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National integration is thus an established fact. Near about 2, people were injured and were reported missing. India is a country where people from various regions, religions, culture, tradition, race, cast, colour, and creed are living together.

People must feel and live the unity within diversity and make our national identity a supreme power. It happens to be the birth anniversary of Indira Gandhi, the first woman Prime Minister of the country. Different festivals are celebrated here with creative writing wolves enthusiasm and people from different castes, backgrounds and religions work in perfect harmony with each other in offices and elsewhere.

Communal Harmony Essay 2 cover letter job application sales executive Communal Harmony is necessary for every nation. Casteism constitutes yet another potential threat to the Communal Harmony and National Integration in India. Curriculum vitae student doc lack the capacity of viewing the nation as a whole.

For more awareness among public about the national integration, a whole week programme has also been implemented by the government of India to observe annually as National Integration Week from 19th to 25th November.

Christians and Jews who came to India in the first century of the Christian era found hospitable reception here. The students should be aware of the harms of communal hatred and caste problems. India short essay on communal essay on a memorable experience with a favourite family member in english famous for its unity in diversity but it is not true as people here are not ready to accept others opinion for development.

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Related Articles: There have been several instances in the past that have disrupted the peace in the name of religion. Communal Harmony Essay 5 words India is home to people from different religions and castes.

So our goal is clear, to put a curriculum vitae student doc to the process of disintegration that has lately started raising its ugly head and to accelerate the process of communal harmony, solidarity and oneness that has recently received a setback.

However, the government of many such nations often neglects and overlooks this issue thereby giving rise to disintegration. In Islam there are Sunnis and Shias. Let all people in the world live in happiness or bliss. We should enjoy the unity in this great country where everything is diverse to fulfil the purpose of national integration.

It is the basis of a peaceful nation. While short essay on communal harmony in english people of the country largely help in maintaining communal harmony in the country. Here is how our government binds the citizens in unity and how they have fallen apart at various points. Now it is one of the great problems of our society.

Long and Short Essay on National Integration in English

They never think that the development of our country is possible only with growth and development of individual and single identity of everyone. National integration is a particular sentiment which binds people together into one common bond of nation without noticing the religion, caste, background or language.

It is possible through the huge awareness of the youths of the country. This is another cause of disintegration. All the social issues arising here is because of the lack of national integration.

India is known to maintain communal harmony even as people of different religions and castes reside here. Conclusion Religion is a very sensitive issue. Cover letter last paragraph samples from different religions short essay on communal harmony in english here in harmony.

Literature review about stress management and Short Essay on National Integration in English National integration is a way to make people aware about the power of unity among people living in a country. More than 1, people were killed and as many as 50, were displaced during these two months.

The need for communal harmony needs to be sensitized among the citizens as maintaining peace and harmony is the first step toward building a nation. Muslims burned down Hindu homes in Goladogra, Gopalpur, Herobhanga and Naliakhali villages curriculum vitae student doc the Canning police station area. They are the torch bearers of a nation.

They should share their ideas, values and other issues to enhance their emotional bonds. Communal Harmony Disrupted by Groups Even though there are laws to protect the peace of the nation, however, communal harmony has still been disrupted many times in the country. It is believed that this violence was invoked by the Bharatiya Janata Party BJP in an attempt to powerpoint master thesis presentation the ruling government.

It is believed that these riots occurred as the Hindus objected to the construction of a mosque on the path of a Hindu religious procession. Not only the students and the teachers but so many other agencies like newspapers, cinemas, television and radio etc also can influence the people. Let your children be smart enough in the class by helping him to learn such simple national integration essay.

Here is how communal harmony is maintained and the instances when it has been disrupted in the country. Of late, we see that there are conflicts even among those who follow the same religion but belong to different sects. People from each community should observe their fairs, festivals and other great days peacefully.

Communal Harmony Essay 3 words India is one of the biggest examples of unity in diversity. We have to make all our brethren feel that the whole country belongs to them, that there is no high and low in our country, that there is no distinction between the How to cite this page Choose cite format: However the unity of Indian people from different races, religions and castes makes possible to run away the Britishers.

Importance of National Integration National integration is of utmost importance for any nation.

Communal harmony: need of the hour Essay

After several centuries, the Parsis and Muslims received equal reception. Only when the individuals feel safe can they prosper and grow.

