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Dr Gregory Leadbetter I english and creative writing university of birmingham published two poetry collections: The course will examine some of the issues raised by the reading of these texts such as: Its metropolitan scale, vibrant, cosmopolitan sidewalk cultures and the visceral rush of its rapid transit systems demanded new modes of expression from writers and painters and photographers.

Literature in the Age of Evolution In this module we study how literature in all its forms has participated in and responded to the scientific discovery that life on Earth has evolved rather than being created.

From its origins at Bronx block parties to its crossover into mainstream culture, from Grandmaster Flash to Eric B. The juxtaposition of skyscrapers and tenements created new symbolic and physical urban geographies.

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For the critical component students will be expected to demonstrate an ability to place their own writing as process and product in a wider literary and cultural context. The creative element can take the form of a novel excerpt, a collection of short fiction or poetry or a stage or screenplay. Example optional modules may include: I am currently supervising doctoral theses on fictional autobiography and the fragmentary novel, representations of the domestic uncanny in contemporary short fiction, and the poetics of disability the latter through the AHRC Midlands Three Cities Doctoral Training Partnership.

The aim of the module is to explore and debate the development of the concept of the modernist novel, analysing illustrative texts within the context of a history of literary criticism and reception from the point of their own english and creative writing university of birmingham moment to the present day.

They will be exposed to a range of moments in the articulation and representation of the War, from the voices preserved in the poetry ofacross the curious imaginative silence of the early post-war years, to the flood of memoirs and autobiographical prose fiction that appeared in the mid to english and creative writing university of birmingham s, to the historical representations that began to appear from the english and creative writing university of birmingham, to our contemporary moment of remembrance and memorialisation as marked by Such study can be split into two related categories.

Through close reading of the subjects, themes and rhetorical and metrical forms of these works, students will english and creative writing university of birmingham invited to explore broader questions of literary genre and poetic tradition, politics and religion, sexual and gender relations and textual transmission and reception including discussion of the roles of manuscript, print and the social history of lyric poetry.

Utopia and Its Discontents This module examines utopias from the classical period to the twentieth century.

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The module goes on to explore changes in the City and its representation over the course of the twentieth century. Creative Writing Modules Creative Writing Project This module requires students to produce an extended piece of writing in the form of a creative writing project; recognising the combined practical and self-reflective processes they have been involved in on the creative writing part of the programme, by including both a creative and a critical component.

This module will examine the ways in which modern fantasy writing both adopts and adapts the culture, language, characters and narratives of medieval texts and in so doing identifies its authors as an albeit diverse fandom. How were expectations of women governed by the representation in literature of types of women such as the virago, the coquette, the prude or the termagant.

Other topics will include the education of women, women and the classical tradition, publication and patronage and the intersection of gender issues how can i pay someone to write my essay those of social class and race.

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Might science and fiction share a common language in this period? The module aims to place soal bahasa inggris tentang application letter writers studied in relation to other contemporary groupings of English poets such as the Spenserians, the Tribe of Ben and the Cavalier Poets, as well as considering the reaction to and legacy of metaphysical poetry found in later poetic movements such as the Augustans, Romantics and Modernists.

How were women's voices shaped by the expectations of the conduct book tradition? Week-by-week this module explores the ways in which a particular neighbourhood and the literature and culture it english and creative writing university of birmingham — for example Greenwich Village in the s and Harlem in the s — exemplifies or defines a particular New York decade.

We will be concentrating above all on the historical novel, a genre that emerged and achieved vast popularity during this personal essay on moments of uncertainty, but we will also consider examples of shorter fictional forms novellas, stories and sketchesas well as writings that play along the border between fiction and the factual.

The course will explore not only the work of some well-known literary writers of the period such as Lady Mary Line graph essay ielts sample Montagu, Eliza Haywood and Frances Burney and some lesser-known women such as Jane Collier and Charlotte Lennox, but will also investigate the ways in which women are represented english and creative writing university of birmingham literature through the use of various stereotypes.

In the texts on the course we will consider representations of wrongful imprisonment, visionary prophecy, political apostasy, religious corruption, sexual deviance and drug-fuelled crocodile hallucinations, unpicking both the aesthetic techniques employed and their wider implications amongst shifting social, political and international contexts.

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Firstly, law in literature reflects upon the variety of ways in which law has been represented by literature an example of which would be the depiction of criminal trials in contemporary fiction.

The Modernist Novel This course offers the opportunity for extended study of some of the major novels of English literary modernism.

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There will be a recurring emphasis on the writing of wars, revolutions and popular uprisings and on concomitant questions of national and historical rupture, as well as on the efforts of fictional writings to restore or make up for past losses, to bridge or jump over or side-step ruptures in the texture of past time. Law and Literature This module will introduce students to a vibrant area of current interdisciplinary scholarship: We consider how poetry and fiction can articulate what it means to live in a universe in which we have evolved through natural processes including natural selection, sexual selection and genetic drift and in which we are related by ties of kinship and ecology to other living creatures.

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Viragos, Coquettes and Prudes Women began to be both readers and writers in greater and greater numbers during the eighteenth century. Although not fanfiction in the strictest terms, modern fantasy writing often shares with english and creative writing university of birmingham the desire to extend and appropriate the plots and protagonists of earlier texts and to challenge or re-examine them.

For the Beat Generation New York was at once oppressive and inspirational; in the s it became a site of countercultural expression and transformation. I welcome PhD proposals in Creative Writing, especially poetry.

Creative Writing Creative Writing The School of English has cultivated a thriving environment for outstanding practitioners and researchers in creative writing. Please see the English Literature page for more information. They share knowledge and experience with our students through masterclasses, and engage with the School as a whole through our series of research seminars and readings.

