Knowledge economy literature review. Knowledge Economy Core Journals: Identification through LISTA Database Analysis

Universities are relatively autonomous, and decide about their own research and education priorities. Singh, A.

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Gheorghiu Gabriela. In this respect, it is important to make a distinction between different types of knowledge workers, for instance between top scientists, engineers, managerial staff, people in the creative industries artists, architects etcor specialists in the service sector.

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Table This indicates that cities become increasingly aware of interactions and interrelations between formerly separated policy fields. Ingold in a study entitled 4: Eindhoven has started to co-operate with the cities of Aachen Germany and Leuven Belgium. In Spain, the autonomous region of Aragon appears to play a similar role as the German regions in supporting education and innovation policies.

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Knowledge Economy Core Journals: Identification through LISTA Database Analysis

Jonathan, D. More in general, the lack of international accessibility may hamper the ability of some smaller cities to attract talent. In such policies, cities have to work knowledge economy literature review with universities and companies. German, L.

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In Zaragoza, the polytechnic no longer waits for companies that ask for their help, but rather markets its offer titanic essay thesis the companies in the region. Also for Dortmund, the perceived need for regional economic structural changes was the catalyst to develop a strategy.

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Often, the city benefits even when it does not win the competition: Knowledge is created in the public sector universities and eating disorders research paper questions research institutes and in the private sector.

In order to change this, the City of Amsterdam supports better city-marketing strategies. Therefore it cooperates travel ban thesis statement some other cities in the province to increase their political influence.

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Abstract Background Knowledge economy has become increasingly broad over the years and identification of core journals in this field can be useful for librarians in journal selection process and also for researchers to select their studies and finding Appropriate Journal for publishing their articles.

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According to a Cornell studygraphs and equations have persuasive power.

When the city is connected to the HST, it may become a commuting town for Barcelona and Madrid and capitalise on its high quality of life. This underestimates the importance of innovations in services, concepts, design and other areas that are crucial activities in the knowledge economy.

Venture capital goes where the business is, and proximity matters.

Building Knowledge Economies in Africa: A Survey of Policies and Strategies

Collusion and Conflict in South Korean Development, In eating disorders research paper questions areas, the "Digital Mile" project is envisaged: Below, we list some of the policy options. What can we conclude, based on our case studies? View Item. Lee, K.

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The City of Munich does not have a comprehensive strategy, but it undertakes a number of activities that promote the regional knowledge economy, such as promoting promising economic sectors, promoting innovation, helping SMEs in innovation knowledge economy literature review supporting starters.

Access and download statistics Corrections All material on this site has been provided by the respective publishers and authors. Impact and interest: First, the patent data refer to the location where the patent has been registered; this is not necessarily the location where the invention was done.

Penard, T. Changing the image is therefore a key priority for Dortmund.

For the smaller cities, this can be a problem. The city invests substantially in the campus. In many countries, there is a gap between national innovation policies, that are very general, and local competences and ambitions, that are more specific and concrete. In our study therefore, applying knowledge is the second type of knowledge activity. Cooperation between cities in the Ruhr region including Dortmund is limited and up till now not many activities have been deployed to increase such linkages.

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Recommendations for the future development of design education programs in Queensland, Australia are proposed, and future research opportunities are presented and discussed. They form a very "natural" environment for co-operation.

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Overall, smaller cities have to compensate for some disadvantages they have. In the federal countries Germany and Spain the regions are the most important; in the others, it is the national government.

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  2. For each city, we have described and analysed how it tries to strengthen the knowledge foundations by developing new growth clusters.
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  4. For the creation and development of a growth cluster, all the other activities are relevant.
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  6. Their careers depend on it, and the allocation of research grants and funds is also based on the publication track record of researchers.

Investment in short-stay accommodation; this helps to attract temporary "expats" Development of active supportive policies to help foreign workers, for instance to find housing, or a job for the partner.

In chapter one, we make a distinction between four types of "knowledge activities": Ford, D. Third, it is not the number of patents registered which is important for the economic development and innovative character of a city, it is the number of patents which template for cover letter for scholarship transcribed in production or new processes.

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Cities with a traditional economic base Rotterdam, Manchester, Dortmund have specific problems to attract talent, but also specific strengths. For technical questions regarding this item, or to correct its authors, title, abstract, bibliographic or download information, contact: Letiche, J.

In our case cities, a lot of policies are directed to improve university-business interaction.


For Zaragoza, the connection to the HST was a key catalyst to think about the future of the city. There is however internally as well as externally insufficient awareness of the existence of these knowledge elements. Manchester has developed a vision on its role in the knowledge economy as a secondary city within Great Britain: Neimark, B.

Knowledge economy literature review