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Background introduction essay.

Importance of Having Enough Background Information

The first paragraph might consist of just the attention grabber and some narrative about the problem. It might be helpful to think of the introduction as an inverted pyramid. Is it developing a new idea?

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What is the purpose of writing about this topic? You may also need to construct paragraphs which offer contrasting views on the ideas you have already developed.

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How to Write a Research Paper. Get to it.

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Today, however, money management involves knowing more than which combinations of cent, five-cent, and one-penny candies I can get for a dollar. However, it is not yet working as a thesis statement because it fails to make an argument or claim about those topics. Center on Alcoholism, Substance Abuse, and Addictions.

Present problem solving skills for gifted students facts and statistics. Every essay or assignment you write must begin with an introduction. Therefore, you need to bridge the gap between your attention-grabber and your thesis with some transitional discussion.

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In constructing an introduction, make sure the introduction clearly reflects the goal or purpose of the assignment and that the thesis presents not only the topic to be discussed but also states a clear position about that topic that you will support and develop throughout the paper.

The key is to summarize for the reader what is known about the specific research problem before you conduct the analysis. Temporal -- creative writing programs in germany cover letter solidworks or events of, relating to, or limited by time.

The thesis statement is usually one or two sentences long and tells the reader what the whole essay is going to be about. You may want to use the grid below to help you structure your introduction; you can use the right-hand column to jot down your own ideas. In such a pyramid, you begin by presenting a broad introduction to the topic and end by making a more focused point about that topic in your thesis statement.

Many people believed that profiling was the best way to identify possible terrorists, but many others worried about violations of civil liberties.

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  2. Is there a problem or controversy with the topic?
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  5. My earliest memories of earning and spending money are when I was ten years old when I would sell Dixie cups of too-sweet lemonade and bags of salty popcorn to the neighborhood kids.

Doing a Literature Review: Compare how the specific details of the second example paint a better picture for the reader about what the writer learned about money as a child, rather than this general statement: Research studies cited as part of the background information of your introduction should not include very specific, lengthy explanations.

When I was a child, I used math to run a lemonade stand. Introduce the main ideas that stem from your topic: New York: I will be talking more about these things in my paper.

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Thesis Statements A thesis statement manages to encapsulate an essay's main argument in a succinct, one-sentence comment. For Longer Papers Although for short essays the introduction is usually just one paragraph, longer argument or research papers may require a more substantial introduction.

Write an introduction that interests the reader and effectively outlines your arguments.