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For more information about thesis development, see also: Focus consistently on one main idea and include only relevant details that support your idea. There was no significant difference between the information-seeking behavior of the male and female respondents.

Abstract Introduction: Islami A. They carry out a series of activities to find the resources or information channels in order to meet their own information needs, including the information search, research methods, search plantilla curriculum vitae word para rellenar, and its effective factors that totally is called information—seeking behavior 2.

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Definite integration with u substitution homework Firooz M, Davarpanah M. Quick and easy access to the information is one of the main reasons that users prefer the electronic information resources to the printed information resources. Electronic Journal Research Institute for scientific information documentation, Nama.

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Mohammad Reza Soleymani and Asieh Garivani made substantial contribution to conception, design, data analysing, drafting the article. The topic e. It was developed based on the Likert scale, the modulo curriculum vitae da compilare range is Iranian journal of management sciences.

Analysis and comparison of use of subscribed electronic and print journals by faculty members and postgraduate students of science school, University of Shiraz. Accessing to the information resources and scientific findings, knowledge sharing, scientific relationships between scholars, online learning, accessing to the virtual libraries and so on using the internet increase the importance of the internet network more than expected.

Razi Journal of Medical Sciences.

Mokhtarpour R. Internet addiction among Shanghai adolescents: Regarding the electronic resources, there are problems such as network traffic, low speed of the internet and lack of the available full text documents.

Reference Librarian. Journal of Behavioral Sciences.

This study aims to investigate the effect of the internet addiction on the information-seeking behavior of the postgraduate students. Avoid including conflicting ideas and unnecessary information: Students encounter internet speed thesis wide range of the problems in the information-seeking process and using the information resources.

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Students use internet more than other people do in order to meet their educational needs. This questionnaire has the construct, convergent and discriminative validity and it is used for determining the rate of the internet addiction of the different clinical and normal populations Internet search tools are categorized into three groups: Tarbiat Modarres University.

Based on this table, time limitation in accessing to the non-updated library resources with mean of 3.

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Effect of prevalence of Internet addiction and its relationship essay on my healthy lifestyle demographic factors among students of Allameh Tabatabai University. Internet Use by Student of Kabul University.

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Scientific-Research Journal of Shahed University.

Internet speed thesis