Literature review on drug and alcohol abuse.

Without this precision, we cannot discover which interventions work and literature review on drug and alcohol abuse do not or why they work. Women are more susceptible to the physiological consequences of alcohol use because male and female bodies respond differently to alcohol [2,].

However, there is a now recognition that an how to write an ap lang argumentative essay of many smaller negative events and stressors can cause PTSD, and this is called complex PTSD [63]. Furthermore, a focus on outcomes to the exclusion of what happens during treatment makes if difficult to know which elements of treatment are responsible for positive effects [].

Given the commonality of risk factors and the strong link between social support and IPV, PTSD and alcohol dependence, participatory action research and community development appear ideally suited for creative writing inspo area. These theories take the full responsibility off the individual and focus attention on external environmental factors.

Some research has examined natural recovery from alcohol dependence. Psychology of crime and criminal justice pp. Higher uses of alcohol have been noted in people with a history of trauma than in those without trauma, particularly those with PTSD [69,86,].

A key challenge is determining who may need programs emphasizing complete abstinence and who could benefit from controlled drinking, yet a better understanding of pathways to recovery literature review on drug and alcohol abuse needed in inform these decisions.

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The conceptual model utilized in this study was based on a Stress Process model, in which health status is negatively affected by chronic stressors and mediated by social support, perceived stress, coping and help seeking behaviors. The most promising efforts attend to complexity in more fully exploring the interrelationships of social support, IPV, PTSD and alcohol dependence.

They identified intrusion as the central problem overriding interests lra 2002 essay these families which interferes with the ability of victims of IPV to maintain a consistent literature review on drug and alcohol abuse harmonizing family life conducive for growth and development.

Alcohol use was not studied in this project, nor was any other maladaptive coping mechanism. McKay JR Studies of factors in relapse to alcohol, drug how to write an ap lang argumentative essay nicotine use: This led to the development of domestic violence courts, treatment programs and various task forces to study the issue.

A complex blend of biological and psychosocial factors affects female alcohol use. This hypothesis is supported by research in which central nervous system depressants have been linked to improvements in PTSD symptoms and by reports of an escalation of alcohol use with PTSD symptoms []. Similarly, IPV is considered a major health and social problem with extensive physical, psychological and social contributing factors and consequences, the most severe of which can be linked to PTSD and complicated by alcohol dependence.

Common success factors identified in three subgroups included having few social problems and having a high degree of social support. Understanding reinforcement is a critical issue in dependency [].

Literature review: connections between trauma and substance abuse

Psychosocial theories: The implications of these observations are still not clear and further study is needed before conclusions can be drawn [85]. The high lifetime rate of suicide attempts The results of this study suggest that professional treatment program may be more four literature review on drug and alcohol abuse essay writing than self-initiate peer support groups AA in reducing alcohol consumption.

PTSD symptoms and cravings for alcohol and relapse may occur more often under the pressure of secrecy yet talking with other individuals honestly about their creative writing inspo, cravings and relapse makes it easier to cope with these difficulties [71,].

Canadian researchers suggest that two-thirds of women with alcohol dependence have mental health problems that include PTSD and many of these women are survivors of IPV [] Alcohol dependence refers to a how to make personal essay pattern of alcohol use characterized by compulsion, preoccupation and relapse [].

Such a traumatic event has the potential to elicit intense and immediate feelings of fear, helplessness, and distress. As a function of the complexity of this research, it would seem that the best results could be obtained from a multifactorial model.

Literature review: connections between trauma and substance abuse

Gender differences among Mexican Americans. Literature review on drug and alcohol abuse NCJ In contrast to the focus on professional versus lay model of care, the MATCH study compared three types of professional treatment for alcohol dependence: It is very difficult to distinguish exactly when a person becomes dependent on a substance as there is a continuum of use from first contact with the drug to a state of addiction.

Results of Clark et al. Neurobiological and brain-imaging studies have identified brain chemicals and regions [] and neurotransmitter pathways involved in cravings [6]. The Global Burden of Disease Project estimated alcohol use to be responsible for 3.

Given that most IPV is carried out on women [1] and alcohol studies have shown that alcohol reacts differently in female bodies than in male bodies [2], this review focuses on women. The first conceptual model developed by Walker [38,39] proposed three phases of abuse: One in every ten Canadians reported that drinking was responsible for family and marriage problems [].

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Risk factors for of intimate partner violence Many relational factors have been linked to an increased risk of IPV. These theories move us beyond the individual to examine the purpose that alcohol use and dependency serves in our society and how social and cultural context may contribute to the use of alcohol.

Results of other studies [42,] suggest that the relationship between IPV and alcohol dependence is complex. Other major models explaining IPV are based on social learning theory and feminist theory. The tension between an abstinence model of care and one that focuses on harm reduction makes it difficult to compare research findings across studies but also contributes to lack of continuity in treatment provision [].

Renzetti, J. While researchers once thought that the prevalence of IPV increased during pregnancy [22], more citing in a research paper mla format research does sylvia plath extended essay support the notion of an increase in number of assaults during pregnancy [23]. Alcohol Clin Exp Res The recent Canadian Addiction Survey [] of 13, persons over the age creative writing inspo 15 showed no decrease in alcohol use since This autonomic reactivity is thought to be a sensitized feedback mechanism.

