Maintenance management literature review and directions pdf.

Elhadidy, E. Besides, the few models proposed in the literature are founded on critical assumptions such as constant failure rate regardless of equipment age, neglected maintenance time, complete maintenance history, and information. That authenticates [ 31 ] debate. They concluded that how you spell thesis maintenance strategies are effective but it is not evident whether they are efficient.

A conceptual framework and directions for future research. Medical equipment maintenance research evolution. Ridgway proposed a risk-based approach to prioritize devices that meet maintenance sensitivity criteria. The paper [ 24 ] distinguishes between three different kinds of MD preventive maintenance: Arslan and Y. The literature review presented the factors used in maintenance priority, methods for priority setting, and the trend of maintenance priority.

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Miguel Cruz and A. However, they are only applied research paper brain computer interface simple systems with reduced constraints number. The paper [ 32 ] suggested a mixed-integer linear programming to solve an MD maintenance scheduling problem using greedy algorithms. Alrabghi and A.

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The author used a recursive algorithm to find the solution, which makes the model computationally hard and time consuming. Work in [ 56 ] was the first step to assess the applicability and usefulness of some commonly used age-dependent and repair effect models to repairable MD systems.

Then, white box method is an attractive tool to model component failure behavior with focus on physical properties details of maintained systems e. Then, taking into account the other assumptions makes the optimization model more complex to solve by a classical exact approach.

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Maintenance excellence is measured by its ability to address the most significant failure mechanisms [ 44 ]. Minimal repair or as bad as old ABAO for that the degradation level is restored to the situation before the maintenance action is executed. The extracted collection includes articles published between andwhich spans various aspects: Therefore, many simulation methods were used to overcome this problem.

Khalaf, K. Tawfik, B. Likewise, [ 22 ] recapped several types of MD maintenance activities consisting of repair, replacement, or inspections. These mathematical models are also limited to the assessment of failure rate excluding maintenance effectiveness.

Secondly, they can serve as a tool to evaluate and compare different maintenance strategies [ 117284 ]. In [ 48 ] mathematical optimization model of periodic inspections was founded on the same simple hamlet essay analysis of perfect maintenance AGAN.

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View at Google Scholar M. View at Google Scholar H. In the same way, numerous other models have been proposed in the literature to overcome modeling deterioration problems.

Ridgway, L. Fraser, K. Maintenance Concepts Reliability centered maintenance RCM [ 3334 ] and total productive maintenance TPM [ 3536 ] are the eminent maintenance concepts in the literature.

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We conclusively propose directions to develop suitable tools for better healthcare maintenance management. The status of maintenance management in UK manufacturing organisations: Kobbacy and D. It was mentioned in the model that check time, decision time, and delivery time are the key factor influencing the downtime, not maintenance time. The paper [ 41 ] asserts that empirical studies cause and effect essay outline template pdf help medical maintenance services elaborate evidence-based strategies for the betterment of their performance levels.

Doyen and O. Premature convergence to local optima is seen the biggest delimitation of the local search algorithms employed in optimization models already presented. Nicolai and R.

Preventive Maintenance Optimization in Healthcare Domain: Status of Research and Perspective

Murth, A simulation based cv and cover letter writing ppt for determining maintenance strategies [M. Recently, researches are oriented toward a new trend of maintenance optimization techniques, called metaheuristics [ 81 ].

The foremost finding of this study is the necessity of further research in maintenance optimization modeling in the healthcare domain, as highlighted by literature gaps detailed above. Figure 2: Analytical and numerical methods are the prevalent used methods in the literature [ 80 ].

Journal of Quality and Reliability Engineering

Pourjavad, and H. As mentioned before, maintenance optimization models for medical equipment are still an underexplored area. Gasmi and N. Bevilacqua, and P. Maintenance Management and Innovation in Industries: Further research in this field should measure outcomes of predictive maintenance including prognostics. These evolutionary methods are based on mechanism observed in nature and give an intelligent exploration and exploitation of the optimization problem search space [ 465382 ].

Appendix Table research maintenance management literature review and directions pdf brain computer interface Competing Interests The authors declare that there is no conflict of interests regarding the publication of this paper.

