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He implemented a number of socio-economic reforms and paved the way for rapid industrialization.

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Nehru was born in Allahabad. Jawaher Lal Nehru was really the jewel of India.

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Always leaning to the left politically, Nehru studied Marxism while imprisoned. Nehru was especially proud to reform the antiquated Hindu civil code. Motilal Nehru father and Swaruprani Thussu mother Spouse: Nehru worked very hard.

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As the Prime Minister of free India, he worked for peace. Nehru spent a little over a year in jail and was released with other Congress prisoners three days before Pearl Harbor was bombed by the Japanese. At the age of sixteen he was sent to England.

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Gandhi was jailed soon after his return as the sole Indian representative attending the second Round Table Conference. Legacy As a great believer in pluralism, socialism and democracy, Nehru developed India as a secular nation true to its thousand years old cultural heritage.

The same year, Nehru was arrested for the violation of the Salt Law.

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It was an aristocratic family but highly dedicated to the que se debe hacer en un curriculum vitae of the freedom of India. During the Non-Cooperation movement ofKamala played a vital role by organizing groups of women and picketing shops selling foreign cloth and liquor in Allahabad. He was taught at home.

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Young Nehru was not put to any school. On 27 MayNehru passed away. After his early education at home by an English tutor, he was sent to England for higher studies. He became an active disciple of Mahatma Gandhi and took short essay on television in nepali part in the freedom struggle.

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The blame for this defeat squarely fell on Nehru and his Defence Minister V. He acted as Congress President in four different years before India became free. The massacre, also known as the Massacre of Amritsar, was an incident in which people were killed and at least 1, wounded when the British military stationed there continuously fired for ten minutes on a crowd of unarmed Indians.

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Both the Britishers and the Indian people pinned him up to take the responsibility of the country even before India was free. He was moved by Gandhi's approach of dealing with caste and essay on kaziranga national park in 250 words. India was able to make a high prestige in the world community under his dynamic leadership.

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In response, the Congress Party withdrew its representatives from the provinces and Gandhi staged a limited civil disobedience movement in which he and Nehru were jailed yet again. During his stay in London, Nehru studied subjects like literature, politics, economics, and history. Nehru was deeply influenced by the party's leader, Mahatma Gandhi.

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Nehru was the Prime Minister of free India. Indira Gandhi served Prime Minister of India for eleven years with great success and ability.

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Nehru family was elitist in most of their practices and English was spoken and encouraged. November saw the start of the Round Table Conferences, which convened in London and hosted British and Indian officials working toward a plan of eventual independence.

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It was under his president ship of the Congress that Independence Resolution was passed at Lahore session on 26th January, With time, Nehru emerged as a popular and influential nationalist leader, particularly in Northern India. He lost his beloved wife- Kamla Nehru.


Sino-Indian War of The roots of the Sino-Indian conflict in lie in several facts of history. Kamala died from tuberculosis in Switzerland on February 28,while Jawaharlal Nehru was in prison. Bywithin two years of Nehru's release, simmering animosity had reached a fever pitch between the Congress Party and the Muslim League, who had always wanted more power in a free India.