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Round-the-clock companions, eager to give and receive love, pets satisfy the universal human need to be needed. Pets fill many lonely hours for elderly people who live alone or feel isolated from friends and family.

They encourage conversation and invite other pet owners to share stories. Animals' innocence and unquestioning trust can help the elderly overcome cynicism that often results from feeling isolated and rejected by society. Dogs are able to either lower blood pressure and cholesterol or help people lose their weight. Featured Columnists.

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If you are thinking about owning a pet, think carefully about how it will affect your life. Advantages and disadvantages of owning a car essay For her are advantages and disadvantages of owning a car essay their screams, their matters.

Experts say that pets are very advantages and disadvantages of owning a dog essay and can even prolong the lives of human beings, especially elderly folk or those widowed and living alone.

They no longer live in the wild but amidst human habitats. Some people decided to own pets because they need companion at home. On the disadvantages. Kids grow up in a home with furred animal —include cats and dogs- have less risk of allergies and asthma.

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A pet's dependence strengthens self-esteem and motivation to carry out daily tasks. Topic Second, pets help people with serious illness. Associated Categories: Pets that are not housebroken can soil furniture and carpets. Be honest with yourself.

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Pet owners must discharge their duties responsibly by feeding these animals under their care with proper food, exercising them and ensuring they get medical treatment, as well as the required yearly vaccination. Training is a commitment.

Dogs are great family members and have the above-mentioned positive effects on the whole family.

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They cannot or rather should not be discarded like used clothing and if you really want a dog, you have to realize that he'll be yours for the next years. They deal with life's little and big obstacles and then forget them. Animals are naturally playful and their antics are fun to watch.

First, pets reduce stress.

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Service dogs and sniffer dogs are used to extensively in the west such as America, United Kingdom and Netherlands, among others. There are many complaints we read in the newspapers of how neighbors are exposed to the stench from animal waste as well as dogs being chained up for long hours and hence, bark incessantly, creating nuisance and discomfort in the neighborhood.

It's your decision! Disadvantages Time commitment. Pets can hinder travel if satisfactory pet-sitting arrangements aren't available.

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Contact Editor Throughout history and all over the world, animals have brought love, laughter and companionship to the people whose lives they share. Cats also lower risk of heart attack by reducing stress and anxiety. Dogs Love to Play Advantages Dogs are fun. Pets help fill the void. There are countless stories of how dogs have warned their owners of an impending disaster such as fire, accidents, break-ins and eventually saved their lives.

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Pet owners must ensure the surroundings are kept clean by collecting and disposing of animal waste properly. In today's largely urban, industrialized society, many people are isolated from nature. Due to the fact that pets may have big contribution to our health.

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The police force has a Police Canine Unit that has dogs specially trained to detect drugs and other dangerous substances such as bombs. Disadvantages of Home essay about advantages and disadvantages of owning a pet giving you the equity advantages of homeownership without the Advantages of Home Ownership Owning your own home can Steinbeck the pearl essays be a first.

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Pets provide their elderly companions with a very important sense of security and will alert them when someone comes to the door. Research shows that dog owners fared better when it came to depression, loneliness, disease, self-esteem, meaningful existence, stress, and activity.

Advantages and disadvantages.

They play with you and will run with you. Kids grow up in a home with furred animal —include cats and dogs- have less risk of allergies and asthma.

Next, pets carry health risk for some people. You have to have a certain personality in order to be a good dog owner and also be aware of the fact that they're creatures, not products.

Then, pets can be destructive. Dogs should get to know limits like what is their food and what is ours, which areas like the couch or the bed are off-limits, and most important of all, their business has to be done outside the latter requires a lot of time and patience and needs to be taught from the very beginning to avoid raising a problem dog. Pets can help the elderly focus on the present and enjoy the small pleasures that each day brings.

With proper research, you can be sure ipac problem solving find the dog that is suited problem solving activities for primary 4 your lifestyle and whose needs will be satisfied in your home.

Know how you will provide for the animal before you bring it home. For people who are alone in the world, the death of a pet can be an inconsolable loss. Dogs need to run, enjoy their freedom, and use their noses in a natural surrounding.

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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Television. Consider whether you essay on my favourite pet animal in english getting a dog from a breeder or an animal shelter. Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of owning a dog, cat, bird, or other pet: My two dachshund mixes came to me when they were only 45 days old and have grown up to be two well-behaved, beautiful, and very social dogs.

The owner has to pay for the food bills, grooming costs, accessories, etc. The advantages and disadvantages of having a pet Posted Thursday, February 27, 7: We see, read and hear many sad stories of dogs and cats being abandoned as soon as the owner feels the animals have outlived their usefulness.

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In France, dogs and cats are the most common pets. In sum, owning domesticated animal at home has both advantages and disadvantages. Porsche drivers won't be happy driving a Smart car and vice-versa. Uncontrolled animals can also cause property damage to neighbors and to the community.

Today, many doctors, social workers, and other health care professionals believe that companion animals are important in helping many people lead healthy, happy lives, especially elderly people.

Having a pet that requires daily exercise gets the older person out into the fresh air and sunshine, too. Animals are great ice-breakers. You fun homework ideas year 1 to buy dog food, go to the vet at least once a year provided your dog is healthyand pay a kennel when you go on vacation. The pet plays an important role as companion to its owner.

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