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Students not available for moderation: Moderation Performance assessment practical performance will be moderated by visiting moderation. Band 4 The candidate demonstrates a limited level of acquired and developed skills that show some accuracy, control and fluency under competitive pressure.

Your comments will help the moderator see, as precisely as possible, where you think the students have met the assessment criteria. Some activity submissions which prove popular may be made available to all centres by OCR. These are available via the OCR website Special Activity Submission Criteria Centres may wish to enable candidates to perform in an us bishop wedding speech which does not already feature in Section 3.

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When assessing log books, consideration should be given to the breadth and depth of the content: The activities within the coursework place candidates in physically demanding situations. This is to ensure that this lesson 7 homework 4.1 answers can be moderated if chosen as part of the sample and as a way of authenticating the evidence generated by the student. Candidates will then consider the factors that make for an effective and efficient performance in this activity.

Centres may wish to give consideration to this list in determining candidates activity choices. This work must be evidenced, regardless of the format chosen. The selection and application of acquired and developed skills. This screencast gives you guidance on the fitness and training programme ocr a level pe coursework guidance you will need to create for your chosen sport.

If you identify malpractice after the student has signed the declaration of authentication, the head of your school or college must why should students do their homework full details of the case to us at the earliest opportunity.

Teacher Support: Coursework Guidance Booklet

Candidates are able to draw on and apply subject matter from Unit G which is appropriate and relevant to the selected activities pursued. Within this link is a brief power point of what you need to do to complete curriculum vitae text format EPIP. At the end of the visit, the school will provide the moderator with a copy of the audiovisual evidence from the moderation visit and any other audiovisual evidence of activities that formed part of the sample.

If there are different co-ordinators for different specifications, a copy of the form must be sent in for each specification.

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Each of the practical activities offered to candidates should be carried out in accordance with the recommendations ocr a level pe coursework guidance Safe Practice in Physical Education and school sport Association for Physical Education Current Edition. In addition, they should experience the role of officiating so as to develop their knowledge, understanding and ability to apply the rules, regulations, ocr a level pe coursework guidance and codes of conduct relevant to their activities.

Estimated entry forms will be sent out to centres in September for completion and return back to OCR by mid October in the year prior to examination. Activity Gymnastics Conditioned Competitive Situation 4 cross-box vaults A movement sequence Trampolining Dance Mountain Walking A contact routine 3, one-minute solo choreographed dances A two-day, 14 hour journey Performance activities with distinct, separate elements for assessment In some activities candidates are assessed in more than one distinct element or event, for example, in two different events in track and field athletics or in cricket where candidates are assessed in either batting or bowling and then also in fielding or wicket keeping.

Moderators will only see students that form part of the sample in one area of assessment for the purposes of moderation.

Supervising and authenticating

Candidates may be moderated in the activities in which they have been assessed but may also be asked to take part in other activities to ensure viable numbers for the standardisation exercise.

The marks for the separate elements should be entered on to the Case study carnival corporation 2007 Practical Activity Form.

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In centres where a diverse range of practical activities is offered to candidates, there may be occasions when expertise is bought in. This application should consist of a synthesis of theory and practice as reflected in the aims and case study on any product of the specification together with exemplars to illustrate links between physical performance and theoretical study. Band 3 The candidate demonstrates a sound level of acquired and developed skills that show a consistently good standard of accuracy, control and fluency under competitive pressure.

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Performing one chosen activity and officiating one chosen activity in two different activities. Other sections will vary in terms of demonstrating relevant knowledge and understanding. Performing two chosen activities from two different activity profiles and Evaluating and Planning for the improvement of performance.

The process is to ensure that assessments are standardised across all centres and that every candidate is treated fairly.

Non-exam assessment administration

It is the responsibility of the centre to propose adaptation to an activity electrical engineering essay sample must be approved by OCR before commencement of the course. For further support and advice please speak to your adviser.

Candidates will give a detailed evaluative response using appropriate technical language, in which they will discuss: Band 2 The candidate demonstrates a high level of acquired and developed skills that show a consistently high standard of accuracy, control and fluency under competitive pressure.

Centres should enable candidates to continue to experience a broad range of practical activities in order to enhance their application and appreciation of performance issues whilst also specialising in their two selected activities. If there is no audiovisual evidence available, the school can apply for special consideration through AQA.

Candidates are assessed in their ability to officiate in safe, purposeful and enjoyable sporting and recreational activities whilst exhibiting responsibility, control and confidence. Click on the PDF to access the specification and more importantly, a list of the skills and tactics for the sports you will be doing an EPIP on. Off-site activities As mentioned above, where candidates are being assessed in activities which take place off-site or which they predominantly participate in away from the centre, the Physical Education staff responsible for GCE assessments must take an active enough role to enable them to award final marks to the candidate and fulfil their obligation to internally standardise all of their candidates marks.

Sufficient work must be carried out under direct supervision to allow the teacher to authenticate the coursework marks with confidence. Candidates are recorded taking part in ocr a level pe coursework guidance, coaching or officiating assessment situations Evaluation, appreciation and the improvement of performance.

The level of success of their basic and advanced skills will be based on the case study carnival corporation 2007 replication of actions, phases and sequences. The artistic intention makes use of rhythm, space and relationships, expressing and communicating ideas, moods and feelings.

Candidates should have an understanding of the short and long-term health and fitness benefits of the activity as well as an awareness of the opportunities for participation and progression both locally and nationally.

The two activities are each assessed out of 30 marks.

You must record your comments on the Candidate record form. The Selection and Application of Acquired and Developed Skills There are three different pathways in which candidates can be assessed primary homework help timeline vikings.htm the selection and application of acquired and developed skills. Take notes and practice watching a performer in your own sport.

The moderator will use these marks to select a representative sample.

Avoiding malpractice

These are: Unit G focuses on the acquisition and development of physical skills, recognising that they can be performed in isolation, but usually in combination with others. The level of success in appropriate tactical awareness will be based on performance at maximum levels. We will retain the audio visual recording of the performances seen at moderation, along with any audiovisual evidence for activities that could not be replicated live at moderation but formed part of the sample.

These tasks should place emphasis on the appropriate developed skills, abilities and qualities and challenge candidates.

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These are available via the OCR website. Performing two chosen activities from two different activity profiles or 2. The record should demonstrate ongoing involvement in officiating the activity throughout this time and include a minimum of ten sessions; a minimum ocr a level pe coursework guidance four lesson 7 homework 4.1 answers assessor evaluations of the sessions officiated.

If it has been carried out in verbal format, then an audiovisual recording of the student completing the task must be made. Support material for a football EPIP. The overall performance in the competitive situation is excellent and indicative of high levels of learning and understanding. For A2: Performance analysis assessment analysis and evaluation The moderator sees a sample of student work.

Internal standardisation You must ensure that you have consistent marking standards for all students.

EAPI - A Level PE

School and college consortia If you are in a consortium of schools or colleges with joint teaching arrangements where students from ocr a level pe coursework guidance schools and colleges have been taught together but entered through the school or college at which they are on rollyou must let us know by: Submitting marks You must check that the correct marks are written on the Candidate record form and that the total is correct.

If the work is not available for a student that has formed part of the sample, either in written format or in audiovisual format where the work has been undertaken verbally, the student will receive a mark of zero for this aspect of NEA. In order for candidates to capitalise on their areas of expertise, centres may make a Special Activity Submission.

For officiating, candidates are required to complete a log book see 1.

Candidates will critically evaluate: Performing one chosen activity from one of the activity profiles or 2. Candidates are assessed in their ability to deliver safe, purposeful and enjoyable sporting and physical recreational activities whilst exhibiting motivation, responsibility, control and confidence.


The tasks generated should identify the candidate s level of autonomy whilst providing the range of pitch and challenge to enable ability differentials to be displayed. This us bishop wedding speech to allow for the completion of all relevant enquiries about results and appeals.

This can be done electronically via email or henry iv part one essay questions hard copy through the post. In these activities, the two elements or events should both be assessed, each out of 30, The marks for the separate elements should be entered on to the G Practical Activity Assessment Form.

The selection should be influenced by: They must not:

  1. The overall performance in the competitive situation is good and indicative of sound levels of learning and understanding.
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  5. These are:
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