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This may include a section on the lack or shortcomings of existing academic work in your proposed area. Preparing your proposal A good research proposal typically includes the following components: In order to achieve this systematic and comprehensive reinvestigation of female agency through SNA, a range of ancient sources will be scrutinised.

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How to apply: Scott, and S. Stanford, Usually this includes: Check tuition fees and available funding It is important that you consider the availability of essay approaches to cover both the tuition fees and living expenses. Login to King's Apply How long does it take? If you require further information or wish to discuss the project in more detail, you should contact the named individual advertising the project, social entrepreneurship essay sample your correspondence to the relevant admissions office.

Cambridge, ; Graham, S. By applying the methods of SNA, such as full network and snowball methods, ego-centric networks and quantifying scales of measurement10, it is hoped that this analysis will enable the mapping of a female-centric network 6 For example, Babcock, C.

Some courses require specific additional documents to be submitted with the application, such as a sample of previous academic writing.

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Interview Applicants may be interviewed, by telephone for those not based in the UK. Note that a 'yes' from a supervisor can only be provisional.

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Oxford, and Treggiari, S. The Robustness of Rome. More recently, the seminal demographic analysis of Roman patriarchy undertaken by Richard Saller4 has highlighted the need for a better understanding of the dynamics of the Roman family, especially one which shifts the focus to female agency within this fundamental unit.

Please indicate your desired starting month on the application form, and, if the application is successful, the exact starting date will be decided in consultation with the assigned supervisor.

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The Demographic Background. Contact us. Please ensure that you send in all relevant documentation with your online application, as otherwise delays will occur in processing your application. Baltimore, In the last few decades much research has been undertaken investigating modern societies and cultures through their social networks1.

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How, and to what extent, did elite wives, daughters and other women manage to influence their male relations in order to represent themselves and their own objectives within their social and political milieus?

You are also welcome to contact Professor Abiodun Alao, the PhD kings college research proposal phd tutor, to discuss the most appropriate supervision arrangements for your proposed research. In contrast to analyses that assume that socialisation into norms determines behaviour, network analysis aims to define the extent to which the structure and composition of ties essay approaches norms.

A Network Approach. However, there is still a need for a holistic picture of the multiple roles that these women played in shaping their place in society. Carrington, J.

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Please ensure you read this in conjunction with any master thesis employee motivation guidance provided via the relevant webpage for your course, which you can find using our postgraduate course finder.

A section describing not only your proposed methodology but also an explanation of why this methodology is the most appropriate for the proposed topic. Of course, much study was done in the early 20th century in the field of prosopography relating to the Roman Republic and Principate.

Cambridge, Only more research can prove if this theory is of use for this project. The Application Procedure For detailed information about the application procedure, where to find the application form, which documents to include, and so on, please refer to the Admissions Office website.

Please only email one prospective supervisor at a time.

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The analysis of this network will enable a deeper understanding of currently debated topics, such as the autonomy and independence of wealthy Roman women, the curriculum vitae va scritto maiuscolo forms of marriage that existed in Rome and the ways in which the legal and economic position of women, as well as the life stages they were at, affected their prospects of marriage — and the extent of their agency in the process.

Transcripts of your academic performance. Somers argues for reconfiguring the study of identity formation through the concept of narrative by means of social networks.

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London, are just a few examples. See also; Scheidel, W. Gregory H Gilles 3 Related Papers.

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A good supervisory fit. Vancouver, ; Wellman, What is a persuasive essay pdf. An explanation of the importance and originality of the proposed topic. Kings college research proposal phd programme offers students unique opportunities to engage academics, practitioners as well as policy makers within the vibrant ALC network.

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If you have any questions, visit our FAQ page. All three could be possible with this thesis but only more research and the completion of a database will determine which one will be most beneficial. Cambridge, ; Freeman, L.

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Social network analysis produces an alternate view, where the attributes of individuals are less important than their relationships and ties with other actors within the network. A Study of Social Networks in Corinth. The power of SNA stems from its difference from traditional social scientific studies, which assume that it is the attributes of individual actors or nodes that matter.

You will need to send: Two references, preferably both academic, at least one of who taught you on your Master's your referees will be contacted by King's and asked to submit a reference electronically.

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This project aims to answer this question by applying social network analysis SNA to recent prosopographical data in order to create female-centric networks based on the ancient sources. Gregory H Gilles Defining Elite Female Agency Through the Social Networks of the Roman Republic Individuals such as Cornelia, Fulvia and Clodia were viewed as trailblazers in their influence of public affairs in the Roman Republic and modern historians have used them social entrepreneurship essay sample setting the benchmark of female agency in Rome.

  1. Timeframe We aim to notify you of the result within six weeks of receipt of the complete application with all required documents by the Admissions Office.
  2. Gregory H Gilles Defining Elite Female Agency Through the Social Networks of the Roman Republic Individuals such as Cornelia, Fulvia and Clodia were viewed as trailblazers in their influence of public affairs in the Roman Republic and modern historians have used them for setting the benchmark of female agency in Rome.

Please note that some research degrees will offer up to four entry points September, January, April and July: Proposal Your proposal should be up to 3, words plus references Appendices and substantive footnotes do count towards the word limit. January, April, June and September.

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Supervision available Before applying, please read carefully the information about our research interests, and make sure that your research topic falls within one of these areas. Princeton, ; Fraschetti, A.

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Life in Contemporary Communities Colorado, to name a few. Please note, in this Department we often ask for revisions to kings college research proposal phd proposal at the application stage.

If you move forward with.

Women and the Elite Family. Research courses How to apply: These exceptional cases illustrate the level of influence that some elite women might achieve. If you are sure they are the right person to supervise you, contact them directly, copying your correspondence to the relevant admissions office.

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Cambridge, ; and Rutherford, I. Please see our webpages for more information on our research activities. The ability to identify and propose a viable research project is a major indicator of your potential for doctoral study. Once you have identified the research area and the potential supervisor, you must formally apply through an application form quoting their name as a contact to ensure the application is routed to the right person.

Methods and Gregory H Gilles 2 one in which women, rather than men, are the nodes and connections between elite families in order to offer an insight into female agency during the late Republic. A sample of relevant written work, in English e.

Elite Roman women, as a general topic, have been extensively researched.

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New York, The African Leadership Centre is at the forefront of researching this nexus between Leadership, Security and Development. For any other questions e.

London, Sheffield, ; Collar, A. Chicago, and Bauman, R. From such occasional insights into female agency provided by the sources, albeit almost exclusively viewed from a male 1 Barnes, J. The page also contains information on any specific application procedures for your course.

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