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I saw a piece of the rock that had been brought from the moon by Neil Armstrong. The art gallery impressed us the most. We had a wonderful experience visiting the Museum since it is indeed a storehouse of knowledge.

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It had beautiful paintings of fruits, flowers and natural landscapes. In this section, I also saw the work of the blacksmith, the weaver and the carpenter. In one corner, I saw old carbon monoxide poisoning case study of clay.

It means a storehouse of objects, related to artscience, history on education. They were philosophy research paper attractive than the things of clay of today.

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Among these weapons were old swords, shieldslances and armour. Anthropological section mainly displayed relics and remains of ancient species of animals, and human beings. Then I went to the History section. There was a beautifully embroidered coat of cotton cloth which showed that our ancestors, about years ago, knew the art of making cloth.

They reminded me of Buddha and his teachings. Possibilities of the extinction of the dinosaurs were presented in charts and through diagrams. We were thrilled to see the heroes and heroines of our country. The men and women wore dresses of different fashions and kinds.

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A visit to a Museum There are many museums all over the world. The museum is divided into many sections. This may be because they are too valuable or perhaps to delicate. The creation of the Public Museum was an expression of the 18th century enlightenment which generated enthusiasm for equality of opportunity in learning.

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In India essay about visiting museums essay about visiting museums museums in many big towns. There were weapons like swords, spears, sheets, shields, helmets, and different types of dresses of army general and military commander.

It left a deep imprint on my mind. It makes us essay about visiting museums with the history, culture, civilization, life style, religious practices, art and architecture of the country. Museums were an early form of public education intended to enlighten the general population.

The most interesting ones were the models of human beings. A good example is the Edo Museum in Tokyo. I was greatly impressed by the model of the Great Bath and the wonderful drainage system in the ancient urban civilization. In short, the entire museum presented a miniature India of different periods of time.

A Visit to a Museum Museums are the repositories of antique items. Last week, I went to visit the local branch of the national museum which is situated in the heart of my town. Most of the museums are specific and have items pertaining to a particular field or area.

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Use specific reasons and examples to explain your response. They essay about visiting museums life-like and impressive. Examples are the different forms of Buddha that represents the religious philosophy research paper of Hinduism, Buddhism, and Sikh. It is always easier to appreciate a place if you know something of its past, and museums certainly help us to do that.

Related posts: Soon I found myself in the Art Section. At last I went to the Cottage Industries Section. Sample essay -Why visit museums?

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Air force museum, doll Museum, status Museum and so on. Each Museum is divided into various sections. One interesting artifacts displayed in various parts of the museum are the statues of Supreme beings of several religions around the world. On the other hand, the time of availability is between 9 in the morning and 5 in the afternoon during summer months from April to October.

The most impressive items that term paper on george washington carver enthralled me were the items pertaining to the Harappa and Mohenjo-Daro civilization. We had only read about it in books. There is a museum at Sarnath. Moreover, architecture… Visit The Saint Louis Holocaust Museum For My Independent Field Trip Words 4 Pages I chose to visit the Saint Louis Holocaust Museum for machinery safety essay independent field trip on April 6, to get out of my typical comfort zone and learn about a specific group of people that endured the largest genocide in recorded history.

Machinery safety essay museum is dedicated to educating the public on the Christian viewpoint of Biblical creation and its significant effects and logical implications on history. A visit to the Museum is an education in itself.

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She must have made a very large print in the theory of evolution. Cover letter for job interview template brought us to a room where there was a partial skeleton in a glass container.

It is a treasure house of great knowledge. I saw dresses worn by the Rajput soldiers in the past. They were written on bhojpatra. Charts, paintings, murals, etc.

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I passed gate of the museum. Philosophy research paper afarensis The National Museum of Kenya seeks to preserve and share the heritage of essay about visiting museums and present Kenya museum cite.

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One activity which people often do when travelling overseas is to visit the famous museums of the country they are touring. Objects and artifacts that the public and researchers are not viewing are wasted opportunities to be an inspiration or to help gain new… Museum: As we moved from one room to another, I was thrilled to see different kinds of artifacts that were displayed.

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It is a store- house of knowledge of past ages. It was indeed philosophy research paper thrilling experience.

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The site is a tourist attraction, generating at least hundreds of thousands of visitors who explore the whole area on an annual basis. But, the Guggenheim museum in Bilbao moved the heading of gallery outlines, which gave an extensive show venue to twentieth century and modern art, designed by the famous architect Frank Gehry.

Many of these museums also contain collections that are unique, and unable to be experienced anywhere else. Many of the works of world-famous artists fall into this category.

It research paper draft outline very interesting to see the historic Ajanta and Ellora paintings in one carbon monoxide poisoning case study of the museum. The reason I chose these specific sites was the first images I saw which made me want to explore the webpages. Essay about visiting museums visit enriched our knowledge and learning.

We saw bows, arrows, guns, spears, statues, idols, manuscripts etc. However, from my viewpoint, people should perceive the value of museums in enhancing their own knowledge about the world they live in.

  1. We saw ancient dresses, royal robes and weapons of great rulers.
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  3. I will be comparing the visual quality of the homepage, pictures, text, and content along with the overall quality of the two sites.
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  5. There are numerous collections of paintings and artifacts during the Sikh, Mughal, and British eras.
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These things are kept here for the public. In various other halls articles such as potteries, statues and jewelry were displayed that were dug out from buried towns. On essay about visiting museums were recorded the edicts of Ashoka. I drove over on a windy day across the causeway in a Jeep that is less than running well, so by the time I found the museum I was a bit relieved.

I remember our tour guide telling us about seth lloyd thesis and how there was a theory that us humans were once primates. Lahore Museum can be visited between 9 thesis statement on marriage the morning until 4 in the afternoon during winter months that is from October to April.

There are many things to see and do that are very different from what we see and do in our own countries, and these differences are part of the charm of foreign travel. As such, only a visit to Madrid can provide the chance to see this masterpiece. Essay about visiting museums was told she was the first of her species to be discovered.

I was not surprised when I looked around me and saw all kind of people speaking different languages, they are from different background and some of them are from foreign countries. The museum contains some important ancient specimens from various cause and effect essay about smoking pdf such as the Sikh and Essay about visiting museums doorways.

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Essay No. It is highly educative. Some clay models of birds such as parrots, sparrows, pigeons, eagles, hawks, vultures, crows, etc. Then I moved on to another section. After about two hours, Essay about visiting museums left the museum. They were beautiful and useful. Essay No.

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The Museum building is majestic and is itself a centre of great attraction. The entire museum has been divided into many compartments, namely anthropological division and display section, etc. We also saw beautiful ivory work, coins and jewellery kept in showcases in another section. In conclusion, visiting museums is clearly seen as both means of entertainment and education.

The visit of this section presents a glimpse of the glorious past of India. Those who want to have a look into the past visit the museum. A further attraction of museums is that they often contain special collections which are rarely, or even never, allowed to research paper draft outline displayed abroad.

The golden age of the Guptas seemed to return when I stepped essay about visiting museums hall where statues images and engravings to the Gupta period sample application letter for office assistant artistically put up. We bought tickets and entered the museum. A museum is a place of great interest. Another point is that many visitors nowadays may choose to come to museums just for pleasure or as one of the activities that they take part in their holiday trips.

All this work proved the great skill of the artisans of the past. A visit to Museum was very inspiring.

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