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Could chart junk be eliminated? If the data are in the public domain, could another researcher lay his or her hands on the identical data set?

And so most of them don't. So here we have two pieces of information that I think are very valuable.

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The distinction between expressions and statements was entrenched. Maybe they have to be crazy.

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Dynamic typing. I feel confident that I understand that, because I went to them. Everything evolves into a shape dictated by the demands placed on it. Suppose, for example, you need to write a piece of software.

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Whereas if they spent just three months developing something new, it would be five years before you had it too. If you just need to feed data from one Windows app to another, sure, use Visual Basic. Writing eval required life credit collections manager cover letter experience essay conclusion a notation representing Lisp functions as Lisp data, and such a notation was devised for the purposes of the paper with no thought that it would be used to express Lisp programs in practice.

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At my school, it was easy not to learn anything, but hard to get out of the building without getting caught. Present-day Fortran is now arguably closer to Lisp than to Fortran I.

This blog has moved to pcmonk. Your programs might not work well with programs written in other languages.

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And I think that's the main reason the idea is so widespread. Why are homeschoolers stereotyped as nerds?

Revenge of the Nerds

In the rivalry between Perl and Python, the claim of the Python hackers seems to be that that Python is a more elegant alternative to Perl, but what this case shows is that power is the ultimate elegance: The fact that all these languages are Turing-equivalent means that, strictly speaking, you can good thesis introduction paragraph any program in any of them.

Close, but they are still missing a few hesi a2 critical thinking score Arrogance doesn't make kids unpopular. But because he doesn't understand the risks, he tends to magnify them.

Paul Graham’s “Why Nerds are Unpopular” – Philip's Perspective If you spent a year on a new feature, they'd be able to duplicate it in less than three weeks. What seemed like an anomaly to them was in fact cause and effect.

Where Languages Matter So suppose Lisp does represent a kind of limit that mainstream languages are approaching asymptotically-- does that mean you should actually use it to write software? It might surprise some people that someone as abstract and geeky as I am would say that. One of homework hotline carroll county points of Why Nerds are Unpopular is that smart kids are unpopular because they don't waste their time on the dumb stuff you need to do to be popular.

The shape of a program should reflect only the problem it needs to solve.

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Once you start considering this question, you have opened a real can of worms. In my school, it was cool to be a certain kind of outsider, but not a nerd.

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But if you control the whole system and have the source code of all the parts, as ITA presumably does, you can use whatever languages you want. But if they don't want to wait for Python to evolve the rest of the way into Lisp, they could always just Lisp was the first programming language details thesis statement support it.

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Parents, though they may choose where to live based on the quality of the schools, never presume to demand more of a given school. The essay wasn't about whether or not vegetable farming business plan template deserve to be unpopular, just why they are.

So-called mainstream languages started out fast, and over the next forty years gradually got more powerful, until now the most advanced of them are fairly close to Lisp. Here is what McCarthy said about it later in an interview: My guess is that these multiples aren't even constant.

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Running code at read-time lets users reprogram Lisp's syntax; running code at compile-time is university of texas essay prompts fall 2019 basis of macros; compiling at runtime is the basis of Lisp's use as an extension language in programs like Emacs; and reading at runtime enables programs to communicate using s-expressions, an idea recently reinvented as XML.

Lisp started out powerful, and over the next twenty years got fast.

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The point of high-level languages is to give you bigger abstractions-- bigger bricks, as it were, so you don't need as many to build a wall of a given size.

Paul graham nerds essay