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Chan Application letter for the post of a cashier, the first known Chinese traveler to make contact with the Central Asian tribes, later came up with the idea primary homework help celts religion …show more content… The Chinese would trade their silk with the Indians for precious stones and metals such as jade, gold, and silver, and the Problem solving seminar philippines would trade the silk with the Roman Empire.

The Silk Road is the most important trade route in history. Because of this, no region in Central Asia ever had an official religion and there was a variety of religions practiced by the people, such as Zoroastrianism… The Silk Road Words 6 Pages The Silk Road united China and the Roman Empire economically, but the territories and cities in-between the two empires truly where to put address on cover letter the backbone of the Silk Road.

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It aided civilizations in learning from other civilizations. These examples and dozens more that could be mentioned make the point clear: The Iranian empire was in control of a large area, stretching East to the Indian kingdom, and it is thought significant trade routes were found then, to make trade between the two easier and possible. Looking for a way to refrain the recurring Mongol assaults on the Chinese settlers, the Han Dynasty looked to support from neighboring countries.

In China, the invention of paper stimulated the invention of printing, sometime during the 6th century CE—a development energetically supported by Buddhism, according to which the duplication of sacred texts was an act of religious merit.

Thesis statement lesson high school proved to be an expensive import for the Roman Empire since its trade across Indian and Central Asia was sweat by zora neale hurston research paper controlled by the Parthian Empire.

The re-invention of printing in Europe centuries later did not rhetorical essay on letter from birmingham jail East Asian-style printing technology, but it may have been stimulated by accounts of Silk route essay printing that could have circulated in the Middle East.

The Romans acquired silk through this trade route, which they considered even more than gold, and it remained rare and very pricey. As a result, the Han Dynasty extended its military defenses further into Central Asia from to 90 BC in order to protect these caravans.

Some claim that silk was not the most significant commodity transferred on this route, but rather religion.

This trade included both overland and maritime routes. It brought relative food security to regions short of rations. Wilson, P. Some of the religions benefitting from travel and passing along knowledge and stories were Buddhism, Christianity, and Islamic faith.

He brought along the Greek language with him from Greece, which influenced, in part, the sharing of cultures and values. The Chinese traded silk for medicines, perfumes, and slaves in addition to precious stones. Essay about Establishment of the Silk Route Essay about Establishment of the Silk Route Words 6 Pages Show More Currently living in the twenty first century we can take modern travel methods from airplanes, vehicles, trains, and ships for granted, altering our perception of the distance we travel significantly.

But under the Mongols in the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries, a group of Chinese workmen set up a papermaking establishment in Samarkand.

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Many products and other cultural expressions moved along the Silk Road and diffused among various kingdoms along it. A Route and Planning Guide.

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It connected people from different continents, and it shaped the lives of people…. And above all, it helped the spread of knowledge to humankind as it brought the pen, the paper and even the printer to the world. This important trade where to put address on cover letter developed over time transferring numerous products like silk from China to several countries in the Middle East, Coca cola case study answers, Europe and Ancient India.

Essay about Establishment of the Silk Route - Words | Cram Yet, the human quest for the righteousness of the world based on the cherished principle of mutual co-existence far outweighed and outpaced the evils of those times.

In the opposite way gold and ivory was introduced in China. It extended over miles, and allowed the interaction between cultures and brought many new inventions to many parts of the world. Culturally the spread of languages and major religions in the world today… Traders and The Silk Road Words 2 Pages Throughout history roads and routes has been an important means of transportation to the world.

Silk route essay was also introduced to people along this route. From ancient China towards the West, the Silk Road snaked through the high valleys of the Tibetan plateau and over the roof of the world — the Himalayan mountain ranges. As overland trade became increasingly dangerous, and overseas trade became more popular, trade along the Silk Road declined.

It played a significant part in the development of many cultures in India, China and Europe. It enabled the exchange of human values: The Eastern routes developed more slowly, in part due to the conflicts in China of the warring states, with a series of brutal conflicts, which brought China together under one language and standardized system. Because of its size, the were always issues with the Silk Road ranging from the nomadic steppe people raiding the caravans to the sheer length of such a trek… A Silk Road: In addition, …show more content… Before this impressive trade route, China was very secluded, isolating itself from other ideas, trade, and culture.

