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If Adams' equity theory is followed, management should begin by focusing on areas where there may be perceived inequities before focusing how long is the average college research paper interesting work and job security.

In the employee motivation context, Two-Factor theory guides the managers to assure the sufficiency of hygiene factors to avoid dissatisfaction and miami creative writing, the nature of work should also be focused to be exciting and rewarding enough to grab the attention, hard work and superior and productive actions of the employees.

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For statement no. They were been informed the reason and intention of this study.

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Primary and secondary data was collected in this study. Motivated employees are more productive. Essentially successful work behaviors can be produced if the managers consider motivators and hygiene factors to be an important tool.

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Research paper on factors affecting employee motivation the impact of work stress on job cover letter mom back to work Data was collected from the respondents by using the random sampling technique.

Bull as cited in Danish and Usman, state that employees feel satisfied and motivated when they participate in difficult tasks where they practice their expertise and talents.

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Sustainability Learning: Table 4: Both male and female employees are motivated if their job is aligned with their skills. Job security motivates both the male and female employees almost equally. The collected data will fulfill the purpose of this study by presenting our college library essay quotes factors that motivate the employees and the relation of motivation with the performance.

Maslow argued that lower level needs had to be satisfied before the next higher level need would motivate employees.

Literature Overview The Role of Motivation According toorganizations need necessary motivated employees for survival as needed in the fast moving and changing workplaces. As the human resource is the most essential asset of an organization, their motivation should be the focal point for the managers to get superior work behavior and performances.

A Study on Textile Sector of Faisalabad. This study will help the managers to motivate the employees in getting their superior work behaviors by designing different benefit packages and rewards.

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After the data collection, the collected data went through a process of physical cleaning. However, they have same needs of learning opportunities and job security in order to get motivated and perform well.

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Asian Journal of Business and Management Sciences,2 1 I make sacrifices today to benefit my future, 7 male respondents and 2 female respondents disagree with the statement, 4respondents are indecisive about the statement and 28 male respondents and 3 female respondents agree with the statement i. I feel motivated if job requirements are aligned with my skills, 2male respondents thesis mbti 1 female respondent disagree with the statement, 1 respondent is indecisive about the statement whereas 34 male respondents and 6 female respondents agree with the statement.

However, intrinsic rewards have their own contribution in the motivating process for employees. Effect of Motivation on employee performance and Organizational.

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So, the researcher concludes that motivation in employees is brought through a combination of both, the extrinsic and the intrinsic rewards. Organizational Behavior. Work motivation, Job satisfaction, and Organisational commitment of library personnel in academic and research libraries in Oyo state, Nigeria.

Job satisfaction and turnover among workers of small scale angro aliied firms in Southwest Nigeria. One is motivator, the intrinsic rewards and the other is hygiene factors which are the extrinsic rewards hence the motivation in employees studying in one private university of Karachi prove to be a balanced package of extrinsic and intrinsic rewards because according to table no.

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Data Analysis and Statistical Tool Descriptive means, frequencies and cross tabulations were obtained and examined through IBM SPSSStatistical Product and Service Solutions, version 20 to analyze the factors of motivation in employees and their relation with the performance of employees. Survey technique was selected to get a good amount of data within the given span of time.

  1. What is clear is that employees rank interesting work as the most important motivational factor.

Overall mean ratings of the factors of motivation and their relation with the performance of employees in Rank Order. Research instrument used in this study is a five point Lickert scale close ended structured questionnaire.

Frequency,cross tab and mean reporting tables were used to report the findings and then to analyze the data.

Male employees, on item no.

Tyson also agrees to the point of Meija et al. I make sacrifices today to benefit my future, 6 male respondents and 3 female respondents disagree with the statement, 4respondents are indecisive about the statement and 27 male respondents and 4 female respondents agree with the statement.

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Male employees are more eager to gain quality experience as shown in table no. Scientific Research3 3 I first look towards the extrinsic rewards the intrinsic rewards while selecting a job, showed that 7 male and 3 female respondents disagree while 20 males and 4 female research paper on factors affecting employee motivation agree and 10 respondents are indecisive about the statement.

These results from this literature review will help managers in designing thesis mbti and methodologies to motivate the employees. Presence of hygiene factors prevents dissatisfaction in employees and their absence causes dissatisfaction.

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Motivation in research paper on factors affecting employee motivation serves as a competitive advantage in many of the successful organizations Now, there remains a question as to how motivation should be induced in the employees as Robbins, Judge and Sanghi assume that the question is not that if a person is motivated or not but its important to know the factors that motivate the employees.

Among many primary data collection techniques, survey technique was selected.

Research Objectives The research objectives for this research would be, to describe the importance of certain factors in motivating employees of Ethiopian organization preferably, the small and medium sized business.

Motivation level in employees has decreased in Pakistan due to many reasons like financial means, poor staff management in organizations, lack of training and direction, a misbalance between extrinsic and intrinsic rewards, growing joblessness, speedy globalization, miami creative writing bad economic conditions.

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DeCenzo, D. Motivation is caused in employees through various extrinsic and intrinsic factors.