The following passage is from jonathan swifts 1729 essay a modest proposal.

Its use of language is skilled and it is reasonably well constructed. The easiest and fastest way to use POE in this case is to examine the shortest of the paragraphs, the fourth. The entire second half of the text is about the reason for education.

the following passage is from jonathan swifts 1729 essay a modest proposal short essay on importance of dress code in school

In this passage, the writer claims that teaching methodologies are overrated because there are many ways to teach and learn; what is important is a reason for learning. In the United States, the quintessential example of such a problem is racism.

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Only answer A remains. Certainly, the essay would earn a score of at least 7 and may get an 8. The best way to approach this type essay hook sentence ideas question is to substitute in the answer choices for the original word and see which one makes the most sense. The passage is about French Romanticism. As the passage suggests, colorblindness and neutrality are not equalizers; they are merely blinders that allow people to continue as though nothing is out of balance.

The proposal describes the process for breeding, fattening, and preparing this very unusual source of protein. The one noticeable flaw is the discussion clean thesis bibliography style Switzerland; this detour pertains to neutrality, but it is not clear how it relates to racism. Even if you do not know the correct answer, you should never fall for this kind of trick; seldom essay on my best friend in english never will the question and the correct answer have a relationship such as this one.

The other answers appear to be more or less plausible, but none has anything to do with humor.

the following passage is from jonathan swifts 1729 essay a modest proposal cover letter monitoring and evaluation sample

Choice A is the best answer. In the s, there were many magazines available for the literate to purchase and indulge in, some were professional journals intended for those who worked in a particular industry like science or literaturewhile others were broader publications for the general public. Creative writing story openers can infer several things from the first part of the passage. These are, of course, dubious authorities, indeed, which is one of the sources of humor in the passage.

I will only hold that office upon the condition of being unshackled by any other obligations than those of consulting the public interests, and of providing for the public safety.

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Schooling will be brought to an end if it has no end. Furthermore, answers CDand E are not substantiated in any way by the text, and B is the opposite of what is true.

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If you missed the implications of the final statement, then you could eliminate C and E and guess. Answers The following passage is from jonathan swifts 1729 essay a modest proposalCDand E are at least half wrong therefore completely wrong.

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If you are unsure, plug each proposed answer into the sentence and see if the resulting sentence makes sense in the context of what you have read. Answer C is the one to eliminate.

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But be careful! Without action and discussion, societies become stale.

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  2. You can eliminate answers B and C right away.

Of course, if you noticed the allusions to law in the body of the text and the judgment of the final statement, then you may have realized that the passage is the dissenting opinion of a judge in a federal case—and you would have been correct to assume that this was a case that went before the Supreme Court.

Thankfully, the second paragraph is short—it is the rhetorical summation of his ultimatum. By bringing the problem into the spotlight and making research proposal cover letter template consider it and its implications, the government steps toward change, progress, and equality. Often, it is believed that if one ignores an issue or a problem, it will merely disappear.

However, several of its assertions stray from the sources, particularly in the end of the second body paragraph and in the final paragraph. Did you choose C?

the following passage is from jonathan swifts 1729 essay a modest proposal uses of computer essay in english

It is difficult to imagine a feminist author addressing other women in a condescending or haughty fashion. Susan B.

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Ignorance, in this case, is not bliss; the longer a problem is put aside, the harder it is to conquer when one finally decides to face it. If we agree that this and the other examples are analogous to the case before the court segregation of passengers by racethen we are forced to agree with this essay nature of human freedom. The author is saying that the new meat will be expensive, and only the rich landlords will be able to afford it.

Take a look at B. Anthony made precisely this argument in her defense against the charges of unlawful voting. He manipulates tone for maximum effect. Instead, the author hits the reader with an unexpected substitute for clothes: This is simply a big-picture question in disguise. An oxymoron is an apparent contradiction of terms; a paradox is an apparent contradiction of ideas. Mothers tell their children to ignore bullies, and even the Bible instructs the following passage is from jonathan swifts 1729 essay a modest proposal to turn the other cheek.

Though the two reviews were written in highly different forms of language, both convey their point of view clearly. Hyperbole B was thrown essay hook sentence ideas gratuitously; often, students will be tricked into selecting an answer simply because it contains a rhetorical term and appears to be the most sophisticated essay on my best friend in english.

People do not tend to engage thoughtfully in issues in which they are legally forbidden from having any influence.

If the novel is not relevant, then why does the critic spend half of the passage discussing it? It is about learning, and most importantly, the reason for learning. Answer choice B is correct. Racism is looking down on and rejecting the differences between two people.

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It is understandable that answer E may tempt you, but the diction in this sentence is hardly a revelation. In much the same way, neutrality turns a blind eye to differences, lending validity to ignorance. The other two answers are more esoteric, but logic leads you to eliminate them, even if you do not fully understand them the following passage is from jonathan swifts 1729 essay a modest proposal rhetorical terms.

All Princeton Review books are useful; this is a Princeton Review book; therefore, this book is useful.

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All the other terms fit neatly into the nautical terminology. The speaker is warming up his audience with a bit of humor before launching into what amounts to a very serious ultimatum: Footnotes give information about authorship and publication place and date and can forklift driver personal statement provide hints as to the purpose of a piece of writing or its context.

Try A: However, when it essay deforestation first published infew people regarded it as a worthy work of literary art. Choices A and D are similar in meaning, and both imply that the speaker is a politician—of which we have no proof.

Note that B is the exact opposite of the correct answer. The anonymous author, on the other hand, never quotes another literary work to support his ideas. However, when certain issues are not dealt with, they can fester until they become something far more serious than they were originally; racism is one such issue. This is a fairly straight-forward question case study immobility asks you to consider the type of material you are reading and what the author is saying within that context.

It is only with a firm stance that one can hope to incite progress and reform; there must be recognition and a definite lack of neutrality if racism is to be prevented.

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The introduction is a bit on the long side, but it provides a clear outline of the material and engages the reader thoroughly. One important thing to note about this essay is the structure. Here is an example of the following passage is from jonathan swifts 1729 essay a modest proposal reasoning: