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The kirtimukhas are separated by chain and bell ornamentation. It is almost equally divided into Gudhamandapa, the hall and garbhgriha, the shrine proper.

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The next is another chhaja modafinil research paper by neck, alinga. The objective is to present classical dance forms in an atmosphere similar to that in which they were originally presented. Architecture The brilliant architecture of the temple is one of its own class.

The square part has floral design in circle on each side of faces.

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The flight of steps through kirti-torana leads to the reservoir. All figures modafinil research paper mutilated and the images on the door-lintel is completely destroyed. It is followed by still smaller band with sixteen standing human figures separated by small annultet below. Soon after Bhima had returned to the power. The doorway has carved figures of seated Surya in panels surrounded by dancers and amorous couples.

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The unruffled peaceful landscape and the majestically welcoming temple complex will ensure to take you away from the mundane routines of daily life to the glorious times back in the Golden Age. It is first decorated with standing figures, mostly dancers, on all eight faces enclosed in ringed pilasters.

It is judged by the shrines on the steps of Kunda. The temple complex has three axially aligned components; the shrine proper garbhagriha in a hall gudhamandapathe outer or assembly hall sabhamandapa or rangamandapa and a sacred reservoir kunda.

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The moulding and decoration is similar to that of walls of sabhamandapa and pillars. The Shikhara of the it no longer exists. Things to do Modhera is an ideal destination for being away from the hustle-bustle of city life for a day. Nearest airport is Ahmedabad Registered office: The small mandapa above the ground level and located on the second kuta of stepwell may belong to 10th century.

Madhusudan Dhaky has suggested that the sabhamandapa may has been later addition based on style and construction. These pillars have stilts which supports the lintels. The kund and the entrance passageway face east in an aura of welcome to the tantalizing rays of the sun, and the entire structure floats on a plinth resembling a flowering lotus as an ablution to the sun god.

The octagonal part have four bands; the top most has kirtimukha.

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The classical dance forms in the premises of this temple revive the imperial ambiance during the period. The train can take you as far as Mehsana 1.

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These two bands are separated by a deep band. Savor your voyage through time to the magnificent eons of the Golden period as you get welcomed personally by the life like icons, narrating stories and legends of Modhera!

Modhera Sun Temple

After witnessing and traveling across time with the raconteur figurines, a the effects of gadgets on the academic performance of students research paper to the Garbagruha will definitely feel as a spiritual experience.

It measures feet from north to south and feet from east to west.

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The next is vedi which correspond to jangha of mandovara decorated with large panels of gods, goddesses and floral designs. The roof of passage has stones slabs carved with rosettes. This yagna was performed by a local Brahmin belonging to the Modh community thus originated the name Modhera. The temple encompasses three different yet axially-aligned and integrated constituents.

It is 23 feet high.

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Udyog Bhavan, Block No. The intricate carvings depict scenes from the Ramayana, Mahabharata Indian Epics and scenes from the life of Lord Krishna. In front of this tank, a huge 'torana' archway leads to the Sabha Mandap.

By air: Visiting Hours: This hall is open from all the four sides and has 52 delicately carved pillars.

The ancient philosophy venerating natural elements and its association with humans was considered the prime force and energy of the life cycle. It is followed by padma or padmaka, the moulding in form of inverted lotus.

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Historian A. It is followed by a deep band and the next is kevala decorated with chaitya-windows. The central spire had Urushringa, the miniature shrines. Surya Kund Surya Kund is a deep stepped tank in the front of the modafinil research paper.

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