Remembering World War One Launched in the centenary year of the start of the First World War, this module offers students the opportunity to encounter the shock of the war - its historical, cultural and essay on my healthy lifestyle enormity and incomprehensibility - as it was expressed by writers who experienced it and lived through its aftermath, as well as to explore and critically analyse the continuing significance of the War and its cultural mythology within literary history from to the present day.

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During the course of the century more and more conduct books and educational texts aimed at women appeared in an attempt to get women to police their own behaviour according to certain moral and cultural norms. The course will be structured principally around the Natural and Earth sciences, which have — largely due to the influence of the Origin of Species — been central in recent critical discussions of Literature and Science.

They began to write english and creative writing university of birmingham all literary genres including poetry, prose fiction and drama, but also in lesser known genres such as journals, letters and political propaganda and female characters began to appear more prominently in literature.

Can an English student speak cover letter for nurses pdf to scientific debates? Charles Darwin's announcement of the theory of evolution by natural selection in On the Origin of Species in marked a watershed, but evolution as an idea had been written about by scientists and poets since the end of the eighteenth century and it has continued to be developed, refined and debated through to the present day.

Yet it has also consistently transformed and reshaped its source material, rewriting the significance of key motifs and ideas in order to address the issues of its own time and place of production.

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We will also see how these works engage with similar themes such as the limits of personal freedom, the nature of justice, the role of women, the distribution of wealth and the education of the young.

In short, can the gulf between these two disciplines ever be negotiated?

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Culture and collections. The set primary works for the module will be studied alongside a rich array of contemporary print sources, nineteenth-century history and historiography and modern critical and theoretical approaches to historical fiction. Fantasy and Fandom From heroes and quests to magic and hidden identities, modern fantasy has looked to the literature of the medieval period maternity cover letter template inspiration.

Senses of the Past: Can fiction influence the discourses of fact?

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This work will then be paired in the second week with a work of literature or film. By the late s the city was on the verge of bankruptcy, a byword for urban english and creative writing university of birmingham The module is designed to work its way inward: Below you can find brief details of our work in this area and PhD supervision interests.

The aim is to explore cutting edge thought and as such many examples will be drawn from the late 20th and 21st century, but ideas about technology and the body must be grounded in work across history so that we might talk about the first stone tools and their direct lineage to mobile phones and beyond - students with an interest in any period will therefore be able to pursue these discussions and write about their favourite examples.

How have these writers and their texts been treated by line graph essay ielts sample critics? Throughout the module we will be asking how nineteenth-century historical fictions attempt to register the ideological and stylistic differences of the past while also bringing it into imaginative reach of the present.

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For many years application case study on payment gateway for professional certificate have invited best-selling authors and creative scholars to share their work with us.

Secondly, law as literature explores the affinities between the interpretative strategies utilised by lawyers and legal scholars and those practiced by literary theorists — in other words, the law can be read as a text. Many facets of this situation have roots in the Victorian period, an era which was characterised by both rapid scientific advancement and an outpouring of new literary forms.

I am also a literary critic, specialising in English Romanticism. Related topics for consideration will include: We consider too how literature and literary language and forms have been used to promote and to challenge different evolutionary worldviews and how literary critics have sought to ground their english and creative writing university of birmingham practice in evolutionary theory.

It is backed by its Fellows, who are published authors, theatre professionals and academics. With reference to the large body of critical writing which has recently arisen on the subject, these questions inform the backbone of this course. This module will explore the ways in which these dramatised bodies inhabit the liminal and contested spaces between life and death; remembering and forgetting; the natural and the supernatural; the human and the monstrous; the corporeal and the technological; the masculine and the feminine and between old worlds and new.

Historical Fiction in the Long Nineteenth Century This module offers students the chance to explore representations of the historical past in the prose literature of the long nineteenth century. In the absence of extant scholarly discussion of recent literary works, how does one begin critical dialogues? Bringing Out the Bodies: How are the politics of gender relations and identities represented?

Politics and Terror in the Age of Revolutions The outbreak of the French Revolution in fundamentally reshaped the political and literary culture of the British Isles, with the hopes and anxieties which it provoked triggering waves of politically radical manifestoes; a conservative backlash that sought to control revolutionary energies; an unprecedented wave of Gothic texts which reflected and responded to post-Revolutionary fears and a startling flowering of new aesthetic ideologies which attempted to carve out a privileged position for literature above the sphere of political struggle.

Ranging widely across British and American literature, on this module students study a diverse selection of texts that engage with evolutionary theory from the early nineteenth century to the contemporary moment including poetry, novels, science fiction and drama, as well as the writings of the scientists themselves.

However, we will also pay attention to a personal essay on moments of uncertainty of other scientific fields, as well as giving some thought to pseudoscience and the occult. Messing with our bodies is about a lot more than making cyborgs We are increasing the reach of these activities through our Institute of Creative and Critical Writing.

English and creative writing university of birmingham explores ways in which projections of the ideal state address the political, social and economic challenges of their own age. The module will consider ways in which later utopian dissertation 10000 words structure challenge and revise earlier ones: Technology, Transhumans and Skin This course aims to investigate the debates surrounding the changing nature of what it means to be human how can i pay someone to write my essay focusing on the role of technology in breaking down the barrier of our skin.

What role does technology play in our lives, to what extent are we willing to become entangled with our scientific discoveries and what can art problem solving manager meaning philosophy bring to the exploration, criticism and shaping of our future biology?

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Students will read the work of British and American writers, ranging across the Romantic and Victorian periods: We ask how literature has explored the challenges posed by evolution to received ideas of religion and ethics. The Institute extends the reach of or department beyond university boundaries, through its series of public events and its dynamic links with other creative organisations.

Our staff produce fiction, poetry, screen and radio plays, creative non-fiction, literary criticism and editorial work.

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