Homework assignments in cognitive and behavioral therapy a meta-analysis, preparing clients...

The relationship between homework compliance and treatment outcomes among older adult outpatients with mild-to-moderate depression. New York: Further, studies using Likert scales were higher, but not significantly so, than studies using the number of homeworks completed.

Statistical methods for meta-analysis. An open trial of cognitive-behavioral therapy for compulsive hoarding.

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Does cognitive therapy have an enduring effect? However, although objective ratings did not differ from client alone or therapist alone ratings, it is interesting to note that our findings differ from those of Kazantzis et al.

Prediction of cognitive behavior treatment outcome for children with anxiety disorders: The effectiveness of homework tasks in an irritable bowel syndrome self-management programme.

The Relationship Between Homework Compliance and Therapy Outcomes: An Updated Meta-Analysis

A meta-analysis. Cognitive therapy: Assessing compliance with homework assignments: New Zealand Journal of Psychology.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) - how to use the very basics

Bogalo L, Moss-Morris R. On the use of Beta coefficients in meta-analysis.

These findings might be interpreted in a number of different ways. Correcting error and bias in research findings.

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Creative writing uncg Therapy. On the other hand, these discrepancies may highlight the inherent limitations in using subjective assessments of homework compliance. Addis and Jacobson examined the relationship between clients acceptance of the treatment rationale and the degree to which clients completed homework, and concluded that the ability to provide a convincing treatment rationale may be one of the crucial skills which determines the success of CBT in real-world clinical settings.

To this end, Kazantzis et al. Reflecting on homework in psychotherapy: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates; Similar to results found by Kazantzis et al. Sage; Further, Likert scales provide the therapist and the client with a range to rank homework completion. However, this study also highlights discrepancies in effect sizes surrounding the method of assessing homework compliance e.

Again, given the small number of studies utilizing this method and the limitations mentioned here, readers should take caution about interpreting these findings as particularly meaningful. The results, however, demonstrate a more generalized view of the effects of homework compliance on therapy outcome across a span of different psychological diagnoses and diverse demographic characteristics.

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Journal of Applied Psychology. Measures of clinical significance.

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There are several limitations to the current review. To this regard, it may be increasingly important for heart failure annotated bibliography standardized and objective methods of assessing homework compliance that are less prone to bias and that capture the true nature of the relationship between homework compliance and drive now case study outcome.

Clinical Psychology: Behaviour Research and Therapy. The effects of psychoeducation and self-monitoring in a cognitive-behavioral program for body-image improvement.

First, they may suggest that future studies of this relationship should utilize both types of ratings, at least on the assumption that this effect size discrepancy is real. Relationship between homework completion and outcome in cognitive behavior therapy.


A randomized pilot study of motivational interviewing for anxiety. Cognitive Behaviour Therapy. Does psychotherapy homework lead to improvements in depression in cognitive-behavioral therapy or does improvement lead to increased homework compliance? Guilford Press; The effects of treatment compliance on outcome in cognitive-behavioral therapy for panic disorder: New York, NY: Journal of Clinical Psychology.

In sum, the results of this meta-analysis suggest that on the whole, greater compliance with homework is related to improved treatment outcome, and this relationship is robust across a variety of treatment targets e.

Cognitive-behavioral therapy for late-life generalized anxiety disorder: STARS study results. As previously mentioned, there what are the five sources of literature review been problems with the homework assignments in cognitive and behavioral therapy a meta-analysis assessment of homework compliance. However, because only two studies utilized both client and therapist ratings, these results should be interpreted with caution.

On one hand, clinicians may desire making homework compliance a collaborative part of treatment e. These results may provide insight into differences in objective versus subjective ratings i. Additionally, the current review did not examine demographic moderators i.

Methods of meta-analysis: Eating Disorders.

Substance Dependence that could contribute to homework compliance. Additionally, the strength of the relationship between the client and the therapist could contribute to homework compliance, with a stronger working relationship leading to increased homework robotics essay conclusion. Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology.

However, as mentioned by Kazantzis et al. Therapeutic factors contributing to change in cognitive-behavioral group therapy for older persons with schizophrenia.

The Relationship Between Homework Compliance and Therapy Outcomes: An Updated Meta-Analysis

Basics and beyond. Journal of Contemporary Psychotherapy. Cognitive-behavioral therapy for treatment of anxiety disorders. Cognitive-behavioral therapy for adult anxiety disorders: This may have been due to a bias effect for retroactive ratings. Discussion This meta-analysis examined the relationship between homework compliance and treatment outcome across 23 studies and over 2, participants.

A meta-analysis of randomized placebo-controlled trials. Cognitive theory of depression.

Group cognitive behavioural therapy for depression outcomes predicted by willingness to engage in homework, compliance with homework, and cognitive restructuring skill acquisition.

Our third moderator analysis was for the type of homework compliance rating e. For example, during the course of therapy, clients may be asked to regularly e. Group cognitive behavioural therapy for depression outcomes predicted by willingness to engage in homework, compliance with homework, and cognitive restructuring skill acquisition.

Moreover, our analysis averaged the therapist and patient rating of homework compliance, despite the fact that these ratings may not always be strongly correlated.

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Therapists who rated client homework from 0 poor to 6 outstanding might rate this compliance relatively high on the scale. Therapeutic alliance, group cohesion, and homework compliance during cognitive-behavioral group treatment of social phobia. These issues objective vs.

In the present study, the two most common sources of homework ratings were therapists and objective ratings e. Practice makes progress? Open Access This article is distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial License which permits any noncommercial use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original author s and source are credited.

Without looking at the client-therapist relationship as a moderator between essay writing key terms compliance and treatment outcome, there is a possibility that the relationship alone contributed to the improvements seen in the clients. A negative attitude towards homework, even if the homework is completed, could potentially limit the likelihood that the client will continue to practice the skills learned once therapy is completed.

For example, it is possible that patients who have appeared to have done well in therapy could have been rated by homework assignments in cognitive and behavioral therapy a meta-analysis therapist or themselves as more compliant with homework assignments.

Journal of Counseling Psychology. This can be opposed to percentage of homeworks completed and number of homeworks completed, which are often scored on a dichotomous completed or did not complete scale. If a client completes part of a homework assignment, the client is given some credit for compliance, even if the effort is minimal. Internet-based cognitive behaviour therapy for symptoms of depression and anxiety: Dysthymia; Substance Abuse vs.

Homework assignments in cognitive and behavioral therapy a meta-analysis