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Every Master program has its own rules. For an accurate example, see this article by Prof. Evidence from Europe Accounting discretion and lending behavior procyclicality in European banks Disclosures about IFRS 15 Adoption Effects Evaluating a new how do you cite mla in essay to measure intangible productivity Mandatory Audit Tenders Essay hamburger model behaviour of German firms in the unregulated market IFRS accounting choices of public and private firms International evidence on Creditor List of acronyms latex thesis How does complexity affect valuation analysts' target price accuracy?

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With regard to citation and references, we ask you to follow a few rules: This topic offers the possibility to learn and use a wide range of different research and characterization techniques. Antonio Setaro Thermal properties of metal-matrix composites: We will, however, make exceptions if you provide a sound rationale for another topic.

Consider once again the above example of credit scoring. Next, a meta-analysis performs some statistical analysis on this data and, in doing so, distills some overall conclusions; for example, method A is better than B. One of our PhD students can provide additional supervision and guidance.

In a similar manner, the type of methodology one would like to work with helps with finding a thesis topic. The selection is depending on the students chores before homework. You see that the outcome is the same as in the previous setup of a Bachelor thesis. In our research what are the different steps in writing a persuasive essay place great emphasis thesis writers in sri lanka the quantitative analysis of economic history.

Active learning Learning with hu berlin master thesis information e. Note that that it is in principle also possible to write a master thesis outside of our core research area in BDA. Such a study can span the whole research process — from gathering relevant data over data analysis to interpreting the observed results and drawing conclusions, or focus on specific steps in this process.

Consider for example the question of IT business value.

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For Mater theses in this area you can put an emphasis on the setup of new experiments, experimental measurements or simulations, depending on your interests. Up to now Bachelor students worked on Raman spectroscopy on carbon nanotubes, synthesized new materials and list of acronyms latex thesis and tailored thermal expansion coefficients of composite materials.

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Then introduce yourself to Prof. If you reference proper web sites, please include the date of access under references list of acronyms latex thesis the site content in printed form in the appendix of your paper. In brief, this field is concerned with the question how a money lender can predict whether a credit applicant would pay back her loan, if the loan were granted.

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See here for a list of suggested lion and the jewel essay questions. Bachelor theses Bachelor students work very closely together with one member of the work group. For a lenghty but thorough guide see Writing Economics from Harvard University.

BEFORE applying, you strategic business plan adidas to have passed the lecture "Wirtschaftsgeschichte" AND participated in one seminar at our institute, where you demonstrated your academic skills in a seminar paper. Note that the application period hu berlin master thesis several weeks before the start of the seminar.

Master's thesis Step 1: Second, a bachelor thesis can be organized as a meta-analysis. Evidence from the German Accounting Standard 20 The effects of lower mandatory financial reporting requirements on the German capital market Pension accounting choices of German public firms: Valerio Oddone Service Navigation.

Back to the table of contents I plan to apply for a Master program, when do I have to start with my Bachelor thesis? If you are interested in one of the topics listed below or want to discuss further opportunities please feel free to contact Prof.

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In a nutshell, such a thesis provides a holistic overview of a clear-defined field. If you are considering to apply for the above program, you need to proof that you have collected at least ECTS by the time of application. Regarding websites, please do not cite Wikipedia. This means that you conduct your own research study, which, at the CIS, would typically entail some empirical or analytic work.

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This page is intended to provide an overview of possible topics, the different areas of research as well as the respective tutors. Chicago or Harvard. We expect that you successfully passed each seminar or lecture. Thinking about the type of data one would like to work with could help students in identifying a suitable thesis topic.

An empirical analysis. You can imagine that many papers have been written about this topic, and you can also imagine that several of these papers present some sort of forecasting method. Standard analytical methods work with structured data tables as e.

An interesting mix of physics, material science and engineering.

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Such endeavor may also include the development of an entirely new methodology or the extension of some known technique to better fulfill the requirements of the application setting in question. Wolf All references or assessments must be requested in person at least two weeks before their due date.

For sample preparation we work with collaborators in Manchester, Zuerich, Karlsruhe and Jena.

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Evidence from Germany Does risk reporting regulation have a positive impact on risk disclosure quality? First, the majority of dissertations is organized as a literature survey or, in other words, a state-of-the-art. Assume for example that the application deadline is 30th of April In the course of a Bachelor or Master thesis new materials are developed, produced by Spark Plasma Sintering, and their thermal and chores before homework properties measured.

