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Neptune gourmet seafood case study solution.

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Nike currently has factories, employingworkers in 44 countries around the world. She gave Hargrove a challenging look and added: Neptune must formulate strategies around price, product, promotions, and distribution.

That would have encouraged new customers to try our brand. Even with people eating healthier office space planning case study, seafood sales lag behind those of beef, chicken, and pork.

But when the yacht had started to head back to Fort Lauderdale, Hargrove had crumpled. Finally, while Neptune must be mindful of cannibalization, losing a customer to your competitor hurts more than losing a customer to yourself. My answers may not be right for every business. Introduction The use of effective and efficient supply chain has its advantages.

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Neptune should use a line-extension strategy to garner more market share, but it must proceed carefully to avoid getting embroiled with its rivals in a race to the bottom on price. If the company had been operating in a saturated market, its best bet would have been to create a lower-priced brand without the Neptune name.

We office space planning case study have simply sold premium products based on the additional raw material at a lower-than-usual price.

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  2. That would actually be a proactive strategy since low-priced offerings are bound to enter the market, given the trend of rising supply.
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  4. A day before the MOC meeting, Sanchez received an unexpected visitor.

The advantages of this approach are namely, that the consumers will understand that Neptune is selling a perishable product and its supply varies on a daily basis; just like those of other perishables like vegetables, fruits and flowers. That allowed the fish to retain their original flavor, texture, and color; and when cooked, they tasted like they were fresh out of the water.

Flat and glassy, the ocean glittered in shades of turquoise, silver, and gold.

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It would research paper on emotional abuse our premium image and permanently erode our brand equity. Secondly, the sudden drop in prices might cause retaliation among competitors which will cause some of the smaller companies to incur losses they cannot afford and in sample research paper in philippines lead to price wars that none of them in the industry can afford.

We have to slash prices to get rid of those excess stocks. If it believes that our pricing strategy will cost the fishing industry a lot of money, it might withhold the seal on our low-end products—for starters.

Along those lines, Neptune should offer its wholesale customers—on a onetime basis—seafood they can sell as private-label products. Indeed, Neptune has a great opportunity to launch a brand that will bring in new customers.

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Nagle tnagle spgconsulting. Like many of his colleagues, Hargrove considered the inventory pileup a temporary phenomenon; stocks had risen because the company had added ships to the fleet and could process catches more efficiently than before.

But on the other hand, had the company have access to this information and summed up that there are other companies with the same issues with excess inventory; then it would be wise to slash their rates as it is an industry wide phenomenon. Since there will be pressure on seafood prices because of the supply increase, Neptune must fashion a fresh strategy that will allow it to command a premium for its products even in the future.

Conclusion 9 4.

First, when a company lowers its prices, it signals to customers that it has been overcharging them in the past. There were no swells that day. The price cut is reactive and would prove costly in terms of the responses it would elicit from rivals.

The disadvantages to this approach are that, there are chances that the product might not be received well because of market leaders in their own country or market. Thomas T.

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Surely, if Neptune sold some old ships and stuck to its plan of launching ready-to-eat, fish-based meals, its inventory would soon fall to normal levels. Should Neptune launch a mass-market brand? The company might have to sacrifice future profits for a period of time in order to grow globally. How to cite this page Choose cite format: The same thing happened in the U.

Oscar de la Renta is the chairman and Alexander L.

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The company can get access to this information by holding a meeting with the U. By contrast, the tiny margins associated with a low-priced brand would never rise. The company should position it not sample of business plan for laundry shop a low-priced product but as another quality offering directed at a new segment: The group was also divided about whether it should sell a second brand through the same channels or through different ones.

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They need to shift their perspective degrees to view the challenge from the market in—not from supply out. That would lead to a downward pricing spiral and take money off the table for everyone in the industry.

If Neptune does that, it may reduce some of its inventory, but it will drag its customers to a lower price point and spark a nasty price war.

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He wanted to sell some of our fish at a low price so that more people would eat seafood. You know, before we opened the fish market, John Renser wanted to do something similar. Given that this approach is the most expensive and time consuming, looking in the long run this seems to be the most viable and realistic approach. Both Neptune gourmet seafood case study solution and Sanchez were drawn into lively debates with their colleagues, and they soon realized that whether people were in favor of price cuts or against them, everyone had an opinion on the subject.

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The new brand will probably face opposition within the company, so Renser may want to create a separate division to manage the offering. Through this the company will not lose their existing customers and price wars can be avoided. If Neptune were to try to gain market share through pricing alone, it would destroy value because competitors would feel obliged to meet the challenge.

Finally, slashing prices could trigger a price war in the industry, which usually happens when supply increases.

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And that should be the focus for Renser and his team. As job satisfaction is known to lead to a better performance by… Class Or Mass? At the meeting with her colleagues, Sanchez argues that the company should launch a less expensive brand to tackle a permanent increase in supply.

Rather than run that risk, Neptune should create a new brand with a totally new look and feel. Eliminating half the excess inventory over three months would mean boosting sales by the equivalent of five days of inventory per month. Introducing neptune gourmet seafood case study solution less expensive brand definitely dilutes the equity of the high-end line, is expensive, and takes time.

Big Fish in a Small Pond

But think about the upside. For instance, Neptune could launch a campaign that positions the new brand as a delicious, value-driven alternative for everyday eating.

Schulman previously served as the president and CEO of Priceline. The company reached its consumers, who were extremely demanding, through various channels.

Neptune gourmet seafood case study solution