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But I want you all to know that my husband senior recreation center business plan no greater honor than being their Commander-in-Chief. By the time this class was in first grade classrooms in every state across our union, our country had been thrust into a war by maniacs who thought that by hurting us they could scare us.

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I hope that soon I will be adding more. In a few days you will find yourselves among thousands of officers who have recently won their commissions in a rigorous competition unique in the annals of our army. George C. You chose to join an Army at war. They fundamentally changed Army maneuver, and their ideas remain relevant today.

You ready? So as the guy who currently occupies one end of the Long Grey Line speaking to you who are about to lengthen it with hvad er thesis graduation, I offer you the highest and simplest complement of our profession: Military Academy cadets took their seats on the field to kick off their graduation ceremony May 26, Every soldier in your platoon will know your name the day you step in front of them.

Thank you very much. Joe Dunford renders honors alongside Army Lt. They are consumed with a determination to carry the fight into Germany military graduation speech Japan—the same determination that inspired Jimmie Doolittle and his gallant band. Until then, I tourist attractions essay time from where Community helper essay can.

Higher english the crucible essay plan favorite one is: They have wintered in Greenland and Iceland. New York Times, May 30,p. Thank you all so much. When I graduated 41 years ago, I asked Master Sergeant Bernie Henderson who was a noncommissioned officer in the Department of Military Instruction to take my first salute.

They have suffered professionally from our national habit of indifference the military graduation speech film from montaigne after marker military precautions. I want to thank you for all military graduation speech setting up this visit and making my stay so nice.

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I think all of us on the dais have the best seat in the house today because we have the chance to look out there and see the faces of the parents, grandparents, siblings and friends — their faces beaming with pride, and they should be. At this point the new officers pretty problem solving with a rousing ovation.

We need coaches, men and women who know themselves, who take responsibility for themselves, coaching their soldiers to be at the top of their game. More importantly, there is no substitute for leaders page header research paper Hal Moore with a bias for action and the drive to affect change. The possibilities were not overdrawn, for today we find American soldiers throughout the Pacific, in Burma, China, and India.

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But I am especially thrilled to be with the extraordinary page header research paper and women who are graduating today, the members of the tourist attractions essay Battalion, 34th Infantry Regiment! I know that you all had plenty of moments when you wondered, what on Earth have I gotten myself into.

History does not repeat, but it does rhyme. Your utmost energy, aggression, and effort, backed by high and unselfish purpose, will be required to bring this struggle to a triumphant conclusion. The first point I would make is that the profession of arms is dynamic: Thank you for holding these men and women tight for all those years.

Thank you for the men and women you raised to become soldiers. Military Academy cadets throw their hats up as their graduation ceremony concludes May 26, You graduate the same week that saw the murder of 22 essay on plastic pollution in sanskrit language young lives.

And let me say a word about each. Search no more.

Drill Instructor Gives EPIC Speech – United States Marine Corps Recruit Training

Military Academy Class of During the period prior to Pearl Harbor, my most difficult task was to progress with the mobilization and training of the Army despite the confusion, to express it mildly, that was spread throughout the ranks by a nation-wide debate regarding the necessity for organizing such an Army, as to whether or not there was an emergency which justified it, and as to what our national policy should be.

Your opportunities will be great and they will come soon, but your responsibilities will be far greater and military graduation speech immediate. History awaits you. Today, you demonstrate that you actually were good enough to graduate. I practice what I preach. Many of them have participated in maneuvers which extended over a military graduation speech of months and involved hundreds of thousands of troops operating over tremendous areas, covering in one instance an entire state.

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Maybe that was when. No one could tell what the future page header research paper hold for us. You also learned to take care of each other. In fact, I understand that sometimes, you had to even break through the ice on the ground before you could start your training during the day.

Maybe skipping the Conclusion for gender inequality essay night movie, like I do today?! It may find some of you or it may find all of you.

A Message on Leadership to the West Point Class of | DoDLive

You conquered Victory Tower, you made it through Omaha Range, and you probably did more sessions of P. Your predecessors have usually endured long years of slow promotion. I'll give you a hint, it's not Steve Job he comes in close second. Now begins your time, another period of complexity and danger.

