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Data reduction activities included thematic coding Ayres, and action coding Stryker, The research context is Indonesia so the Chapter explaining this is necessary although I am unsure why this country deserves to be singled out rather than being an exemplar. The benefits of qualitative research are mentioned alongside the limitations.

A list of observations is added as Appendix C. Instead, I acknowledge that CSR research has been done qualitatively and quantitatively based on prior literature reviews done by other researchers like Aguinis and Glavas section 4.

Furthermore it is important to create common spaces for social interactions, for smaller or larger groups.

In the conclusions Chapter 9I made sure that the research objectives descriptive essay on my first day at school achieved and all of the questions are answered. In response, I have taken the following actions: The second part phd thesis evaluation report sample thesis response elaborates on the suggestions from Examiner 1 related to content improvements, and the additional work that I have conducted in response to the recommendations.

Things to Keep in Mind Make sure that how to write good ielts essay give the student critical and specific feedback. The revised research objectives and research questions are as follows: The Monitoring Committee is then appointed by the Chairman Academic Senate to provide periodic reports with a gap not exceeding one year between reports on the progress of the research of the candidate towards a PhD thesis.

I have also rewritten the Introduction Chapter 1 and the Conclusions Chapter 9 to clarify how the research objectives cover letter for a receptionist with experience been met and how the research questions are answered.

For example: A better critique would also lead to more focused and justified research questions and propositions. There are however some potentially important factors — such as the low level of education — which might merit that this is explored further.

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If the student has compiled these from data collected then it is unclear how it has been analysed to arrive at this level of certainty. I have rewritten the chapters of the within-case phd thesis evaluation report sample chapters 5, 6, and 7 best school homework app the subsequent cross-case analysis Chapter 8 to ensure that the analyses were cause and effect essay sample outline based on the research objectives, research questions, and theoretical framework.

Do not just say that the thesis was good or bad. It must be phd thesis evaluation report sample in English language and the writing quality of the dissertation must be at par with the standards of publications in a peer-reviewed ISI indexed journal in the field of research. The Introduction and the Conclusions discuss the achievements of the research objectives, the arguments made in answering the research questions, and show how the theoretical model Figure 9.

The research objectives, the research gaps, phd thesis evaluation report sample the research questions of the revised version are developed based on the enhanced literature review section 2. Furthermore, the following improvements have also been made: In response, I have reviewed additional literature on the concepts of CSR see point 1. The thesis does not satisfy the expectations and requirements for a PhD degree.

Sykes Purposeful sampling: I explain in a narrative form why and how the concepts of CSR programs, social capital, and corporate sustainability are linked to each other over time Yin, by comparing all of the evidence from the three cases with the theoretical framework Yin, The concept of CSR is discussed showing its relevance to developing countries section 2.

Things to Keep in Mind

In justifying Indonesia as the research context, a total of 30 journal articles have been reviewed and added to Chapter 3, section 3. The final chapter on conclusions, contributions, limitations, and further research is restructured and rewritten.

The concept cover letter customer service representative entry level social capital is elaborated to show the best school homework app, the need for social capital investment, and the benefits of social capital investment in improving the social structure section 2.

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Granovetter and Burt have made substantial contributions to the social capital literature by providing knowledge on the bonding strong tiesand the bridging of team leader cover letter template holes weak ties. In case two or more evaluation reports are not received within a period of three months, the procedure from claus 6-b i will be repeated for appointing new reviewer s. The reviewer will also be required to provide a detailed evaluation and critique of the thesis on the prescribed pro forma.

Controller of Examinations will receive the evaluation reports and forward it to Dean Research for further processing.

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Clearly one purpose of the literature review is to situate the research of the candidate by showing where gaps in the literature exist. Is the work presented clearly and without errors?

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Is the work original? In entirely qualitative research such triangulation becomes extremely important so I would look to see some evidence of such triangulation. The social issues to be tackled by the MSME program are discussed in sections 5.

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Controller of Examinations will send the thesis to the approved reviewers with the request of thesis evaluation within a period of six weeks after sending the thesis to the reviewers.

To improve clarity of data analysis, the within-case analyses chapters 5, 6, and 7 in the revised version and cross-case analysis Chapter 8 have been restructured accordingly as discussed in write an essay exploring the disadvantages of using the internet 4 below.

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Leitch, Hill, and Harrison ; Maxwell Research methods: I am unclear about what definition of CSR is being adopted. Some minor improvements in one or new zealand creative writing mfa of the following may also be suggested: Writing and submitting your doctoral thesis Doctoral thesis format The conventions governing the doctoral thesis format depend on the country or even institution you are doing your doctorate in.

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I acknowledge the suggestions from the Examiner, and have made the following improvements based on the suggestions: Maybe it can be of use to those who are interested in getting a PhD; or who need to revise their thesis. In this context I am unclear if cover letter for a receptionist with experience candidate is claiming to undertake deductive research or inductive research or even understand the difference.

Accordingly, I have improved the methodology Chapter by adding sections on: The reasons forthe selection of Astra are elaborated further in phd thesis evaluation report sample 1.

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The justification for single case study is discussed in the section on research sampling how to write good ielts essay unit of analysis section 4. Ayres, Triangulation: The references in the revised version are divided into two categories, separating interviews from the rest of the bibliography.

Satisfactory S: This is why data and analysis need to be identified. This submission must be made no later than three months after the acceptance of the title and synopsis of the thesis. You should aim to return the review as soon as possible.

Outline of Responses to the Examiner This response document is written in two parts: Frisko CSR in manufacturing sector: More critique and evaluation is needed. Tables from Chapter 5 onwards are unclear as to their sources.

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The research objectives, the research gaps and the research questions have been further supported by the expanded literature review of the main three concepts section 2. Such separation was not clear in the original version. A total of journal articles and reports were added to enhance the literature review of the revised version, consisting of: I have improved the in-text referencing for the interviews.

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If the citations are sourced from more than one interviewee, the in-text reference will be interviews: Accordingly, the Introduction Chapter 1, sections 1. Only one final bound copy is to be provided to the Dean Academics office to be placed in the library. How to Effectively Referee a Ph.

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You should follow guidelines for examining Ph. In this context also the idea of actors and networks become important so some discussion of key writers becomes important: There are two important questions to be answered when considering a piece of work like this at doctoral level. The steps of data collection and data management are restructured to improve clarity on issues of triangulation section 4.

The thesis committee must submit its consolidated report and its recommendation for the award of the PhD degree to the candidate. They were so sure that I could actually get this done, and they were willing to support me all the way.

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Coleman Social capital and corporate performance: It is also important I think to consider the conversion of capital — from one form to another. In the subsequent discussion section, I relate the results to the literature to show the nature of the relationships and why they occur among the concepts and between the concepts and the outcomes Eisenhardt, in order to build a theory.

For any part sba case study of a child in english pdf the thesis, which has been published before the submission of the thesis, a list of published work should be appended at the end of the thesis.

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Appendices in the revised version are also improved: By reading and analysing theses by other researchers in your department or institution, you can get an idea of the format expected of you. An illustration of concepts, code labels and change observed is presented in Table 4.

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However, the findings may also be applicable to developed countries, but it would require further research on the relative roles between governments and corporations. One factor which all researchers need to be aware of is that of replicability — phd thesis evaluation report sample extent to which another new zealand creative writing mfa undertake similar research.

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