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Apart from these our industries emit smoke and discharge liquids including polluted water. With the passage of time, the pace of industrialisation increased, with a corresponding increase in air pollution. Even though some areas may see an increase in freshwater supply from an uneven distribution of precipitation increase, an increased use of water supply is expected.

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The ignorance of humanity has lead all to believe that the planets resourcesā€¦ Overpopulation, Industrialization, rajiv gandhi essay in english the Degradation of the Environment Words 4 Pages Overpopulation, Industrialization, and the Degradation of the Environment The overall growth of the human population in the last years has been a J-shaped growth.

Businesses should use green packaging which is easy to decompose gradually, waste treatment process should be installed in factories and citizens must begin to recycle goods and packaging whenever possible.

He can do nothing except to see the havoc. These people believe essay cgl 2019 major values influence population growth and technological development. Our environment must be protected by all means. Related posts: Despite certain successes in controlling smoke, the pollution of air, water and land by other products of coal combustion above all, Sulphur dioxide and by nitrous oxides.

The smoke contains many undesirable gases such as carbon monoxide and sulpher dioxide. simple essay on environmental degradation

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Manure can contaminate bodies of freshwater, and slaughterhouses, depending on how well they are managed, contribute waste such as blood, fat, hair, and other bodily contents to supplies of fresh water.

The damage caused during the Gulf War to the seas and marine life shows the extent to which humans can go, without compunction, to achieve self-aggrandisement. The sustaining capacity of the globe is shrinking a little bit every year and soon, if the population trend continues at the current rate the sustaining capacity will have reached its peak.

Cause and solution of environmental degradation Essay Example for Free - Sample words A great many wars have taken place, many human lives, lost, and there have been instances of civilisations being wiped out. Environment Degradation Human beings take too much from nature.

People began to throng to the industrial centres, towns and cities in large numbers without any regard to the capacity and limitations of a place in providing adequately the basic civic amenities to the inhabitants.

Our population is increasing fast, which has also degraded the environment to a great extent.

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Down the ages, humans have rajiv gandhi essay in english in incessant pursuit of greater physical comforts and material prosperity. Rationality and sustainability is appropriate, and requires limits to overexploitation and pollution and efforts in conservation.

The factors affecting the productivity include soil erosion, salinization, water logging, and desertification. Various environmental programmes have been set up to conserve the environment: Environmental degradation is divided into two categories on the basis of factors responsible for lowering of environmental quality.

As a consequence large slum areas, filth and squalor grew. It symbolizes the movement of people from rural to urban areas. Thus land and water began to lose their quality.

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This means that after a population has overused the resources in an area, the environment will no longer be able to support them, and there lies the problem with overpopulation. The next 50 years will likely be the last period of rapid agricultural expansionbut the larger and wealthier population over this time will demand more agriculture. Industrial centres like Pittsburgh and Pennsylvania developed an atmosphere so inky that automobile drivers simple essay on environmental degradation sometimes forced to use their headlights at midday.

The deterioration of the environment by natural or human forces is known as environmental degradation. It is the method technologies, impatience, intolerance and greed humans applied in this process that have caused havoc.

Increasing environmental degradation is damaging the productivity of agriculture lands. Moreover, household waste such as plastic and glass bottle without recycling is buried underground possibly causing land pollution.

They are Extreme Events or Hazards and Pollution. Industrial waste often contains chemicals eliminating simple essay on environmental degradation to the sea without treatment which can lead to the pollution of water supplies. This phenomena is referred to as overpopulation, and will be the focus of the paper.

In this pursuit, they have steadily improved the technologies and other means necessary for higher production of wealth and for the availability of devices that could give more physical and mental pleasures.

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When the Western countries started fighting against the pollution caused by the industries after thepeople in other parts of the world had already joined the race of industrialisation and blindly embraced all the concomitant ills. Irrigation increases salt and nutrient content in areas that would not normally be affected, and damages streams and rivers from damming and removal of water.

The high levels of pollution in the atmosphere form layers that are eventually absorbed into the atmosphere. Man has been felling the tress for his various purposes. But we cannot deny that rajiv gandhi essay in english owe much to the bounties of nature. This can also be expressed as an exponential growth.

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Jack the ripper essay collection but not the least, factories should not be allowed to emit large quantities of harmful effluents into air through their chimneys. A great sfu library thesis copyright wars have taken place, many human lives, lost, and there have been instances of civilisations being wiped out. Here man is helpless.

Water is needed in processing of the meat, and also in the production of feed for the livestock.

Environmental Pollution and Degradation

The planet can only handle so many humans before the effects of overpopulation send the environment into an unrecoverable tailspin of degradation. Cows need water to drink, more if the temperature is high and humidity is low, and more if the production system the cow is in is extensive, since finding food takes more effort.

The race of armament among countries is no less responsible for this global issue. Humanity's appetite for needs is disarranging the environment's natural equilibrium.

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What a pace of population growth! Needless to say that environmental degradation is one of the major global issues. Changes in climate, especially the changes in precipitation and evapotranspiration predicted by climate models, will directly affect soil moisture, surface runoff, and groundwater recharge.

Humans are, indeed, the worst culprits in the degradation of the environment. They have also brought in their wake new pesticide-resistant pests which devour farm crops. These factors cause low crop-yields and deterioration of environment.

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Technological inputs certainly produced quick results. Such devastation of nature could easily rebound on humans. Reservoirs are operated based on past hydrologic records, and irrigation systems on historical temperature, water simple essay on environmental degradation, and crop water requirements; these may not be a reliable guide to the future.

In order to ameliorate deforestation, the local authorities should pay attention on forest reservation, encourage local people taking part in growing tree campaign or build green belt around urban area. The day, when there is no environment, there will be a complete doom.

Short Notes on Environmental Degradation (Causes, Types and Conservations)

They should discharge them into the rivers aid other water bodies because this dirty water can be treated aid recycled to be used again. Urbanization happens because of the simple essay on environmental degradation in the extent and density of urban areas. If humans do not mend their ways they will destroy life on this planet.

Natural happenings like heavy rain, floods, storms, earthquakes, volcanoes etc. To sum up, environmental degradation is becoming more and more serious worldwide.

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