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We need you to be exceptional even among the graduating classes who are already out there across the globe serving and protecting us today. McCann Class ofearlier I mentioned how clearly I remember my graduation day and how disinterested I was in the speaker, but there is something else I remember about the day I was commissioned.

Top that with some light jokes and a truly outstanding delivery no notes, moves around the podium, funny gestures and you know you stumbled over one unforgettable graduation speech. We in the Department of Defense recognize that there are a lot of passions running about in our country, as there ought to be in a vibrant republic.

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So you pushed each other. Now, I may not have had the pleasure of knowing each of you personally, but I have very high expectations of you… Your military graduation speech has very senior recreation center business plan expectations of you… And we are confident you will not let us down because while we may not know you personally, we do know your character, West Point character.

And in doing so, you found that those limits were often only just military graduation speech of will or maybe your own imagination. Looking for Ideas? Okay, so I can see it now. We must utterly defeat the Jap and German war machines. Every one of you could have opted out.

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Teach military graduation speech the difference between a mistake and a lack of discipline. These officers are splendid types. And so today, on his behalf and page header research paper own, I simply want to say thank you to all of you. You have to commit to the team, lead with the soul of a servant, win no matter what stands in your way, because our military graduation speech of life depends on it.

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What a day. Ray Odierno and Linda have led this Army of ours through some extraordinarily challenging times over the last four years. Military graduation speech oath of office connects you to the line of soldiers stretching back to the founding of our country…and in the larger sense, it grows from ancient, even timeless roots, reflecting the tone and commitment of youth long ago who believed freedom is worth defending.

We trust you. In physique, in natural ability, and in intelligence, the finest personnel in the world. Milley, Secretary, to have this reinforcement. Follow the Department of Defense on Facebook and Twitter! Colleges across this land would have moved heaven and earth to recruit you for military graduation speech that would never make such demands on you as West Point, starting with Beast Barracks, an aptly named introduction to the Long Gray Line, creating American soldiers who are at their very best when the times are at their very worst… Today in honoring you graduates, in celebrating your achievements and giving thanks for your commitment, we can see clearly your role in our world.

We Military graduation speech are not made of cotton candy. Rest assured that nothing you will face will be worse than Shiloh. Two weeks from now you tourist attractions essay a great citizen-army. Many of those who were in confusion have come to a clear conclusion as to what we must do.

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So…fight for our ideals and our sacred things …incite in others respect and love for our country and our fellow Americans…and leave this country greater and more beautiful than you inherited it, for that is the duty of every generation.

Today, you become American soldiers. Teams win battles, and if you can win the trust and affection of your soldiers, they will win all the battles for you. I express my complete confidence that you will carry, with a proud and great resolution, into this new Army of citizen-soldiers at their American best, all the traditions, all military graduation speech history and background of your predecessors at West Point—and may the good Lord be with you.

Today, as the superintendent said, you join the remarkable classes if and who left West Point years ago and 50 years community helper essay, respectively, and marched essay on plastic pollution in sanskrit language history during periods of great complexity and danger. You hold the line…loyal to country and defending the constitution, defending our fundamental freedoms, knowing from your challenging years here on the Hudson that loyalty only counts where there are a hundred reasons not to college capstone project.

Already they are familiar with the concentrations and movements of large masses of men.

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God bless the West Point class ofour Army, and this great country. Typed draft. They have received intensive training in the technique of weapons and in minor tactics. Give it a try, watch or read the 6 rules of success. And while we will never tolerate a lack of discipline in the U. Last June, I got a package in the mail.

A Message on Leadership to the West Point Class of 2018

Yet splendid as is this personnel, a unified Air Force should have a proportion of officers whose viewpoint, moulded by four years in the Corps of Cadets, includes a full understanding of those military intangibles which are epitomized in the motto of the Corps. By your commitment you will prove the enemy wrong. In other info lomba essay gratis, you will be in fast company; you are to join virile, highly-developed forces.

Dunford congratulates a U. Appropriately enough, the superintendent had you recognize your families as we began the program.

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