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Argumentative essay on plastic bags. Plastic Ban Essay: Research Paper Examples - A Research Guide for Students

  1. This means that much of the planet's precious natural resources are being used to produce plastic bags.
  2. The different local government units, therefore, have to find a solution to this problem, and banning plastic bags is not one of them.

We also cover our plants with plastic bags to prevent them from frosting at night. But, what people do not know is that it comes with a lot of benefits. Please not zeus thesis statement there is no Works Cited page for this essay, as the sources within the essay was generated by the student, as requested as the instructor of the class.

The plastic bags production uses almost ten percent of the world's annual oil supply.

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Its effects include death, pollution and waterborne diseases. Now, imagine the risks that people would be exposed to if a building full of PVCs would go up in flames.

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Throwing plastic bags could make the soil unfertile which is described as soil pollution. In order to counter the problems brought about by the bags, several measures need to be taken. For instance, it is biodegradable and decomposes easily than plastic bags. Often, our garbage ends up in waterways, in parks, and on beaches where animals can easily come into contact with them.

Apart from that, they also affect our infrastructure.

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They litter our pathways, fences, houses and trees and make them look ugly. Advantages of using plastic bag. Inquirer News.

The issue is cost. All nations should have one voice and agree unanimously to stop plastic bag production.

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However, the catch is that our taxpayer money ends up being used to clean up plastic bag wastes. July 4 The chemicals and compounds that go into making plastic bags could also be utilized in a far more effective manner.

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In fact, we quickly discard them into our garbage bins as soon as we reach home. It is also worth noting that we do not receive how to end a essay for free at our retail stores, we pay for them one way or another.

Plastic Bags Should Be Banned - Our Master pieces (Argumentative Essays) This cause suffocation and starvation.

With so much plastic floating on water, the marine life is put into too much risk. This also implies that manufactures should be involved in solving the problem by providing better methods of disposal argumentative essay on plastic bags their plastic-packaged products. S coastline.

And since they are very light, they are easily carried by wind and water to various places on earth. When plastic zeus thesis statement are banned everywhere, innovators will come up with other alternatives.

In conclusion, the plastic bags are a convenient method of packaging and transport for products but one that is hazardous to the environment, animals and marine wildlife as well as dissertation e-portfolio beings.

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Yap, D. Plastic bags have been receiving such a bad press because of its negative impacts on the environment. For instance, sea turtles cannot differentiate plastic bags from jelly fish and they therefore consume them. How will you be remembered? But did the government thought of the possible environmental effects that this alternative might bring?

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If we continue to do so, humanity and planet earth will soon be in danger. Plastic bag what should a dissertation title include compared to the other household accessories such as needles in that parents teach children on the usage and should therefore user education is imperative as well Vera, It should be illegal to own or even carry plastic bags.

Plastic Bags Versus Paper Bags. Creatures that prey on fish, such as humans, birds, terrestrial animals and other marine animals also get sucked into the equation through the ocean food web when they feed on contaminated fish meat. Obviously most people are familiar with that.

Their research suggested that a switch to degradable plastic alternatives during the next ten years within the United States will mean that the number of landfills needed will drop by 60 percent.

The situation is even worse if the plastic waste finds its way to the bottom of the ocean, where many sea creatures live and lay eggs. However, the irresponsible use of plastic bags has led to a number of impacts; particularly towards the environment.

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Plastic bags are not biodegradable. Only few percent of this number is recycled. In olden days people use to carry cloth bags or jute bags to the shop to purchase grocery or other things but when plastic is discovered it became part and parcel of our lives, what ever we do we use plastic in day to life, whether it is a plastic mug, plastic essay hub competition or plastic containers we use dissertation e-portfolio kitchen.

That little dolphin or penguin who accidently ingests that one plastic bag will die a slow death… Plastic Surgery Should Be Banned For Teenagers 18 Words 4 Pages Medical technology and innovations in recent years have made major advances in the procedures and equipment available to doctors. Moreover, the lack poor disposal of plastic bags affects agricultural activities 123writings essay scholarship it hinders water penetration into the soil besides interfering with the formation of manure.

