place for the restaurant are: The license can be obtained by submitting an application along with copies of the following documents: Permit to Sell Food using a Vending Machine In case you add a vending machine in your restaurant that would sell drinks and food, you would need to get a permit for that as well from the FEHD.

Then, the prices of these products, in the restaurant, shall be set at slightly lower figures. References Abrams, R.

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However, there will be a need to spread the payment by installments. The applicant can then follow the directions to obtain the General Restaurant License, which is only provided after the payment of the prescribed license fee has been made, and any other obligations have business plan restaurant hong kong completed.

The application procedure is similar to the General Restaurant License application procedure.

Business plan restaurant hong kong

business plan restaurant hong kong This means that it should be on the main street and not tucked in a place that no one goes too. First, the restaurant will have varying styles and tastes. And in this step, you can take the help of companies like Startupr to have the work completed in no time.

As soon as the application reaches the FEHD, they would forward the copy of the documents, the proposed layout plan and the complete application form knowledge is power argumentative essay the Fire Services Department and the Buildings Department for approval.

Step 2: Choose suitable premises

Set Up Your Restaurant With Ease As mentioned above, there are many legal requirements if you want to own a restaurant, but the benefits that come with it are worth it. Let us guide you further You may find these Hong Kong business licensing guides also useful in helping you make your decision: Applicants will be informed of the outcome within 10 working days.

Company incorporation Once you have decided to setup a restaurant in Hong Kong, you must first setup a Hong Kong company and obtain a Certificate of Incorporation from business plan restaurant hong kong Hong Kong Companies Registry. STEp 2: Another important thing is business plan restaurant hong kong parking.

Business Plan Restaurant Hong Kong

The procedure for this application is just the same as the one for the General Restaurant License. Setup your restaurant with ease As outlined above, there are several legal requirements to satisfy if you wish to open a restaurant in Hong Kong.

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Remember to also include your monthly fixed expenses such as rental, staff wages, utilities etc. Therefore, the audience can be reached through newspapers, magazines and television. Step 1 — Company Incorporation As soon as you make your mind to upload homework up a restaurant, you would first need to set up a business in Hong Kong and even apply to get the Certificate of Incorporation from the Companies Registry in Hong Kong.

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So, if you want to begin the work for your restaurant now, contact Startupr today to register your business today! Tech Deliveroo, the British food delivery business plan restaurant hong kong last valued at 2 billion, has opened a brick-and-mortar restaurant in Hong Kong.

However, Asian dishes shall be given priority in order to serve the local population in Hong Kong, as well as other cities in Asia. We have seen working hard to be the best korean fried chicken restaurant in hong kong. Planning Shop.

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Step 5: The related access information of the applicant would be provided by the FEHD after the application has been submitted, making the tracking process easy. This step-by-step guide provides information on the legal requirements for setting up a restaurant in Hong Kong.

The Space Size also matters a lot.

Asian dining rules: The Import License must be applied for each consignment of the frozen and chilled meat and poultry. This is regardless of its location being on private property, or even if it is situated on Government land. Find a private investor for your business ideas, or look for potential investment opportunities.

All applications are referred to the Commissioner of Police and the District Officer concerned for comments. In keeping with the budget that the restaurant shall come up with, there will be optimization of these advertisements. business plan restaurant hong kong

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Other than this, you would also need to have your restaurant registered with the Center for Food Safety. For details on the requirements, visit http: However, you can setup your restaurant with ease and save on time and resources by hiring a professional services firm.

Business plan restaurant hong kong

The website https: Step 6: How to write a business plan 6th ed. Drinks sold from a manual dispensing machine also belong to this category. The steps for the application procedure involves: Quick View 1.

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The visibility of the restaurant. Please feel free to let us know your thoughts in the comments section below. The permit will only be valid if the premises remain licensed as a restaurant. You are also required to adhere to any import conditions that are imposed by the FEHD.

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Foods that fit well with their culture shall be provided. Hiring staff Once you have obtained the necessary licenses and permits, it is time to hire staff to work in your restaurant. The drinks that fall under this category are soya bean juice, fresh fruit juice, diluted drinks brewed from concentrated conclusion for an argumentative essay or fruit juice, etc.

The Import License would be applied to each batch of chilled and frozen poultry and standard font for term paper. A true certified copy of a record of ownership or the stamped tenancy agreement of the office premises; A copy of the Board Resolution that confirms the approval of an entitled person to represent the business during the license application process; A certified true copy of the most recent Annual Return of the company; A genuine accredited copy of Notice of Situation of the Registered Office; Certified business plan restaurant hong kong copy of Articles of Association of the company; Certified true copy of Certificate of Incorporation of the company; Certified true copy of the Business Registration Certificate of the company; Three true certified copies of the estimated metric layout plan of the premises.

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The FEHD, Buildings Department and Fire Services Department will conduct separate site inspections to check the suitability of the proposed premises for the restaurant. The Business Class seating on this version is configured in a arrangement with seats that business plan restaurant hong kong into fully-flat although slightly angled beds.

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