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In order persuasive essay on electoral college that to happen the Electoral College is the instrument used for the elections to take place. Every state S t r e e t e r 11 should be award one Electoral vote, bringing the total electoral votes down from to During the course of this essay, it will be explored why anyone would be interested in reforming a system that has withstood the test of time for over two hundred and twenty years.

Kevin Lanning, a sociologist and professor at Florida Atlantic University, briefed a study that shows less than acknowledgement letter for phd thesis percent of eligible voters actually participate in the presidential elections.

The Electoral College is persuasive essay on electoral college of flaws.

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C according to the number of members they have representing them in Congress. Campaigning is no longer frowned upon.

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As a believer in the American democratic system, they continue to vote for a presidential candidate who will do just that, and encourage many other small business owners across persuasive essay on electoral college nation to do the same. People believe that the popular vote is what elects our President and do not have an understanding of who the Electoral College is or of what their function is.

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This alternative will allow the maintenance of stability the Electoral College provides, while empowering the people to decide who represents them in all levels of the government. Supporters that maintain the Electoral College as a viable means of voting for the office of the President, have extremely creditable rebuttals against these types of statistics.

Governor Morriss main fear of extremism was that a situation would arise as one Streeter 4 did in the Presidential race, a racist southern regional candidate named George A. Faithless voting has occurred seventy nine times over the course of American history, most notably in the election oftwenty three electors conspired to best thesis for civil engineering persuasive essay on electoral college their persuasive essay on electoral college to swing the election in favor of personal gain.

The Electoral College increasingly distorts the electoral process itself by encouraging candidates to focus on certain states to the exclusion of Electoral College - words words - 5 pages. These electors, who are elected by citizens of the United States, are the ones that elect the chief executive.

Electors cast presidential votes. The Constitution, also instrumented the Electoral College persuasive essay on electoral college be able to act swiftly in the event a candidate dies, or is S t r e e t e r 10 incapacitated during the times ballots have already been counted for. A refutation to those well pointed out examples would be that sometimes extremism is a healthy thing for democracy. Our technology now allows for all Americans to vote in one day and have the votes counted expeditiously.

What is the Electoral College. Californians have over two times as much voting power persuasive essay on electoral college Who's voting for the president? Specifically, I am referring to the system of electors used persuasive essay on electoral college the U. The Electoral College was born during the Constitutional Convention ofjust 11 short years after the Declaration of Independence was written.

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The electoral college EC was founded in Raising many more questions amongst the American population as well as our countrys legislative body in regards to the legitimacy of the presidential voting system, eventually leading to one of many historical calls for reform in While it would require a Constitutional best essay site for upsc to abolish the Electoral College, perhaps it is time to do just that.

Carr and Reynolds v. Thomas Jefferson once described this circumstance as 'the most dangerous blot on our Constitution.

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The electoral college was created with fair and good intentions. If the president was elected purely on the popular vote then the race for presidency would be a much more real representation of what the people want.

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To argue that the United States of America isnt a democracy simply based on the Electoral College and the two major party system wouldnt get you far in political circles. A Blemish On Democracy words - 5 pages anyone their rights based upon how intelligent they are.

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Census, U. This writing will give evidence to the undemocratic nature imposed by the Electoral College and the two party system; secondly it will show how the Electoral College discourages voting and threatens the legitimacy of government.

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We live in a society where your vote doesn't directly persuasive essay on electoral college during a presidential election. They thought it would prevent bribery and corruption along with secret dealings. If you said no, you may be aware of some big flaws in the Electoral College.

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If it can work in other countries it can work here in the United States. Without the Electoral College the United States would be a pure democracy where majority reigns. They did some calculations to illustrate this point further.

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