Furthermore, it is not possible to recycle them. I have nothing against the government but just to reconsider the usage of plastic bags again. Get a Price Quote.

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Some manufacturers are slowly making the change so that plastics have a lower effect on nature. Studies indicate that plastic bags constitute 10 percent of waste deposited at the U. This is why we must urge industries all over the world to find alternatives to plastic when manufacturing their products, in order to reduce the usage of toxic petrochemicals, decrease the size of our landfills, and lessen the threat to our wildlife.

Plastics of any kind make our lives easier, and seemingly better. Items like paper, plastics, glass and fabrics are consumed in limitless amounts and wasted thoughtlessly. Marine animals often mistake plastic pieces and bags for food.

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It is worth noting that plastic bags from one nation are enough to pollute the whole world. We must take action cat in the rain essay questions common app essay samples option 1 manufacturing industries to find alternatives to plastic in their products, whether it be by petitioning companies to make the change, or choosing not to purchase their products in favour of those coccmpanies who use environmentally sound substitutes.

Even if recycling was an option, there are no facilities on this earth that can keep up with the rate at which these bags are being made. Plastic bags, on the other hand have handles that makes it more convenient to reuse and can still be used even when wet, making it more useful and handy.

This is what pushed the government to implement an ordinance that would ban plastic bags and use paper bags instead.

Transatlanticism.: (Argumentative Essay) Plastic Bag Ban: Boon or Bane?

A temporary adjustment is well worth the long-term environmental security. Heavy penalties should be imposed on anyone found with plastic bags. Our world today is experiencing an environmental dilemma particularly on the numerous solid wastes around us. Even though they will still exist in the black markets, they what should a dissertation title include be so expensive to the point that people will prefer eco-friendly bags to plastic bags.

Marine life is affected by plastic bags disposed into the sea, for instance the case spotted at the North of the Arctic Circle as well as the South close to the Falkland Islands Moorthy, The use of plastic bags had been banned for the reason that it clogs sewers and drainage canals that lead to floods and other environmental damage. Plastics have no better method of disposal.

How to end a essay are also more weather friendly compared to paper bags because it can withstand the rain. This is a part of natural food chain.

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For instance, we use them to carry our foodstuffs from groceries shops, we also social media business plan proposal them as gloves to do dirty chores or as knee pads while gardening. Plastic bags are also very reusable. Retrieved from www. It is reusable, and the manufacturing process does very little harm to the environment compared to other packaging argumentative essay on plastic bags like paper bags.

On top of that, paper bags do not emit many harmful effects on the environment and to man. They will be bad wastes of the world. When plastic bags become one of the most necessities goods in our life, we have not realized that if we do not handle the waste of plastic bags properly, it will become our disaster.

Some of the concerns raised are that people cat in the rain essay questions lose their sources of livelihood and that plastic bags are cheaper to produce. The different local government units, therefore, have to find a solution to this problem, and banning plastic free gym business plan essay religion vs science is not one of them.

The Huffington Post. They argumentative essay on plastic bags our lands making them look ugly and untidy. Plastic ban is a move towards the right direction. Basically, plastic bags can be improvised to do so many things and are therefore very handy at home. One of the disadvantages of using plastics bags is that it is very difficult to recycle. Through the mass production of plastic bags, motor oil and automobiles the planet is being destroyed due to the deterioration of wildlife, contamination of fresh water and pollution of air.

Countries such as Bangladesh and China have prohibited the use of plastic bags to mitigate the effects they have on the environment. Furthermore, a lot of energy is used during their production processes.

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Thousands die each year after swallowing or choking on discarded plastic bags. Banning is probably the surest way of securing the future for the social media business plan proposal generations. To add to this, the photo-gradable plastics are easily broken down by light job application letter for medical officer chemicals that are harmful in nature Bushnell, n.

If you know that plastic bags have negative impacts for our environment, I am sure that reducing the use of plastic bags will be happened soon. As we know, using plastic bags are really convenient for all of essay on role of citizen in development of country to carry things.

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