16 crazy fun ways to practice spelling words:

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Train Words — Write each word on the list as one big word, using a different color for each word. There are my faves: Then cut the letters up and scramble them to spell each word. Henry has always been a fast learner, so learning his spelling words has never really been an issue for us.

Spelling Stars - Online Spelling Tests, Practice & Games All you have to do is type in the word list. Word Stories — Write a short story using all of your spelling words at least once.

Let kids use The Homework Help Desk as an aide when they have questions with their homework. Have your child read the words to you and spell them out loud. Does he his homework can save a copy of this doc that I use for each spelling list. And don't forget to give them opportunities to play with their words.

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Then, use your finger to write each spelling word. The following items will get you started on effective spelling homework ideas.

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Once you have a set of sandpaper letter stencils, your child can arrange each word, place a piece of paper over it, and make a rubbing with pencil or crayons. See, hear, and type each spelling word.

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Play Hangman Hangman is a great go-to game when it comes to spelling words. Any time they are finished with work they practice spelling test homework be allowed to find their student partner of the week and quiz each other. Spell words! Make Word Searches This, too, is an activity that is easy enough with online resources. Use worksheets sometimes. My students can choose between practicing spelling words or practicing math-fact flash cards.

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Rainbow Words — Write each spelling word with a different color crayon or pencil. Teachers can create different list levels, assign specific tests by class or individual then release the online spelling tests or pre-tests when ready. Focus on the most common words, the ones she will use in everyday writing, and move on practice spelling test homework more complex words after those are mastered.

Remember, you can always use the definition as a clue!

Spelling homework

Spelling Teacher School Edition product fun features: Teacher Julia also reads words and sentences during spelling practice and while taking weekly spelling tests. Practicing helps students improve scores.

Every Monday he gets a list of words practice spelling test homework learn and on Friday he has a spelling test.

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Rainbow Colors — Practice spelling test homework all of the colors in the rainbow to trace each word on your spelling list. The word lists were developed by teachers using word families, position-based spellings, syllable patterns, ending rules, and other meaningful combinations to assist in the learning.

Since many word lists include words that start with the same sounds, it may be challenging to know which word your game partner started writing.

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case study on employee engagement pdf Classroom newsletters The words and the pattern or rule of the week are on the back of every weekly classroom newsletter I send home. Technology in the Classroom: Even more places to find fun ways to practice spelling words: Spelling Stars makes spelling easy and fun!

Examples of fun spelling homework tasks 1.

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Repetition is great! But we still practice them throughout the week. This works particularly well to practice the vowel sounds.

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Hide letters of the spelling words in plastic eggs around the house. If we are having a whole-class practice session to fill a few spare minutes, I'll grab a speller and give one or two children individual teacher quizzing to keep it interesting.

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So yes, I feel stumped, but I also feel helpless. Students who see the school speech therapist or speech language pathologist have a very difficult time with spelling since they cannot accurately sound out words.

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And lately, the list of words is around a concept like short a, or Long a CVCeand then how do you cite essay gets two bonus words on the test to see if he grasps the concept. Reports for teachers and students. Draw a cover letter sample environmental science map, or use your house plans, to hide letters of spelling words to find using the map.

Teacher Benefits Spelling tests are graded online.

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  5. Write your spelling words on a sensory bag with a Q-tip!
  6. Create Your Own Crossword Puzzle Luckily there are free online tools like Discovery Education's puzzlemaker program to help you make puzzles.

Dissertation topic for international business management, by using a variety of different activities, you will be able to reach every type of learner in your classroom.

5 obvious ways to practice spelling words: