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However early s was the first time when a baby was dump and dispatcher was arrested by police and charged with abandoning her newborn baby in a litter scattered lots. There must a reason why the elders, authorities, or in religion views are also forbid the mankind to do so. Yet, another problem happens after delivery of baby when the mother is in unstable post-partum psychosis she will feel anxious, pain as for she is still in refinement.

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However baby dumping is serious issues that destroy the values of a society and the people of the society. Furthermore people who are responsible for baby-dumping will consider as a murder, which will punish to death penalty.

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Baby Dumping: Beside they may feel that they are not yet ready for his responsibility. As a citizen, the duty bound on all responsible aqa english coursework grade boundaries sensitize our 3 baby dumping done by school girls who are fear and scared of being driven away from home by their parents because of the babies that they carry. So baby dumping is ultimately creating a barrier for development of a country.

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Dr Halimah also emphasized that baby dumping should be prevent together, as it was the combine responsibility to wipe out this problem. It is a sign of moral destruction of human being where people use baby even give birth baby to use them as a product.

They might been isolated, and therefore they will gain no trust from anyone, friends, neighbors, employer, and many more.

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Jason Lee,School for pregnant teenagers a positive step to curbing baby dumping. Economic vulnerability Baby dumping is indirectly responsible for economic vulnerability of a family.

It occurs at leaving cert history essay structure months of pregnancy, 24 hours after birth and sometimes six to eight months after the baby has been born they can continue to have a relapse of this depression.

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Apart from that baby dumping creates many problems that government needs to address which is pretty expensive like violence between family members, killing, legal action against each other, country image. Teenagers are among the groups that have exceptional knowledge to access pornography on internets and also through mobile phones Bakri Zinin, Apart from that sometime due to partial disability they lose their job and cannot support their family at all.

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Historically Malaysia has less political and social problems that helped them to be as an economically strong country. As a result hospitals are required more doctor, nurse to increase the manpower to provide proper care which increases the expenditure of their projected budget.

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Therefore it is very important for us to understand and listen to their views regarding baby dumping so that better solutions can be implemented. Disenfranchise natural parents A parent is the secure source of love and support for a baby.

This inhumane act created a dystopia which was extremely disparate from The Novel Night by Elie Wiesel Words 4 Pages killed over six million people during the Holocaust, but one and a half million of people killed were children. It is dark and obscure, a time when people with nefarious motives operate.

To some extant indirectly baby dumping is affecting the economic growth of this country. The immature students cannot figure out the consequences of free sex could have on their lives.

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These all leads her mind to senseless or obsessive. Part 2 of findings Findings from the interviews regarding the social and economical impacts of baby dumping are analyzed by creating some category.

The new technologies like IPad, PSP etc have literature review baby dumping it easier to access it without even accessing computer. It can carry the death penalty or in maximum prison sentences of 20 years. The methodology of this research includes direct interviews, survey data analysis as well as literature reviews.

In a period from aqa english coursework grade boundaries there are cases of baby dumping was recorded while 60 cases was recorded in 13 August Apart from that according to the politicians baby dumping happens because of perceptive of society to the mother that leads to them to abandon the baby Ng Yen Yen,