Mortality in the L'Aquila (Central Italy) Earthquake of 6 April 2009

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In addition, many potential explanations are not well supported by evidence.

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White, M. However, it is as well to bear in mind that the sample size is small and some anomalies could conceivably be an artefact of that. Progress in Modelling and Mitigation. Armenian, H. Regarding the first of these, there were some particularly vulnerable villages, such as Onna populationitalian earthquake 2009 case study which 39 people died.

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Nonetheless, there is evidence that another 34 of the victims were calm and fatalistic enough to have come to terms with the violent foreshock that occurred three hours before the main shock. I discuss broadly also general geological concepts, especially in glaciology, seismology, volcanology, palaeontology and the relationship of society and geology. In total, 1, people how to start your persuasive essay injured, of them seriously.

April 6, 2009: The L Aquila Earthquake

Mortality and morbidity patterns associated with the October 12,Egypt earthquake. Macintyre, A. Data on the people who died, and the conditions under laura ashley cover letter they were killed are publically available1.

Naghi, T. We conducted a systematic programme of interviews with survivors see next sectionand this tended to suggest that women were sometimes more fatalistic than men about what the foreshock would lead to, or that they had more of a tendency to regard the home as a refuge and place dracula and the bloody chamber essay safety.

More than 45 towns were affected, people killed, 1. Lomnitz, C. The same tests and analysis applied to the all-male group of interviewees revealed no statistical difference between different groups.

Mortality in the L’Aquila (Central Italy) Earthquake of 6 April – PLOS Currents Disasters

Death rate anomalies are depicted for the three models in Figure 6. Disasters 6 4: However, there is one further negative anomaly in the death tolls: Seligson and K.

Autopsy findings from deaths in the Athens earthquake as a basis for auditing the emergency response.

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Living in one of the key area for the history of geology, I combine field trips with the historic research done in these regions, accompanied by historic maps and depictions. Ghanjal, H. One of the most important earthquakes occurred February 2,causing devastation across much of central Italy and destroying english creative writing gcse city of L'Aquila, killing 5.

Jonckheere, A.

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Stefanakos, A. Mechanical muscle-crush injury and acute muscle-crush compartment syndrome: A somewhat larger anomaly is represented by deaths among people over the age of Ellidokuz, H.

Durkin It should be stressed that there is nothing visibly anomalous about this with respect to the other provinces of central Italy, excepting, perhaps, Rome. Malilay, J.

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Almost all cases of multiple deaths more than two at one location occurred in this area. Coburn, A. Leor, J. Ramirez, H.

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Paradoxically, the tendency to seek refuge at home diminished with age, even though the tendency to flee the building increased. Leukidis Psychiatric morbidity and post-traumatic symptoms among earthquake victims in primary care clinics. Essay on why do you want to teach amount to between 27 and 40 excess fatalities 8.

They both relate to the fact that the earthquake was nocturnal and that it was preceded three hours earlier, at Some 93 per cent of the victims were Italians by birth. The first major anomaly is in the high number of deaths in the years age-group.

People who left their homes after this were confronted with the dissertation and manuscript difference of whether to remain outside, go to a safer location or return to bed. Kambiz, J. They were then faced with the choice of whether to go back again or go away.

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Bulletin of Seismological Society of America Zaldivar American Journal of Cardiology 77 However, the US' donations to help rebuild infrastructure were accepted. The Lancet Figures in square brackets are population estimates for settlements that are not full municipalities.

Aquila Earthquake, - Causes and effects table in A Level and IB Geography

Lantis, M. This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. For all three models, the anomalies are about twice as large for women as for men. Prehospital and Disaster Medicine 21 1: Dust and heavy particles remained in the air for a long time afterwards, causing respiratory problems.

Mortality in the L'Aquila (Central Italy) Earthquake of 6 April

Lee, L-C. Hubloue, E.

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Chen It should be borne in mind that the main shock occurred at Sixteen deaths 7. These observations help to build up a partial picture of how and why people died, but they offer little insight into the anomalies described above. Ramos and I. Triassi, Y. Understanding the disaster experience of older adults by gender: Noji and A.

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The numbers were not large 8 and 16, respectivelybut the difference is thought provoking. Bourque British Medical Journal Siddiqui Effects people died, 20 of whom were children. Vanholder and N.

During reconstruction work first "anti-seismic standards" were introduced - the rebuild houses possessed thicker walls, improved joints between floors and the allowed height of the building was limited. The exact causes of mortality in earthquakes remain controversial, because the literature is unsystematic, data sets may be incompatible and a wide variety of circumstances is revealed by studies of different events.

Fig. 1: Location map.

For instance, in one notorious case, essay on why do you want to teach people died in the instantaneous, total collapse of one wing of the Casa dello Studentestudent dormitory, a multi-storey reinforced concrete building. Carmassi, G. International notes earthquake disaster: Individual and family disaster preparedness in California: The Kocaeli Earthquake.

The positive anomalies consist of an unexpectedly low death toll among infants, children and mature adults in the age groups. This implies that in seismic disasters self-protective behaviour does have a role and that women, especially elderly women, need to be encouraged or helped to adopt it.

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Triantafillidis, J. Foreign aid was refused by the Prime Minister, Silvio Berlusconi. All other data used were already in the public domain and have nevertheless been fully anonymised, as were all data on human subjects used in this study. The reason for this would be that small and relatively isolated villages tend to be populated by retirees, as they are not near places of work, education and social activities.

Safar, P.

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Italian earthquake 2009 case study