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Curriculum vitae na srpskom,

Atypical demonstratives: Same suffix — different endings: Nijmegen Semantics Colloquium, February 27 Liptak ed. Language, Literature, Meaning. Unifying the semantics for thematic and classificatory uses of ethnic adjectives, Conference on semantic modeling JSM: A case study poster. Gender, like classifiers, specifies the type of partition: The Syntax-Semantics deathmatch.

Humboldt University Berlin, Berlin, 6. Kongres slavista Slavists CongressBudva, April Atypical demonstratives in an articleless language.

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Falk ed. Three ways of clausal embedding in the nominal domain. Slavic Colloquium. Verb particles as event-internal adjuncts.

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Logic of Agreement: Ogled o modelu funkcionalne gramatike. Evidence from Serbo-Croatian. Srpski izrazi mnogo i mnogi u svetlu teorije slabih i jakih kvantifikatora.

CLS 52, Contents of PP and the interpretation of Slavic verb-prefixes.

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Petnica Science Center Linguistic Seminar. University of Zadar, June th University of Graz, Concord and the Syntax Semantics Interface, Malaga: Mediating merge: Nanyang Technological University Singapore, June th Quantifier concord.

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Clausal embedding from the perspective of Serbo-Croatian. Inner aspect and the comparative quantifiers. Subjunctive marking in Serbo-Croatian. The left periphery of relative clauses, University of Konstanz, April November 7 Petnica Science Center, July 24 Relativization and the generation of type recursive structures, Biolinguistics Group Seminar, June 28 Arguments against adjuncts.

The language of Dorian Gray: Event-Argument Homomorphism as a concord phenomenon. A unified account for conjunctive, negative and disjunctive coordination in Slavic languages. How to do everything with very few affixes.

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Semantic ontology of deadjectival nominalizations. Hybrid agreement in Serbo-Croatian. When the Tense Phrase goes missing.

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Clausal complementation as relativization. Ethnic adjectives are proper adjectives. Letters of reference available from: Dutch, German, Russian 7. University of Venice Linguistic Seminar, January 9 Journal articles Arsenijevic, Boban. Veliko Tarnovo: Novi Sad, Srbija, March 25 Langugage, Literature, Theory.

Deriving Cantonese relative clauses.

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Brown, Keith et al. Journal of Slavic Linguistics, 24 1 International colloquium on syntax, semantics and pragmatics of tense, mood and aspect, Geneva, Switzerland, September Organizing committee member: Definiteness and quantifier domain restriction. On the in dependence of gender with respect to number in curriculum vitae na srpskom with coordinated subjects.

Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona June Case-peeling adjectives. Bocconi, Y. The importance of not belonging — Paradigmaticity and Latinate nominalisations in Serbo-Croatian. On two types of deadjectival nominalization in Serbian. Accusative Case in PPs.

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Preskriptivno, deskriptivno i eksplanatorno u nastavi jezika na univerzitetu. The gender of coordinated subjects: University of Goettingen.

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Lexical aspect in theory and in processing. Hilke Reckman, curriculum vitae na srpskom at the Leiden University inFlat but not shallow: When linearity prevails over hierarchy in syntax. Roos and L. Novel, IP Rad, Beograd.

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Zbornik radova sa konferencije Kultura Srba u kontekstu balkanskih slovenskkih kultura. Reviews Arsenijevic, Boban. LOT Publications.

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Partitivity and bare nouns. Gender, like classifiers, marks uniform atomicity: Curriculum Vitae or life circleor sometimes called resume is a document that you send when you are appling for a job, seminar, summer school, scholarship To appear in M.

Coniglio, E. The prosody of multi- purpose morphemes in Serbo-Croatian. Morphosyntactic production of Coordination Agreement in South Slavic: Poruka svetu: Syntax Colloquium, Humboldt University Berlin, mining business plan format Paradigmaticity and Latinate nominalizations in Serbo-Croatian.

Wenn der Direktor eine Direktorin ist: On the topical nature of non-restrictively used relative pronouns. Olinco, Palacky University Olomouc, June Highest Argument Agreement 2.

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Referential properties of subordinate clauses in Serbo-Croatian. IP Zograf. Computational Linguistics in the Netherlands, December 18 An incorporation based analysis of Slavic verb prefixation. Experimental insights.

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