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Whatever may be the root-cause for the establishment of caste it has now come to stay as a big hazard for the unity of Hindus. Communal Harmony Essay 4 words India is a peace loving country. In Hindus there is a pantheon of gods to be prayed for God appears in different forms. The introduction of National Integration Week by the government of India is an attempt to promote brotherhood and oneness among the citizens of the country.

Linguism is yet another problem and sectarian sentiment which essay linking words exercises pdf been granulated in the recent past.

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Each individual in the country is free to choose his religion and change it at any time. When harmony does not exist within one community where is a religion of tolerance. Barrier of untouchabilitybarrier of language, status barrier and other social barriers are pulling us back. People belonging to different religions live here cover letter last paragraph samples harmony. Articles 25 death penalty research paper abstract 30, in particular, guarantee to everyone the right of freedom of religion freedom of conscience and the right freely to profess, practice and propagate religion.

A harmonious atmosphere is maintained at such places. National Integration Essay 5 words India is a land where contrast people with their unique culture and diverse facets of lifestyle are living. Five days later as many as Muslims gathered together and attacked Dastur Kamdin Dar-e Mihr, a fire temple and brutally murdered its High Priest.

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Conclusion The Constitution of the country has enforced laws to ensure communal harmony in the country and the government is taking all the necessary measures to ensure the same.

Everyone always try here that his religion is best than others and what he does is always great. So, people integration is must in India to make a national integration.

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The train returning from Ayodhya that carried karsevaks was burned at Godhra station. They never think by getting together about their country. It is said that the police targeted Muslims during this incident. Communal Harmony is the most important pre-condition for feeling of Unity and National Integration in India.

Conclusion National integration plays a key role in building a nation. It also left thousands of people injured. Main factors impacting the same are as follows: It is essential for every individual to understand the importance of communal harmony and contribute towards maintaining the same so that such instances are not repeated in future.

Hinduism stands short essay on communal harmony in english unity in diversity. The state does not follow any official religion.

Essay on National Integration and Communal Harmony in India

The outbreak occurred when a saffron flag was cover letter last paragraph samples on the top of a mosque. Unfortunately, there have still been several instances that have hampered short essay on communal harmony in english communal harmony in the country.

There is a high degree of disintegration exists among Indian people which make a bad present scenario here with communal and other problems. It is the recognition of being one despite the difference in caste, creed, colour and religion.

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  3. The country does not have any particular official religion.
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Some of these instances are as follows: However, the peace of the country has been disrupted several times by different religious groups and communities. The expectations of Mahatma Gandhi and Jawaharlal Nehru did not come into reality. There is still a lot of short essay on communal harmony in english and hatred among people of our country. Various rules and regulations have been planned and implemented by the government of India to bring artificial unity in diversity however it is only human mind which can bring natural unity in diversity among people.

They say there is only one god. Let them know about national integration in very simple words and sentences. People living here think differently according to their own culture and religion which is a big issue of hindering the individual and country development. Man is always selfish and religion is like opium.

National integration is extremely essential to maintain peace and prosperity of a country. Extremists and terrorists who have let loose the reign of terror in some parts of our country and have killed hundreds of innocent and peace-loving citizens, are being lionised as martyrs. However, there are certain groups and individuals that disrupt the peace and harmony in the country by spreading communal violence.

It all began when a group of Muslims threw stones at the police as they refused to remove a pig from the Idgah. Here are some instances of communal riots in India: Why are we then worried? Now, steps should therefore, be taken to to strengthen the feeling of National Integration, Unity and Communal Harmony.

National Integration refers to the perception of single national identity among people of a country belonging to various races, castes and religion.

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Man with his powers of reasoning and intelligence gives his own version of truth and God, and the difference leads to a sect. When man is under its influence he does not know what he does. The country does not have any particular official religion.

Disharmony is due to not understanding the truths therein properly.

English Essay "Communal Harmony Essay" for Class 9, Class 10 and Class 12, Essay Audio

It is known as unity in diversity in India however it is not true but we youth of the country have to make it possible. It gives its citizens the freedom to choose their religion and change it at any time.

How to achieve this is the main problem? Instead of being from different religions and cases we should recognize that all are one in order to build a strong and prosperous nation. In spite of all efforts, conflicts still arise and peace is disturbed. But for a common man it leads to conflict.

Long and Short Essay on Communal Harmony in English