Preventive Maintenance Optimization in Healthcare Domain: Status of Research and Perspective

We deeply analyzed ten aspects determining a model of maintenance optimization problem: Dhillon as well addresses the problem of human error and resumed that reliability engineering has successfully improved systems in the aerospace area what should a dissertation title include its application to the healthcare domain would generate similar dividends [ 55 ].

Journal of Quality in Maintenance Engineering, 16 2— We deduce that preventive maintenance optimization modeling in healthcare domain is still in its infancy business plan on waste management ppt and it is an underexplored area in which to focus initiatives to address optimal maintenance strategies.

The paper [ 74 ] exploited the Bayesian dynamic network RBD to model rail deteriorations reliability. Murthy, Eds. This policy triggers maintenance activities no more than when there is evidence of deterioration to reduce unnecessary scheduled actions [ 11 — 14 ].

The main objectives of this paper are to study the correlation between success factors of maintenance management in Moroccan companies and to give a global picture about maintenance management level in Moroccan companies.

Indeed, maintenance optimization in real industrial context is usually subjected to several constraints and very complex to resolve. Although this method gives a solution in a reasonable time, there is no guarantee if this solution is accurate and reliable [ 42 ]. The paper [ 76 ] maintenance management literature review and directions pdf multicomponent maintenance models based on economic, structural, and stochastic dependencies.

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Nevertheless, the decision conference duration and difficulties to concentrate in the criteria assessments are the main weaknesses. Frequency and severity of forced outages immediately following planned or maintenance outages.

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Tsang, Maintenance, Replacement, and Reliability: Tian, L. PM is also the widely established policy for medical devices. This study reviews various important aspects of medical equipment maintenance, analyses different research insufficiencies found in healthcare maintenance optimization modeling literature, and proposes directions to develop suitable tools for better medical devices management.

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Other stochastic methods are supposed to be investigated in this domain. Facing the dilemma of merely following manufactures maintenance manual or establishing an evidence-based maintenance, medical equipment maintenance could have exploited an advanced area in operations research which is maintenance optimization research.

A discussion was carried out on the maintenance priority based on organisation goal and balancing maintenance priority. The paper [ 67 ] proposes a statistical analysis of MD soft and hard failure data presenting a lot of censoring events.

Banjevic, and A. And less attention was paid to determine the key objective criteria to avoid inappropriate maintenance model leading to suboptimal solutions. Cholasuke, C.

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Even though failure mechanism modeling has been widely used and applied in many industries, its application to the healthcare devices operating context is fairly new. Tsai, K. Maintenance Technology Magazine.

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Discussion and Conclusions This work has set sights on assessing the status of research tackling preventive maintenance optimization problems of medical devices. De Figueiredo, Multicriteria model to support the replacement of hospital medical equipment [M.

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A database of publications published during to was csc dlp case study answers for the purpose of this paper. It is worth mentioning that population-based heuristics, especially genetic algorithm GAare the well-known class of metaheuristics applied in maintenance optimization management consulting firm cover letter [ 4281 maintenance management literature review and directions pdf.

Statistical distributions are the easiest and widespread used models among black box category [ 69 ] e. Based on this literature review, a conceptual framework, which presents the facets of factors and methods considered in maintenance priority setting is offered.

Until s, run to failure maintenance had been the widespread policy; then, preventive maintenance PM concepts appeared and became well known. Ferreira, and C.

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In a large amount of these studies, maintainability is not considered because of the common assumption of neglected repair times. This is an open access article distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution Licensewhich permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited.

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Maintenance Policies and Actions Maintenance policies can be usually classified into three categories: Peng, J. For example, [ 72 ] evaluated business plan on waste management ppt multicomponent system performance drawing on Petri net network combined with Monte Carlo simulation. Likewise, [ 32 ] evaluated and analyzed maintenance strategies effect on the survival probability of some MD using exponential distribution approach.

A literature review on maintenance priority - conceptual framework and directions

Yet, [ 666 ] reported that several facts and figures in relation to patient outcomes are directly or indirectly associated with medical devices reliability and operators errors. Thus, Dhillon [ 6 ] insisted on using classical methods like general approach, parts counts method, Markov chain, failure mode and effect analysis FMEAand fault tree analysis FTA.

The paper [ 23 ] implemented a risk-based prioritization tool for preventive maintenance inspections.