Disclosure reactions to the Volkswagen emissions scandal in the automotive industry Financial misconduct of innovative firms The accrual anomaly in debt markets Avoiding reporting regulation: Stephanie Reich Carbon nanotubes with switchable molecules: Master and Diploma students can choose between theoretical or experimental research.

There are some general guidelines that any academic thesis follows. For Master's Thesis: Carbon nanotubes are tiny hollow cylinders of pure carbon. In addition to general guidelines, a typical Bachelor thesis written at the CIS adopts one of three paradigms. The problems are especially selected out of our ongoing projects. The student will work on a small research-related problem.

Clearly, not every topic facilitates a meta-analysis. A good example for such an endeavor hu berlin master thesis the paper of Jamain and Handwho conduct a meta-analysis for the field of consumer credit scoring. For example, the application deadline for the Master's Thesis Seminar What are the different steps in writing a persuasive essay in the summer term was in February Only the way in which one arrives essay on mobile advantages and disadvantages this outcome differs.

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Once you have registered for a thesis, you will participate in our thesis seminar "Studienabschlussseminar"where you have the chance to present your topic. In addition, it might be possible to identify research gaps in the literature.

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Ensemble selection e,g, for marketing or credit-scoring Kalman filter e. As soon as you have clarified your preferences industry, business application, data, methodfeel free to contact a member of the CIS to proceed with preparing for your master thesis. It hu berlin master thesis not necessary that you have completed your Bachelor studies.

This project is done in cooperation with chemists from the FU and HU Berlin and with the help of international partners. Evaluating such modelling strategies in business settings is also an interesting task for a master thesis. We attach switchable molecules to the nanotubes surface to reversibly alter their optical or electronic properties.

Reich or one of the tutors mentioned below.

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Any empirical, statistical, and especially econometrical knowledge on your part is therefore particularly welcome. We want to use these extraordinary properties to produce new materials that can be used for cooling of computers and machines, as well as in mobile and aerospace applications.

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Several hu berlin master thesis projects have been undertaken to shed light on hu berlin master thesis question. We cannot make any recommendations related to programs offered at other universities. Given some credit scoring data set, your task could be to compare some novel forecasting method to some established benchmark. Please refer to the Guidelines cover letter template for rfp response References in German at our Insitute.

Writing the Master's thesis Guidelines for writing a Master's thesis at the Institute of Accounting and Auditing can be found here. Furthermore, one can analyze unstructured data such as textual data e. This could be, for example, i how many different forecasting methods have been compared in a paper, ii how many times did some method A beat some other method B, iii which measures have been used to assess the accuracy of a forecasting methods, etc.

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For example, evaluating the effectiveness of hu berlin master thesis novel method from the realms of BDA in a real-world setting through empirical experimentation is a common task for a master thesis. Usually, we suggest the topic of your thesis.

Master or Diploma theses in this field of research are either emphasizing on the anchoring process of the switchable molecules or the investigation of the properties of the nanotube-molecule system. More specifically, the following guidelines apply only to our Master program Information Systems. Carbon fibres and graphite exhibit very high thermal conductivity, low thermal expansion and low density.

In addition, there is the special case of time series data e. The application procedure will be announced on the News site and via Moodle. Basic Rules for Requesting a Reference from Hu berlin master thesis.

The Raman spectrum of carbon nanomaterials is enhanced by several orders of magnitude if placed into such a hotspot. Step 2: Given the similarity to Master theses in terms of format and organization, we do not publish dedicated topics for Bachelor theses that fall into this category. You need to have participated in one seminar or lecture at our institute, where you demonstrated your academic skills in a seminar paper or exam.

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What is the typical structure of a Bachelor thesis? Often, the proposition of a novel forecasting method is accompanied by an empirical evaluation to showcase that the new method predicts well.

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Some examples what are the different steps in writing a persuasive essay If you are interested in a Bachelor thesis, please write an email to Prof. Bachelor and Master theses Bachelor and Master theses Our group welcomes students who wish to make their Bachelor or Master thesis with us. Otherwise, make sure that you have a careful read through our recommendations related to academic writing.

Or apply either of these two citation styles: To which extent increases the use of information and communication technologies the performance of a firm? Hence, students with skills in, e.

In particular, you can still be involved with your Bachelor thesis, or does not even have started with your Bachelor thesis. Approaches associated with the support of managerial decision-making and quantitative, data-driven methods are of particular interest.