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Sample essay bar graph. IELTS Bar chart: band 9 guide

When there is no natural ordering of the categories being compared, bars on the chart may be arranged in any order. It would therefore take a normal man or woman Overall, Sweden experienced a downward trend, while Finland showed an upward trend throughout the period. Take 2 of the main features from your overview and describe them in detail using data from the chart.

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Sentence one should define what the graph is about, that is, the date, location, what is being described in the graph etc. Paragraph 2 Provide an overview of the main features. Grouped and Stacked[ edit ] Bar graphs can also be used for more complex problem solving with ratios and proportions of data with grouped bar charts and stacked bar charts.

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As many as 50 girls preferred swimming in comparison to 40 girls for badminton. There were four sports in which boys participated more than girls. Although Finland initially had a lower rate, it outraced Sweden at the case study for teaching science of the period. When analyzing a bar-chart, we cannot always give exact details due to inaccuracies of the chartso use words around, about and approximately when giving inexact data.

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Does the report use suitable grammar and vocabulary? Then, it rose to almost fifty percent in Ideally your report should end with one or two sentences which summarise your report or draw a relevant sample essay bar graph. Structure I advise my students to follow a basic four paragraph structure for sample essay bar graph kinds of questions.

In AIDS received million dollars in research funding, leprosy 80 million dollars in research funding, tropical diseases 79 million dollars in research funding, diarrhoea 60 million dollars in research funding, malaria 50 million dollars creative writing university of chicago TB 20 million dollars in research funding.

Write a report for research proposal how to start university lecturer describing the information in the graph below.

Does it have an introduction, body and conclusion? Sample answer 1 The graphs compare the number of deaths caused by six diseases in Someland university of kentucky law school personal statement with the amount of research funding allocated to each of those diseases.

IELTS Bar Chart Sample Essay

Does it include connective words to make the writing cohesive within sentences and paragraphs? In most cases there will be too much information for you to mention each figure. How well does it follow the guidelines?

You are not asked to give your opinion. Ideally, you should describe key features.

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Grammar and vocabulary You will receive a higher mark if your writing uses a range of structures and vocabulary correctly rather than a limited number. For more band 9 sample essays check out our task 1 sample essay page.

IELTS Sample Bar Chart

In this case we can say: The introduction is 1 or 2 sentences, where you paraphrase the information from your what did you do last summer vacation essay. Paragraph 1 Paraphrase the question using synonyms.

However, stacked bar charts are not suited to datasets where some groups have negative values. The graphs compare the number of deaths caused by six diseases in Someland in with the amount of research funding allocated to each of those diseases. In other words, you will describe the significant trends in your report.

Then look at the guidelines and the sample answer below. Someland was the most popular destination for holiday makers from Indonesia. On the other hand, more girls took part in the two remaining sports which both showed a difference of about 10 between the genders. You should spend around 20 minutes on the task.

Does it meet the word limit requirements?

IELTS Bar Chart Sample Essay

Recommended Lessons. The key is finding the most significant data and not talking about anything else. Sample essay bar graph Toyota Camry- automobile- vehicle- motor vehicle- motorcar Average- approximate- normal- typical- standard Country- countries- nation- state People- citizen- man or woman- individual Next Steps Next time you see a chart or graph in a newspaper, in a text book or on the internet, think about what the main features are and what common words would you have to vary with synonyms.

Even though it describes information from the past, the graph shows the information in the present time. Watch the video to learn essential tips for each paragraph for a high score bar chart.

IELTS Bar Chart Sample Answer

You will need to decide on the most clear el significado de homework logical order to present the material. Paragraph 3 This is where we get more specific and use data. For example, in the following graph we could not say: Copied sentences will not be assessed by the examiner and so you waste your time including them.

You should mention two things in your introduction: In there were around 0. The best way to keep up to date with posts like this is to like us on Facebook. Spend only 20 minutes. Tenses should be used appropriately. Does it include a range of appropriate vocabulary?

Write at least words.

IELTS Bar Chart Sample Answer

Here are the synonyms: For example, a business owner with two stores might make a grouped bar chart with different colored bars to represent each store: If you have any questions, let me know below. Sweden experienced a downward trend Finland experienced an upward trend both countries showed fluctuations Initially Finland had a lower rate, but in Finland outraced Sweden Use word overall to start your general overview.

These sample essay bar graph are usually qualitative. Football was also the most popular sport for boys while the majority of girls preferred swimming.

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In a column bar chart, the categories appear along the horizontal axis; the height of the bar corresponds to the value of each category. In there was a rise in X. The height of the resulting bar shows the combined result of the groups.

Does it include a variety of sentence structures? What is being tested is your ability to: In X fell.

IELTS Exam Preparation - Writing task one: bar graphs

In this case it might be best to sample essay bar graph through the diseases one by one. However, this does not mean that you should note every detail. Click here to return to the homepageor click one of the links below to check out more great IELTS stuff.

Does it focus on the important trends presented in the graphic information? Grouped bar graphs usually present the information in the same order in each grouping. If you had to describe the main features in two sentences, what would you say? I hope you have found these tips useful.

Sample essay bar graph bar chart answering strategy: The bar chart provides information about the percentages of divorces in Finland and Sweden between and In that case, your report sample essay bar graph generally describe the information in terms of time from the earliest event to the latest.

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The body of the report will describe the graph or graphs in detail. This will be the case if one axis of the bar graph gives a time scale.

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Furthermore, both males and females least preferred playing hockey. Your task Complete the task one report writing exercise above.

In there was a rise in holiday makers from Indonesia. Guidelines for a good answer Does the report have a suitable structure?

Paragraph 4 Simply do the same thing as you did in paragraph 3, but with two other main features from your overview. The difference, in terms of hockey, was minimal with only about 5 more boys playing that sport than girls.

While 60 boys played football, the number of girls playing that sport was considerably lower around Strategies for improving your IELTS score Selecting information In completing this task, it is important that you fully describe all of the graphic information given. These figures can be contrasted with the amount sample essay bar graph funding allocated for each disease. Bar charts arranged from highest to lowest incidence are called Pareto charts.

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