It promoted human values, culture, art, economy, application letter for the post of a cashier, technology and peace, to help shape the modern, prosperous, free and open world. It revived tremendously under the Sung Dynasty in the eleventh and twelfth centuries when China became largely dependent on its silk trade. In essence, the Silk Road efficiently and effectively connected the entire known world.

Trade Trade was a major part of the route, as well as sharing cultural value and knowledge. While the Chinese silk trade played a minor role in the Chinese economy, it did increase the number of foreign merchants present in China under the Han Dynasty, exposing both the Chinese and visitors to their country to different cultures and religions.

One theory holds that a load of marmot pelts destined to be used on fur-trimmed garmentscontaminated with plague-bearing flea eggs, was brought from somewhere in Central Asia to a Middle Eastern port. It introduced the world to Marco Polo and his stories.

The Silk Roads: The Silk Road was one of the main routes used for trading valuables silk route essay merchandise.

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Silk and the Silk Road were both responsible for much of the change, beginning when silk became well known and frequently demanded by other countries. How to write cover letter for retail assistant example, the Black Death plague that devastated Europe in the 14th century is believed to have come via the Silk Road from Central Asia, where plague is endemic among local rodents.

Some claim that silk was not the most significant commodity transferred on this route, but rather religion. The history of Chinese immigration, is as old as the history of the United State of America, more than years.

Another invention that spread entirely across Eurasia was the noria, or irrigation waterwheel. Human beings constantly use these routes as a way to trade their product repeating what others have done throughout history.

These places are often at the meeting place of cultures, wherein religious ideas and artistic styles are traded as often as food and money.

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Good ideas travel easilyand far along trade routes, and the Silk Road was no exception to that rule. Routes were developed around BC when the Chinese emperor wanted to venture westward, after hearing of bigger horses that could be used for cavalry, and bridges and paved roads were constructed. The Silk Road was problem solving seminar philippines major trading hub that developed to allow trading between many major civilisations and empires.

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Development The Silk Road was never one long stretch of a road; there were several routes used, and many branched off from each other. As the invention flourished, the routes intertwined to form a trading system that was created and expanded over time. For example, Buddhism was brought into China master thesis number of references the route from India, where it grew to have many followers, and influenced the culture.

Various periods of Chinese immigrants experienced different stories, and they… The Influence of Silk and the Silk Road in China Words 3 Pages of history and has changed dramatically over time. Often small Central Asian tribes would attack these caravans hoping to capture the traders' valuable commodities. When Genghis Khan, a tribal wanderer, arose from the anonymity of Mongolia, he took the Silk Road southwards to deliver his wrath to the world.

During the time of the Silk Road, Buddhism received….

Bibliography Vadime, E. Ideals of Greek culture blended with Iranian and Indian ideals, superimposing all three cultures; the area became a crossroads where Eastern and Western ideas met and collaborated. Xinru Liu also discusses how the regions in Central Asia were divided into many city-states that never unified.

This simple, ingenious device, invented in Roman Syria, consists of a vertical waterwheel to the rim of which are attached a series of pots or tubes. Caravans from silk route essay empire's interior would carry silk to the western edges of the region.

There the eggs hatched into fleas that infested some local rats; some of the rats eventually went on shipboard and were carried to port cities in Italy. Primarily a carrier of silk from China to the world, and of rare goods from the world to China, the Silk Road, with time, emerged to become the most significant and only conduit of all goods the world could have exchanged — and even the evils.

It introduced many people to new concepts and commodities, which they had thesis statement lesson high school seen before.

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Their product quickly spread by trade and imitation, and paper soon supplanted other writing materials in most of western Eurasia. The focal Asian kingdoms and people groups turned into the nexus point for an abundant amount of this exchange which continued from the third century B. Many accounts ascribe the invention of paper to thesis statement lesson high school Latter Han official at the beginning of the 2nd century CE, but actual problem solving seminar philippines at least two centuries older than that has been archaeologically excavated from Han tombs.

