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The outcome of the attempted coup was increased bloodshed with eight people dying in the fracas and eight more murdered after being captured.

When Batista led his second military coup in March and on 26 July Castro and approximately rebels launched an attack against Moncada Army Barracks. One main similarity between the Cuban and the American Revolution is that they both held the same purpose, which was to overthrow the current abusive government and establish a new one that would serve the people rightfully and advance social and economic justice in the nation.

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Essay on cuban revolution establishment of this act created a close tie between the United States and the countries in the Americas, including Cuba. However, there were other failures of the system that led to the questioning of the viability of communism as a system of governance.

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In response to the uprising Batista placed harsh punishment on any strikes or anti-government rallies and even sent government troops to kill the leaders of the rebel groups. The developments made in the country during the period were significant such that the argument on the similarity between the occupation of the country by the Americans and Spanish lacks any basis.

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Spanish rule ended in Cuba on 1 January He was the proceeding leader before he was ousted by the army under the leadership of Batista. The dream of everyone rising to the same status as current coursework colonial masters were always appealing to the Cubans.

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He was elected into presidency after defeating his long all time. This uprising, led by Fidel Castro, succeeded in overthrowing the previous government and seizing control of Cuba.

After the failed attempt, Fidel Castro escaped to Mexico whereby he continued training for the second attack on the Batista's regime Benson, In Batista declared that constitutional guarantees and the right to strike will be suspended. They believed that the system of government was focusing towards sample application letter for doctoral program propagation of self-rule.

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Therefore, the leadership and population in Cuba developed an aversion towards the United States since they assumed that the country was another colonialist. He was focused on the hatred that he had for the capitalists to the extent of forgetting the real goal.

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Therefore, the system of governance proved to be a major failure. From current coursework middle of rebel forces started an offensive against Application letter civil engineering philippines they quickly captured many towns and by the end of the year controlled half of Cuba.

The ability of the dictator to pass the policies of democracy was supported by the United States despite the fact that the United States purported to be the bastion of democracy. He served as a minister in the Cuban government.

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However, under the two years that research paper rate country was under the occupation of the United States, ljmu coursework extension development levels were significant with the country enjoying a system of education for the first time. These groups were mainly composed of young students.

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However, it still witnessed numerous clashes between the creoles and peninsular. Fulgencio Batista was elected President of Cuba between and The movement was split into two sections, the Sierra and the Ilano.

  1. After the failed attempt, Fidel Castro escaped to Mexico whereby he continued training for the second attack on the Batista's regime Benson,
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  3. These were all factors contributing to the overall outcome of the Cuban revolution.

Being able to control the region from both sides made him attain invisibility which led to the increased political killings. Retrieved February 27,Campbell, A.

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