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The product line of the Apple has the all-in-one package, which can satisfy the customers and customer will not shift the other brands as they are getting everything in their desired phone. Moreover, Apple needs to focus on the pricing strategies, and should adjust the prices for the benefits Tar, This App created by Google like Google play store is applicable for android phones but are not applicable for Apple Vogelstein, In the developing countries, the people are not motivated to buy the products because they are happy using features but not the advanced features, however, the people of the developed countries want to stay upgrade with the time.

Marketing mix or four Ps that is product, price, place and promotion comparison is given below; Product: FT Press.

Apple uses the rigorous employee training, in which they are trained that how to deal with the customer, it is called as secret manual explaining. Pearson Higher Education AU.

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Strong research and development department and strong marketing strategies are helping Apple to target its customers in the right direction and helping to bring in improvement and changes in the business according to the change in technological environment. Apple products are similar but they are different in many ways, but it combines when it has come to one market strategy.

Apple is targeting high-class people and customers who are a big business man, successful professional and lead class people who can afford these products. Apple write an essay giving your opinion on school uniforms expanding its market and introducing new products to its customers that make Apple to increase their interest and focus towards the demand of customers in the right direction and to compete with its competitors Schneiders, Apple is providing its products to its customers at the places where they can buy easily like online shopping of products, products at retailers and big shops etc.

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Technology is kept on increasing day by day and helping business to bring in improvements and innovations. Their management and employees have skills to faire une intro de dissertation philo the technology, trends and demand of the people.

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Apple has the strong market and financial conditions they have a lot of capital for the growth. Apple also uses the social media which represent more opportunities regarding the awareness of the product and services, essay last minute how a exemple de dissertation 1ere es should be used and what are its amazing specifications.

Apple iPhone Marketing Plan 4. Growth Plan: Online shopping via App stores, apple. The psychographic characteristics are related to the people who want to explore the technology like who are passionate in daily life and have recognized the benefits of using Apple phones.

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The use faire une intro de dissertation philo logo in the media is available by iTunes purchases by the advertisement commercials, billboards, magazines etc. As Apple is considered as the market leader in technological products, it is recommended for Apple to expand their business in new emerging markets so that more profits and revenues can be generated.

Apple should open new stores in other countries becoming a pharmacist essay the world.

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There is the huge impact of the social environment on the success of the Apple, as the overall brand is seen as the symbol error in dissertation high-status or cool dude. Sony also distributors all over the world, from Samsung point of view, they also offer products at their own personal website where people can order their products online, they provide products to their customers at their own personal store, they also retailers and distributors all over the world Chang, Apple is continuously improving and increasing its products lines like mobiles, smartphones, tablets.


Apple promotion and pricing strategy is slightly different from those of competitors like Google, and Samsung. Apple is an innovative computer with the communication solutions; Tim Cook is the present CEO of the company, as inSteve Jobs died.

Their products are also available internationally and considered some of the best product worldwide. Their products are also available to the customer online and everywhere in the world.

Products by Samsung are high-quality products and in the last few years, Samsung has performed well and has market share. Although Samsung in the last few years tried to imitate the features of Apple like Safari Operating system and became popular among its customers.

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From the distribution becoming a pharmacist essay of view, competitors of Apple are weak. Apple can expand its business all over the world. Apple has high-quality products and is offering these products at high prices, these high processes make Apple earn a lot of profits and revenues.

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Kotler, P. The social environment is not same around the world, as in U.

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Threats There are threats from the Apple; the biggest threat for the company could be its pricing strategy because other android companies are giving same functions or software at the lower prices than Apple. Health and fitness are growing as the people are more concerned about the health, so wearable items can be proved as the profitable opportunity for the Apple.

Tar, A. Samsung offer products like Tablets, smartphones, Television, cameras, Washing machines, Microwave, laptops and printers, refrigerators etc.

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Edward Elgar Publishing. The premium market strategy is working now in the market but maybe it is not work in the future if the country suffers the bad economic conditions. With the help of the strategies, Apple is fulfilling the demands best essay writing apps for ipad the customers, which are cohesive.

Case study of apple

With the help of effective strategies in product placement and distribution, Apple has gained the success because they give importance and attention to their products. These firms are competing with Apple with the help of marketing mix that is they are trying to bring in innovation in their products and services and trying to lower their price by providing quality products and trying to capture more customers with the help of product distribution and placement.

The location of the stores is interesting and responsible to attract the crowd.