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Sadly, New York City has the 4th worst ozone levels across most of the nation 4. Development entails higher order, and by law of entropy, this creates disorder in the surroundings.

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In view of this grave situation it is our duty as responsible citizens to help our Government in reducing and controlling pollution. The distance allows for contamination while traveling to the final destination.

Also, the flu can develop other complications which can seriously endanger their health.

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The problems lie in the fact that not everyone gets vaccinated and that influenza can mutate into forms which are resistant. Some believe the Earth can be renewed, while some are on their way to go to Mars. The government should address the problem of pollution on a war footing.

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Air pollution is a dangerous side effect of living in cities. The emission from thousands of vehicles has made life of the people very difficult.

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Facebook what points should a cover letter include. One of the most common ailments that people contract and complain of in the winter is the flu.

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People always want more out of life. However, most urban city dwellers could only dream of having a day off from work to have time for nature trips and escapades, hiking up the mountains, diving pristine waters, trekking across vast green meadows, or even living in a farm, in their longing to escape the toxic city life and polluted environment. A comparison by an anonymous scholar once noted that living in New York City is the equivalent of smoking a pack of cigarettes a day.

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The inhalation of carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide and particulates cause serious biological problems. We take its trees and oil deposits to fuel cars and to make plastics, we steal food from a wide host of animals and choke them to death with indigestible solid wastes and toxins. It is a great danger to health and life.

The disaster immediately destroyed thousands of lives but the effects are still being felt by the survivors.

Pollution is a common problem which can influence the quality of the air and water for the residents. Panic ensued when it was revealed average sat essay score new sat seven elderly people died from West Nile virus 6.

Only spraying the debris with water to keep the dust down has helped the situation, nothing more can be done until it is cleared away. The residents of New York City have a viable reason to resume cover letter template ms word concerned not only about poisons in the air, but also about the quality of their how to cite master thesis apa reservoirs.

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Therefore, the decision to spray select portions of the city was taken very seriously. These substances irritate the eyes, nose and lungs of rescue workers and New Yorkers traveling, living or working in the area. Noise pollution is caused by blowing of horns, rumblings from factories and running of vehicles, aeroplanes, trains, etc.

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Sort By: Press releases warn that the elderly, children, pregnant women and people with chronic illnesses are at high risk to get infected 2. City life represents the desire to live more — more wealth, comfort, and erudition. In NYC a simple virus like the flu can cause widespread health problems due to the nature of the communities and the population.

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Because of large influx of population into cities the quantity of garbage is increasing. Grand gestures such pesticide use were taken to avoid a city-wide outbreak of West Nile virus.

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Some reported symptoms of exposure to carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide and particulates respectively are shortness of breath, eye-nose-throat irritation and even cancer 4. They also locate their high waste producing factories to countries where there is cheap labor — exploiting both the human resources and natural resources of the cities of poorer countries. Cities also try what points should a cover letter include protect their citizens from dangerous criminals.