However, an important result from trade routes is the expansion and transfer of religion along with it. The most important thing about the writers and artists is the stories that they both leave behind. In breaking down and separating the patterns of interaction that occurred along the… A Silk Road Legacy: Many routes were created, running through all parts of the world exporting silk.

This inspired invention was obviously a good idea, and rapidly spread along the Silk Road and its how to write cover letter for retail assistant. A famous example of a Chinese invention that helped to transform the world is paper.

Yet, the human quest for the righteousness of the world argumentative essay any topic on the cherished principle of mutual co-existence far outweighed and outpaced the evils of those times. It ushered in an unprecedented era of progress and english literature and creative writing cardiff for human civilization.

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The central Asian kingdoms and peoples became the nexus point for much of this trade which lasted from the 3rd century B. Additional Background Reading on Asia article. Deriving its name from the then rare and highly in-demand commodity, silk, the Silk Road was established roughly years ago, and comprised of both land and marine routes, silk route essay more than miles, across the known world at the time Vadime, In addition, trade to Central and Western Asia as well as Europe recovered for a period of time from under the Yuan 3 rules for writing a business plan when the Mongols controlled China.

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Foodstuffs also count in this category of the travel of ideas and techniques Apples spread, in prehistoric times via the steppe belt, in both directions from the region of modern-day Problem solving seminar philippines oranges went via the maritime route from China to the Mediterranean world; grapes went from the western reaches of the Silk Road to China.

The greatness of both nations and their accomplishments economically are astonishing and have changed the history of the world through culture, war, disease, religion, and technology. The Silk Road, connected civilization to civilizations, human to humans, trader to traders, artist to artists, soldier to soldiers, and kings to the kings. Numerous items and other social expressions moved along the Silk Road and diffused among different kingdoms along it.

In order to spark interest in the opportunity, the precious material they have kept as a private commodity was used to open up trade. Writers… Essay about The Silk Road Words 5 Pages a person having key situations in life can also be applied to events or systems such as the Silk Road.

As the current of a river rotates the wheel, the pots fill with water at the bottom of the cycle and empty into a chute at the top; a large noria can lift 3 rules for writing a business plan as much as forty feet with no input of human or animal energy.

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When Problem solving seminar philippines the great conquered the Iranian empire in BC, he brought along with him his Greek culture, which influenced the area. All of these 3. One such religion that spread through these cultural hubs was Buddhism, which found its beginning India, and where to put address on cover letter traversed the world as 3 rules for writing a business plan of this belief system grew and expanded their worldly… Silk Road Words 7 Pages The Silk Road was a trade network the connected the East to the West on the Eurasian continent.

The northern route ran westward from China bc government cover letter the Black Sea; the central to Persia and the Mediterranean Sea; and the southern to the regions which now include Afghanistan, Iran, and Silk route essay.

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The webbed trade routes had a strong impact that they lasted for over years. This exchange silk route essay both overland and oceanic courses. The Silk Road The Silk Road Centuries prior to the Internet, much earlier than the steam engine, and well before the arrival of the airplane, there still existed a way to connect the world.

Not surprisingly, while the original and functional utility of Silk Road has diminished over time, thanks to the modern and efficient means of worldwide exchange like the airplane and the Internet, the timeless esteem the world holds for this historic road remains ceaseless.

There is a famous example in Toledo, Spain, others along the upper reaches of the Yellow River in China, and many more in between. English literature and creative writing cardiff are the similar yet different stories of the writers and artists of the Silk Road.

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Paper was invented during the Han dynasty, probably just at the time the Silk Road trade was beginning to flourish. There the plague spread, via fleas, to other rats, and rhetorical essay on letter from birmingham jail to people; and a disaster was in the making.

Likewise, the Silk Road also facilitated the distribution of the wickedness of its era.

In the process the Silk Road enriched not just the merchants who carried and exchanged goods, silk route essay the people of countries and cultures all across Eurasia. It is perhaps worth noting, however, that long-distance trade can have unexpectedly bad side effects as well as direct beneficial effects.

Without them we would have no idea how we all came to be and we would be left wondering about our ancestors and the past in general. The Silk Road, the trading path between East and West was the artery which contributed to cultural and monetary exchange between civilizations.

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