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  3. While NZ Post still dominated the mail processing and delivery market, this was rapidly diminishing year on year as a result of the internet and email communications replacing post.

NZ Post graduate structural engineer cover letter to synthesis essay topic sentence its traditional business model which had originally been developed as a postal service which was labour-intensive and designed to provide, under its deed of understanding with synthesis essay topic sentence Government, levels of service which were no longer relevant to the market. All fully trained staff members have consistently good BS Rates.

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The latter is a redefined role designed to release the Team Leader of operational and administrative work. First we limited model options to exclude clearly unlikely solutions. Teams have good relationships with internal and external suppliers.

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They willingly help each other out as needed. For example, a team leader could have the ability and motivationto lead their people really well, but if the new zealand post case study of the role means they spend much of their time on administration or assisting workers in carrying out their own tasks then they lack the opportunity to perform a leadership role effectively.

Everyone is working productively, following our standard processes in a streamlined way. They came to Orbit Systems to develop the model. By following this and other methodologies we were able to significantly compress the size of the problem to one which could be solved and modelled. The company had for years offered a range of programmes including performance management, coaching, influencing, communicating, relationship management and programmes specifically targeting frontline leadershipbut these alone did not deliver enduring performance improvements across the board.

This in turn reflected problems relating to opportunity, such as a wide range of accountabilities, unclear reporting lines and large team size, and direction, with insufficiently-focused performance measures and an apparent lack of consequences for those consistently failing to meet objectives. Here, the key to success was to forge a partnership between HR and the line, driven by senior management commitment Hutchinson and Purcell, They also had to respond constructively to the challenge presented by a highly-unionised workforce and what was until very recently a tight labour market, and the different needs of a workforce that was generally aging but also becoming more diverse, most particularly in metropolitan centres.

Customer complaints, absenteeism, leave liability and voluntary staff turnover figures are low. Everyone feels that they are listened to and new zealand post case study. Succession planning built in to development and by assigning individuals to specific Developing Group Leader and Developing Team Leader roles. Team members are aware and interested in how they, the group and the company are doing.

They consult constructively with their team members about issues that affect them. The HR function was recognised as having an important part to play in promoting a high-performance culture through practices weblettres dissertation seconde as rigorous recruitment and selection, employee training and development, appropriate rewards schemes and performance management, and by promoting forms of work organisation that enhanced employee teamwork, flexibility, new zealand post case study and involvement Huselid, ; MacDuffie, Resourcing, overtime and unit cost figures are at appropriate levels.

Team members understand and embrace change as part of a constant evolution to meet the needs of customers and the business. Any issues are dealt with promptly and positively so that there is minimal impact on operations. Boxall and Purcell, A model cannot include every aspect of a complex system so it must be less complex than the reality on which it is based.

The team operates within its budget.

However, the processing and delivery of domestic mail is a core function of the business. Team Gallup results are excellent. They talk about the importance of the customer both sending and receiving and this drives the way they do their work.

The team operates within its budget. This occurs both formally through regular 1:

The Delivery Team Leader provides their team members with relevant, accurate and timely information about the team and also the bigger picture. It has also faced a number of challenges in recent years.

The focus was on what frontline leaders should be doing, and how to support and enable them to achieve this. The Group successfully operates a diverse and complex portfolio of businesses including banking, payment services, goods distribution and logistics, marketing and information management in addition to the traditional delivery of mail.

NZ Post needed a computerised model of their mail collection, sorting, transport and delivery systems — a model which would allow the organisation to model the financial impacts of multiple business options and make the right decisions for future business growth and profitability.

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The postal market was deregulated inbringing increased competitive pressures to a firm that remained obliged to operate a universal service. Then there was the impact of the internet. There is a positive energy and attitude. It is purely a support role and has no developmental intent.

Everyone is health and safety conscious. Implementation concluded with auditing and accreditation.

New Zealand Post

The case is based on company documentation and discussion with managers involved. In this case the number of sorting centres at various locations, types of mail, transport distances, volumes and many other variables all contributed to make this a particularly large problem.

This case study describes how HR and line managers worked together to develop and apply a culture-change initiative based on high-performance working in New Zealand Post.

An increase in delivery points, a corollary to demographic and social change, also brought pressures on productivity and costs.


DIRECTION Clear expectations and measures given via new job descriptions, computer security literature review measures and performance management and more broadly via Accreditation A new organisational structure was introduced to support the redefined and new roles, based on a philosophy of managing teams rather than managing branches.

New zealand post case study has been consistently profitable since its incorporation as an SOE over twenty years ago, during which time it has returned more than a billion dollars to the state in taxes and dividends. If a particular type of mail had not been picked a essay on teachers day at a particular centre then no variable needed to be generated for that type of mail for the pick-up period.

On the other there was an increase in the delivery of items purchased through the web, accompanied by a growth in direct marketing to reach customers at home.

Delivering High Performance in New Zealand Post: The Role of HR as a Strategic Partner

Feedback includes recognition of their positive contributions to the team and wider group. This is clearly indicated by Table 2 which records and estimates outline for writing a research paper on a person time dedicated to these three sets of responsibilities in the existing and new roles based on daily diary records for existing post-holders and estimates for the new roles.

The frontline leaders employed in the Delivery business had an important management role in ensuring that standard operating processes were implemented daily. Across branches there was inconsistent performance across most areas of the BSC; new initiatives were difficult to implement; employment relations issues were continually bubbling from sites because issues were not being dealt with early; there were few leaders considered to have the potential to develop further; and there was a lack of confidence from senior management in their ability to manage the changes that were coming in the next few years.

This was, however, more often easily said than done.

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GOAL was therefore designed to be a comprehensive but integrated programme based on a clear analysis of the problem and careful implementation. The team has ACC tertiary status and injuries rarely occur. It processes nearly 1 billion items of mail every year and delivers mail to around 1.

They care about customer complaints and, where appropriate, change the way they do things to ensure similar incidents do not reoccur. New sorting machines were introduced at six key processing sites Dunedin, Christchurch, Wellington, Sample cover letter for english paper North, Hamilton and Aucklandaccompanied by a new national postcode scheme to improve mail processing efficiency.

It requires different modes of collection, sorting, transport and delivery systems. They needed to have direct responsibility for the recruitment, retention, motivation and development of the core workforce of posties and support staff, with whom they had to build a customer-focused mindset, open to change.

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They had to deal with issues arising from different types of mail, new products, new initiatives, and to have the flexibility to engage and meet the demands of an increasingly diverse workforce. The leadership responsibilities of DTLs include selecting, inducting, training and developing team members, conducting quarterly individual appraisals and regular team briefings.

These initiatives can be briefly summarised under the AMOD framework table 1.

A key objective of the role restructuring was thus to free leaders from operational activities in order to devote more time to people, planning and business management roles. It employs postmen and postwomen. The NZ Post transport network has trucks that travel over 14 million kilometers a new zealand post case study.

Common problems include rationalisation and restructuring which, together with financial pressures, often undermine the process of trust-building necessary for HPWS to succeed over the longer term Burchell, Table 2.

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