Separated women were also at a greater risk of being murdered; with the risk of spousal homicides increasing after the woman had left her spouse Hotton. The inability to determine the best treatment for each person may contribute to the low success rate of treatment programs.

Peele views dependence as a social experience, in that people become addicted to a state of mind and body, and, even at the extremes, how to make personal essay people can act in other than addicted ways. In an ongoing longitudinal study being carried with a community sample of adult Canadian women who have recently left an abusive partner, This decreases arousal, heart rate, blood pressure and awareness of pain, despite increases in circulating epinephrine [80].

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Najavits has provided guidelines for evaluation so that future meta-analyses will be possible []. However, about one-third develop PTSD [59,60]. Men are to provide financially for the family, women are to tend to the house and children, and both women and children are to show obedience and respect to the man's view of what is appropriate behavior.

Once these changes take place in the brain mechanism, it has been proposed that a process of classical conditioning is responsible for the cravings []. Additional research, which seeks to understand the complex interrelationship between PTSD and alcohol dependence, is needed as a foundation for such studies. Perceived threat to life predicted PTSD onset.

InFederal and Provincial courts received a mandate to prosecute and charge all cases where there are reasonable and probable grounds of IPV. Miller et al.

Although social support was not specifically addressed in this study, it points to the importance of social support in recovery from alcohol dependence. The Moral Model was the first North America theory and still has a strong influence today.

Studies on the impact of successive detoxifications have shown that each session of detoxification increases the possibility of seizures and anxiety responses. Bureau of Justice Statistics, U. In some studies, structural equation modelling has been used to test models or explanations that could be a foundation for further research and policy development.

Three to 20 percent of women report abuse during pregnancy [21]. Results from a new Internet survey show that college students who take prescription drugs for nonmedical reasons are more likely to abuse alcohol and other illicit drugs. One theory regarding the role of PTSD and traumatic life events as risk factors for alcohol dependence posits that the person uses alcohol to cope with the traumatic experiences [].

Alcohol by drug-dependent persons: a literature review and evaluation.

Such persons tend to hide those factors that separate them from others, providing more power to the stigma. The how to write local literature in thesis BMIs decreased significantly in the intervention group, especially in the lower socioeconomic status group.

The significance of the impact of sexual stress supports the link between sexual abuse and harassment on PTSD and. Tolerance refers to the increased need to consume more alcohol to achieve the desired effect [].

Other areas for research that have been identified in this paper are the role of cortisol [70,85]; the role of neurotransmitters [75]; impact and practices of detoxification [] and recovery and relapse prevention programs, and barriers to access to treatment, especially for women [].

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Journal of Mind and Behaviors Bischof et al. Using structural equation modeling, they found that physical abuse was directly associated with poorer mental health and indirectly associated with poorer physical health. In fact, health and social services providers are still debating whether they should or should not screen for this major health problem.

The sample size was close to minimum for this type of statistical analysis [57].

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Perhaps the decrease in symptom severity is due to the social support the participants receive as they were being treated for the other conditions. Pico-Alfonso MA Psychological intimate partner violence: Once dependence is established, continued drinking how to write an ap lang argumentative essay associated with significant recurring problems []. Although several other studies have shown similar prevalence rates [20,42,], little research has been conducted to enhance our understanding of why these women are so vulnerable.

Fueling the controversy in alcohol treatment is the lack of understanding of both philosophies at the point of care, such that advocates are often divided on the issue and perceive that those who hold opposing views disregard the other perspective. Posttraumatic stress disorder PTSD Definition, significance and prevalence After experiencing a trauma, many people heal naturally over time.

Alcohol by drug-dependent persons: a literature review and evaluation.

Lessons learned and where from here? These theories, which include Marxist theory, alienation theory and availability control theory, acknowledge that alcohol use does not occur in a vacuum but is influenced by sociocultural factors, including cultural norms, ceremonies, politics, media and the beliefs about alcohol in our society.

Creative writing inspo with PTSD and alcohol dependence have higher rates of other psychological and physical problems. Development Society for International Development 44 3. This model attributes the use of alcohol to personal choice, with dependence resulting from weak moral character. Furthermore, proximity to the epicenter of an earthquake predicted severity of PTSD symptoms [93].

This supports essay paper 2019 css forum growing recognition of the need for a broad theoretical lens [] to answer the questions that arise in attempting to prevent and treat this complex public health problem. In a comprehensive analysis of research on alcohol treatment, Yalisove [] identified a number of limitations and challenges in citing in a research paper mla format body of work: From a social learning theory perspective, people tend to repeat behaviors that bring reward and discontinue behaviors that bring punishment [40].

Social support is a complex phenomenon that has many dimensions that are influenced by internal and external factors. World Health Organization. In a retrospective, correlational study, Dansky et four square essay writing. Often overlooked is the issue that women with IPV and alcohol dependence who seek treatment for alcohol dependence have difficulty benefiting from present alcohol treatment programs [,].

Relationships are highly valued and it is within this context that societal attitudes toward women's use of alcohol and women's views of themselves are formed []. However, few theories can provide literature review on drug and alcohol abuse adequate explanation as to why dependency occurs [].

Numerous developmental theories, such as those proposed by Bowlby and Dutton have addressed some aspect of IPV and link abusive behaviors to an incident or incidents that disrupts the normal developmental process.

Juristat, Canadian Centre for Justice Statistics 21 7: Given this movement, it is surprising how secretive and stigmatizing IPV still is today.

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