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Essay on whether or not college athletes should be paid. An Argument for Paying College Athletes

Due to this lack of money, black-markets are created.

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These athletes make insurmountable amounts of money and an unbelievable amount of recognition for the universities. On a typical day, a player will wake up before classes, get a lift or conditioning session in, go to class until 3 or 4 p.

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A quick and uneducated response to a number this large prompts people to feel there should be enough to spread around; particularly to the athletes that people are paying to see. Some people believe that because of this demanding schedule that student athletes should be paid. NCAA prides itself on all student-athletes are students first and athletes second, however, it seems that more popular athletes leave early for the pros.

Thus, many athletes do not finish their education.

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They are students first, athletes second. These universities that violate NCAA rules have an upper edge in recruiting application letter for event organizer prospects. Conclusion The growth in intercollegiate athletics has resulted into enormous revenues for colleges and NCAA and also attractive payment packages for coaches. Because of these, there is no need to pay college student athletes.

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His top two choices for college: They have a good job that brings good money, that is why, they do not even think about completing their courses or graduating from the universities. Introduction College athletics have gained immense popularity among Americans over the past few decades.

Should Student Athletes Be Paid? Athletes are also aware of the contractual agreements with the universities when signing scholarship papers.

Should College Athletes Be Paid? Essay

Order now Yet with this large sum of money, NO college athletes are legally compensated for their work. Newton led his team to the NJCAA National Football Championship, after which he was the only advice for writing a personal statement recruit for the season, as stated on rivals.

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At the same time some people offer that if college athletes are paid, it is less obvious that they will leave university early William, E. Essay Also they will be compelled to start thinking about other additional things that will in turn prevent them from athletic and academic schedules.

Colleges are using these athletes to boost their respective reputations and bring in revenue while not compensating these athletes for their work.

Should College Athletes Be Paid Essay

If you want to pay these athletes, how would the college determine the dollar amount that should be paid? According to Businessinsider. This would mean you would pay nothing to attend a four year college, and this is the reality for many individuals today; these people are commonly known as student-athletes. The student-athletes at American colleges receive the benefits of the high quality education system in the world from which they can go on in life.

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When will athletes feel like their work is being recognized? Upon signing with the University of Florida, he earned a back-up spot behind Tim Tebow, the Heisman Trophy winner. Mississippi State University and Auburn University College athletes are some of the hardest working people in the nation, having to focus on both school courses and sports.

As long as they are not breaking any state or national laws, then I do not see the harm of any individual trying to make some extra cash.

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The lifetime skills and education that athletes receive while in college cannot be equated to the amount they would receive were they to be advice for writing a personal statement. College cover letter for security officer with experience deserve a share of the money that they help to generate.

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  3. While it may seem odd and unjust to pay college athletes, the reality is that compensation of such athletes is a necessity not only to keep competition at a steady level in college athletics, but also to encourage students to graduate and get their college degrees.
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  6. Also, the American Coaches Association says that more than fifty percent of student athletes do not graduate on the required time and others even do not graduate.

To persuade the class to agree with my stance on paying college athletes to play sports Thesis: This debate has been going on for many years and there has not been a consensus on what to do.

An issue that falls under this category includes the heated debate involving whether or not student athletes should receive money. Student athletes are given scholarships to cover most, or even potentially all, of their tuition and expenses in college, so it is not necessary to pay college athletes additional money.

How would a salary effect the way collegiate sports are being played now?

Should Student-Athletes Be Paid? Essay - Words | Bartleby

In fact, the NCAA prohibits students on an athletic scholarship to have a job. Sacramento, CA, Senate Publications, Thirdly, paying students will direct the concentration and emphasis to sports as compared to education.

Should we pay student-athletes a slice of the wealth or is a full-ride scholarship enough? Should College Athletes Be Paid? One of the reasons for salary is the time that the athletes spend for their sport.

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According to Rodney K. Instead they should master thesis in structural engineering pdf compensated.

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Whatever the decision is, it should especially consider rights and needs of the college athletes as well essay on whether or not college athletes should be paid the available opportunities in their future life. American colleges and universities should recognize college athletes are paid through scholarships essay writing german phrases other opportunities and does not need to provide them additional pay.

Stating this, being a football player and attending school enrolled as a full time student as well, we are basically putting forty-plus hours of work every week What if your college is good at football and your basketball team is awful… College Athletes Should Be Paid Words 8 Pages College Athletes Getting Paid College athletes spend numerous hours every week playing games during their season and working to strengthen their athletic abilities.

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Many athletes that have graduated college and participated in that college or university 's athletic program would say yes that they do deserve some sort of payment for getting the crowds roughty, and amounts of money that they that they drew in every game.

The importance of their education is lost. Opponents typically are of the opinion that athlete scholarships with allowances for food and lodging supply more than enough compensation College athletes are considered amateurs therefore they should not be paid.

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But why would that be a problem? Order now Cons Athletes are not supposed to be paid because the main reason why they go to college is to learn and many students who go to college each year; some play sports, others are in student organizations, and some participate in theater.

In this regard, universities like Alabama and Indiana are appreciated more due to their prowess in football and basketball respectively instead of their academic excellence. College athletes should not be paid.

It will probably not happen any time in the near future, but maybe someday the athletes that deserve essay on whether or not college athletes should be paid money will get it.

College Athletes Should Be Paid Essay

With all of the respect and publicity of these athletes, it goes unnoticed that a great deal of the players live very near to the poverty line. Should College Athletes Be Paid?

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Many people say student athletes should receive compensation according to their specific needs because they spend so much time earning their scholarship and have no time to work. On average, they work hours a week.

Essay on whether or not college athletes should be paid