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Huge initial cost of installation and doubts with ROI is a major roadblock in installing solar power. Our initial targeted markets will be Major cities in Kerala where such large establishments are located. Strategy To be consistent with our Vision ejemplo de carta de presentacion de curriculum vitae. Even after factoring in all the other costs.

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Net Revenue Year 4 Year 5 1. Place and Promotion. This is one of the biggest barriers for solar power plant adoption in the marketplace. Concerns about its performances and capabilities on the reliability of solar panel technologies. This will enable us to keep the variable costs to be in line with our sales.

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For entering other markets. Corporate offices.

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Coal is available in abundance. But the rising cost of commercial electricity and business plan for solar energy company pdf higher rate of electric usage about Units consumption is making the solar energy solution as a viable alternative business plan for solar energy company pdf only for the diesel generators as a backup.

This will allow us to service hours of their peak load from Solar. We will use a modular design. Related Interests. Engineering and marketing field: Using communications and promotional strategies to favorably present solar in the marketplace and ensuring that the right messages are presented to the public will help build a stronger market for solar technologies.

Page 20 Wide selection available 5 3 Importance to Good service network Customer 4 Outright purchase of 3 the genset and own it. We will expand to rest of South India in another years. Consumer reaction to solar technology e. While there is much to learn from these studies.

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CRESL is planning to rent out a office premises in the outskirt of cochin city. Promotion — offer a useful matrix to assess the solar power plant program. When we checked sources like MNRE website and other reputed business plan for training academy. The average temperature in Kerala is Once the sales are consistently increasing.

Page 7.

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The deposits will be credited in their monthly bills from the 4 th year onwards and thus can remove the risk of huge cash outflows at the end of the contract period. You can expect a continuous cash flow for the next 30 years with minimal variable expense.

Once the annual installations go beyond 0. Today the Solar power.

The contracts will have provisions for this and penalty clauses. The rate will be at par with the GRID power. Constant power A wide variety Global network output available of supply Reliability Stability Strength Pay as you go No risk for option with pay customer after use Reasonable quality Constant power with voltage output fluctuations and occasional failures Govt support No Choice.

All elements must work together business plan for solar energy company pdf motivate how to write an essay about yourself for school target customer to take action. Avg Summer starts in February and continues till May. Kerala is a place of high lightning incidence when compared to most of the other parts in India because of its weather patterns and the location of the Western Ghats.

We will have agreements with suppliers to supply on a timely manner so that the risk can be transferred to them. Kerala is a state which constitutes Sunny shoreline.

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So cash inflow will not be stopped as in the case of an outright sale of equipment. Our strategy is to provide pay per unit installations on the roof tops of such establishments.

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Capitalization Risk We are planning to invest an initial Rs 1 Crore from our side and will be looking for Bank loan of 4 Cr. Marketing messages that are able to connect on a financial or value level are the ones which would succeed. For monitoring the usage and anticipated service.

We will need to constantly in touch with newer technologies and cost reduction techniques.

Page By that time. Business plan for solar energy company pdf with this. This will benefit the customer by driving down their costs and getting reliable and fluctuation free electricity. The Average temperature during summer and winter in Kerala is absolutely fits to use Solar Energy.

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To mitigate unavailability of components. We will work out a solution which business plan for solar energy company pdf address both the concerns of the initial cash outflow from the users and the risks involved in the pay back of loan for the Banks. The office will be set up necessary infrastructure. Through the lens of Product.

Business Proposal for Solar Energy Solution Business Plan Report

Each segment will offer growth and profit opportunities. If consumers are not confident about the reliability of solar. The time consuming and complex nature of purchasing and installing solar energy systems discourages potential customers.

The goal of the market research would be to help identify the following: Lack of awareness also aggravates the situation. Solar Power is considered the best suited energy source for India.

There are two highly skilled electricians. We will be outsourcing all the installation activities and will also keep an option to add additional service technicians other than the core supervisors and technicians on a per job basis.

Has to may not be go with local there long term provider Availability of roof top space and sun Will take time to gain market share Credit Pay as you go collection may options pose finance: Solar energy is a sunrise industry and hence we choose this one.

Close customer feedback mechanisms will ensure good quality. This should be a primary focus so that it can increase the visibility of solar installations and broaden the appeal.

Page 6. But once our titanic creative writing ideas proves to be successful. Whatever the precise timetable for their depletion. Marketing Manager and an Electric Supervisor. We will provide them initial training and will get agreements on service levels. Quality will not be compromised and customer complaints can lead to severe steps.

Business plan for solar energy company pdf photo voltaic process does not require much maintenance and hence the variable expense is minimal.

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We will be also doing outright sale of solar plants to those who are willing to go that route. Strategy Overview Vision Our vision is to be able to place a CRESL branded power plant powering every commercial establishment in India and through that become the largest commercial solar power supplier in India. There are two highly skilled electricians.

The fossil fuels like coal. The output is constant and without any fluctuations. When we analyzed the solar energy landscape and used the competitor analysis above. The financial complexity and the perception that it is a long decision-making process to setup a solar power plant results in some consumer inertia.

Solar energy is more important in India because most of the days days per year in India is Sunny. The company image of quality and reliability also would have started building up.

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The number of players in the residential sector where the installed business plan for solar energy company pdf per household is between KWp is intense. The Assistant Manager Marketing will be paid a monthly salary of Rs. We will expand to rest of India within years from then.

Page 4. This office will function as the main office for all marketing. This will enable us to drive down the capital costs. Accountant will be paid a salary of Rs.

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The competition is cut throat and you will get thin margins. The rate chargeable will be less than the starting range of the commercial electricity. Consumer Characteristics.

At the same time. Page 8. Other benefits by way of performance linked benefits to the extent of Rs. This will enable us to offer a competitive rate due to lower cost of capital.

Business plan for solar energy company pdf