SAT II Math I : Solving Linear Functions

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    Click "Check" to see if you are correct. Train A red line is represented by the equation: From this information, a linear equation can be written and then predictions can be made from the equation of the line. This is really just a review of concepts that you've already learned.

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    Curve Problem solving with linear functions key Curve fitting is the process of constructing a curve, or mathematical function, that has the best fit to a series of data points, possibly subject to constraints. That means that the zero of the linear function is the x-value of the x-intercept.

    How could we find the intercepts? On the interactive graph there are two red dots.

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    Located at: The two lines are thus: Calculate the numerator: Using the graph, predictions can be made assuming that his average speed remains the same. Example Points: Public Domain: Follow these directions to find the intercepts and the zero.

    Practice Finding Intercepts from Graphs Practice finding intercepts in these problems. Did you notice something unusual about steps 2 and 3?

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    At what time will the two trains meet? Licenses and Attributions Curation and Revision.

    Hint Re-graph the points given, and continue making points in the pattern of the slope. Look for the x-intercept where the graph crosses the x-axis.

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    Rate of Change Linear equations often include a rate of change. It must be written in function notation.

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    Using the Least Squares Approximation Example: Some graphs like the following one actually show a line going through both intercepts, and you just need to be able to label them. If two points in time and the total distance traveled is known the rate of change, also known as slope, can be determined. This approximation attempts to minimize the sums of the squared distance between the line and every point.

    Hints Remind yourself that a coordinate is x, y.

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    The simplest and perhaps most common linear regression model is the ordinary least squares approximation. The slope, given by:

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    Applications of Linear Functions | Boundless Algebra