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As such, the following activities provide student and teacher handouts, video clips from the film, additional resources, and discussion questions that can be covered in a class period or less, used as an introduction for a larger unit or as the basis for a term paper or project. But Southerners believed that the U.

American Civil War Facts, Worksheets, History & Impact On Slavery

Once admitted to the military, African-American soldiers faced the same prejudice and racism as before. There were few places available initially to hold captive prisoners and exchange system was used. The Confederates stopped them at a stream named Bull Runnear the town of Manassas. One was in the East, where Virginia, Maryland, and Pennsylvania suffered most of the fighting.

See the fact file below for more understanding organisations essay on the American Civil War or alternatively, you can download our MEGA Bundle with american civil war homework 40 pages of worksheets to utilise within the classroom or home environment. This became known as the Missouri Compromise of Often, the resulting song showcased satire and humor on a level that would rival and foreshadow song parodies of the following century.

The Civil War and Facts: Events of the War Fighting broke out in and lasted until Students listen to "Dixie" and "Battle Cry of Freedom," performed by both sides, and analyze the symbolism of the lyrics and the impact the songs had on both northern and southern societies.

They had a lot more people, resources, and wealth giving them an advantage in the civil war.

Civil War Facts & Worksheets

Then he led his troops on a march to Savannah, a port on the Atlantic Ocean. They include McClellan's campaign, copperhead gang movements, and secret movements sympathetic to the Confederate cause. Guerrilla fighters of the Confederate army were called Bushwackers. The North Union The North consisted of the remaining 25 states which were located in the north.

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General Robert E. The Union victory encouraged Lincoln to issue a statement called the Emancipation Proclamation. First, to grasp the circumstances surrounding the event, students view a segment from the series on Sherman's March to the Sea.

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Missouri Compromise In the U. He was shot dead before movie review essay on the notebook trial was conducted.

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Prisoners of War A massive number of troops on both sides were taken as prisoners during the American Civil War. Congress therefore could not agree about what to do. This activity is a great integration of history and music. On the other side were Northern abolitionistswho wanted to end slavery.

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Confederate troops captured Fort Sumter from the Union Curriculum vitae foto necessaria. The idea was to help the former Confederate states be readmitted to the Union. Then he again invaded the North. Buildup to War The North and the South had been divided for many years over the issue of slavery. He was determined that the country remain united. The first major battle of the war was fought on July He wanted a stronger federal government and was against slavery.

Finally, to become a real country, a real union, it had to, in four short years, literally tear itself together. It was his election that triggered the southern states leaving american civil war homework the Civil War. It had more people, more industries, and more railroads. The North was also called the Union to symbolize that they wanted the United States to remain a single country and union. Literature review of family planning research from railroads, the Union also used hot-air balloons in combat.

Jefferson Davis was the Confederate president.

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Grant at the Appomattox Court House in Virginia. They are designed for use in secondary school classrooms to enrich the study of the Civil War as well as United States history and culture. By the end of May all Confederate armies had surrendered. Then the Union controlled the entire Mississippi River.

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Missouri wanted to join as a state that would allow slavery. But the two sides did reconcile, curriculum vitae foto necessaria with the terms of surrender bestowed by President Abraham Lincoln through General Ulysses S. The exchange system of the Civil War disintegrated in because the Confederacy refused to treat black prisoners the same ugc guidelines for dissertation white prisoners.

It was the first battle ever fought between ships that were covered with iron. Military Telegraph Corps during the war.

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The North wanted slavery abolished and the South was opposed to it. It was immediately quashed and he was hanged for treason, but many northerners considered him a hero. Then the Union navy took the city of New Orleans. Reconstruction After the war the defeated states were gradually allowed back into the United States.

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On April 3 Ugc guidelines for dissertation captured Richmond, the Confederate capital. Union Generals and Leaders Edwin M. Andrew Carnegie was in charge of the U.

There were also border states where slavery was legal but did not leave the Union. As a result of the proclamation, many blacks joined the Union army.

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The Southern economy was based largely on cotton, which was grown on large farms called plantations. The other front was in the West. Lincoln belonged to the Republican Party, which opposed slavery.

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On February 9, american civil war homework, the Confederation was formed with southern states that also seceded, including Georgia, Florida, Mississippi, Alabama, and Louisiana. A day later Grant captured the city of Vicksburg, Mississippi, for the Union. Their army fought the forces of the U.

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