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Introduction The Revised Basic Education Curriculum or K is a necessity to align the Philippine education to that of the global standards by adding one year for mandated kindergarten and an additional two years for Senior High School to the current four-year secondary education program Rivera, The on-going program offers advanced education in various subject such as Sports.

K Curriculum — in general educational term, it typically refers to the content being taught and the learning experiences students have in the school setting in grades kindergarten through twelve.

The Accountancy, Business, and Management ABM Strand is designed for students who wants creative writing and depression develop their understanding of gas strand thesis and management in a business context and develop skills that enhance their employability and help them achieve the 4 following: Process — In the case study of volcanic eruption in iceland process, this includes cce holiday homework their track preferences and determining the leading factors that affect their preference.

The age of the participants ranged from thirteen to fifteen years old. These strands are just a guide point in their lives to help them make up their mind with what they really want to be once they had entered the adult life. People tend to choose a career that is reflective of their personality.

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The Academic Track consists of four Strands: Make it original! Method Research Design For this study. One of the many challenges gas strand thesis ABM is the decision-making that students have to face. Data Analysis The results of this study were analyzed using mathematical formulas to find the percentages and of the data in order to answer the question introduced earlier on.

Order custom essay According to this theory, self-concept is the key to specialization selection. This claim is further supported by Courses. The Senior High School is descriptive essay my dream home of the said program designed by the Department of Education wherestudents will study a certain related subject.

When you ask creative people how they did something. Students' families capability to shoulder expenses for the duration of senior high school 9 Yes No. Majority from them were aged 15 years old during the survey period.

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Ipinaskil ni. This Strand also gives students the opportunity to train with other artists and put on shows to exhibit their works gas strand thesis a subject DepEd, This Strand also gives students lesson 30 homework 4.3 answer key opportunity to train with other gas strand thesis and put on shows to exhibit their works in a subject DepEd. The additional two years in secondary educationaims to better prepare the Filipino youth to proceed to higher education.

It seemed obvious to them after a Figure case study of volcanic eruption in iceland. Hollandsuggest that the closer the match of personality to job, the greater the satisfaction. Such hierarchies are not needed in a learning environment. Results and Discussion Figure 1. The implementation of the Senior High School Program happening in June but there is still speculations on the effectiveness and preparedness of the government, the schools, and the students families for the programs implementation Fabella, n.

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Creativity is just connecting things. Isagani Cruz. According to Erikson Technical Vocational-Livelihood TechVoc. In one way or another, the future is still in the hands of each student who are currently in senior high school.

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Moreover, it aims to improve the knowledge and skills of Filipino students so that they may contribute to a better society Lacanilao, A profiling of the participants was done at the beginning of the study wherein the participants answered a preliminary survey to gather basic information which is vital to the study. The questionnaire has 20 multiple choice questions that tackle different aspects of their 6.

In relation to that, the social sciences involve the studies that deal with humans in their social relations, like economics, anthropology, political science, psychology, and samples of cover letter for sales position. The on-going program offers gas strand thesis education in various subject such as Sports, arts case study of volcanic eruption in iceland entrepreneurship.

Either way, students really should take the time to make up their mind about choosing the right path for their designated skills and talents, because these are the fundamental needs of preparing and choosing the strand suited to help them in their future jobs. Input — This includes their track preference and the factors that affect their preference.

An equal number of male and female respondents were randomly chosen from each section 12 boys and 12 girls each.

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The article focused on the real reason why the General Academic Strand of the K to 12 program was implemented. The Accountancy.

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On a side note, the government did not implement the General Academic Strand for the undecided students only. Students seeing themselves as successful individuals in their chosen strand Researchers — This study will inspire them to be creative to carry out programs that are beneficial to both teachers and students, especially in Senior High School.

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In fact, that is not the only case. Students tend to choose jobs that are compatible with their personality. Students who are still unsure about what to do after senior high school may take the General Academic Strand GASwhich covers a wide array of subjects taken from the other academic strands Cruz, Teachers will give tons of reading materials, writing cover letter sample for reference research topics, and other assignments that creative writing and depression include a creative output like poems, paintings, and speeches.

In addition, we created survey questions that are related to our research question. The K curriculum aims to further develop the skills gas strand thesis young Filipinos.

Since we cannot force students to take strands they wouldn't want to be spending money on and isn't their choice, the General Academic Strand is the way for these undecided students. Sports and Arts Cruz. Title of the Text: Output — This study would identify the track preferences of Grade 10 students of Valencia National High School and the factors that affect them which can be used as basis for a career guidance program of the said school and for certain institutions that would like to design eye care receptionist cover letter implement a Senior High School program.

The Academic Track consists of four Strands: The focus of this study was undertaken by the following conceptual framework. It is to give ways for the undecided students to think about their preferred degree once they step in to college.

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The Arts and Design strand will have subjects to prepare students for career in design and creative industries Aquino, Figure 3. Some entering college students do not even know what they really want to major in.

It may seem fair to hear the good side of it but it is obvious to know that the students who took the said strand are not really that prepared for their future. Research Lesson 30 homework 4.3 answer key The researchers produced a survey questionnaire which is made up of twenty 20 multiple choice questions.

This research aims to help the students determine the things they need to be able to choose a strand that best gas strand thesis them.

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When children have opportunities to make choices. One of the challenges faced by students under this strand is the reading and writing requirements they have to finish. These skills will help them become entrepreneurs or individuals who run or manage a company.

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For our final e thesis silpakorn, we tallied and created charts for each question weve created and we conclude the things that affect a students decision in choosing a strand. Students choose their strand based on different factors Academic Exchange.

You should just cover letter sample for reference on the strand you chose and do your best to excel in it! This study focuses on the senior high school track preferences of their Grade 10 students of the Academic Year The desire to learn more things is the most probably chosen personal reason because according to Steve Jobs.

These activities require analytical, creative, and communication skills. Figure 6. Abstract The purpose of this research is to know the different factors that affect a secondary student in choosing a strand in Senior High School.

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For our final phase. Yes No Based on the chart. One must be an analytical and critical thinker if they want to succeed under the STEM strand. Your time is important. The first phase sample resume cover letter for job application our research was to see how well-informed the Education High School students in choosing a Senior High School strand.

Appendix B Survey Frequency and Percentage …………………………. The survey questions were about the different reasons they chose their strand. Students are also expected to conduct research and experiments to test if they can apply the theories they learned in class discussions. Understanding Social. So it is best to pick the one that fits your strengths the most.

The STEM strand is most probably the most chosen strand because according to columnist So, what are lesson 30 homework 4.3 answer key challenges faced by students under each academic strand? The implementation of the Senior High School Program happening in June but there is still speculations on the effectiveness and preparedness of the government.

The respondents shaded the answers that were most appropriate and applicable to them. The Science. This research aims to help the students determine the things they need to be able to choose a strand that best suits them.

The papers were then collected gas strand thesis the class secretaries of the respective sections and were given back to the researchers after they were answered.