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The theoretical investigations in this thesis explore methods of calculating the key parameter coupling factor which determines the dispersion of a multi-resonance system.

Journal of Optics A: Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Use of RPhC waveguides in other applications, particularly in biosensing, is also studied. In contrast to traditional waveguides, bound states in photonic crystal waveguides can also exist in constrictions and above the cutoff frequency.

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Photonic crystal waveguides for silicon integrated optics

In the theoretical study, the physical cause of the pronounced asymmetric dispersion of a multi-resonance system base on mode-gap cavities is uncovered, and a dispersive mode coupling model that accurately describes the case study of alien species dispersion is formulated.

Our implementation is freely available on the Web. We show how traditional band-structure analysis can be adapted to slab systems in the context of several representative structures, and describe the unique features that arise in this framework compared to ordinary photonic crystals.

The effect of the modefield width on the dispersion properties of the waveguide is discussed. letter of intent for research proposal

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Slow light propagation in photonic crystal waveguides with ring-shaped holes. Characterization of photonic crystal waveguides using Fabry—Perot resonances. In this thesis we investigate novel photonic crystal devices that can be used as building blocks of all-optical circuits. Both, cmos finfet and fd. We show that light can be very efficiently coupled into and out of photonic crystal waveguides using tapered dielectric waveguides.

The thesis also studies letter of intent for research proposal new type of photonic crystal, where the planar photonic crystal lattice is defined with ring-shaped holes RPhC.

Photonic crystals : from theory to practice

Properties, applications and fabrication of photonic crystals with ring-shaped holes in silicon-on-insulator. John D. Mulot, J. We contrast the behavior of light in photonic crystal systems and in their traditional counterparts.

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In this thesis, we explore the design, computation, and analysis of photonic crystals, with a special emphasis on structures and devices that make a connection with practically realizable systems. Dispersion engineering of photonic crystal waveguides with ring-shaped holes.

Arpiainen, Photonic crystal waveguide thesis. Bachelor of science electrical engineering 1.

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Fiber bragg grating was demonstrated by ken hill in. Massachusetts Institute of Technology Date Issued: A relationship between coupling efficiency and the phase match between the coupler mode and the slow mode is observed.

We study the possibility of lossless linear waveguides in such systems, and highlight their differences with both conventional waveguides and waveguides in true photonic crystals. Credit courses unless otherwise specified.

Control of resonances in photonic crystal waveguides

Massachusetts Institute of Technology Date Issued: Is an open access online peer reviewed international journal that publishes research. View at Publisher Permanent link to this item: The structure is distinguished by a sequence of planar layers, identical except for a horizontal offset, and repeating every three layers to form an fcc lattice.

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Utility of the concept of momentum, and the fact of its conservation. A simple scheme of manipulating the Fano lineshape proposed from our model is demonstrated experimentally. Type or paste a doi name into the text box. We draft methods to calculate the coupling constant both numerically and analytically, using a finite-difference time-domain method and the volume current method with a Green's function approach, respectively.

A short and efficient coupler between the slow mode in an RPhC waveguide and the mode in a conventional silicon waveguide is designed.

Arpiainen, H. This technological revolution does not only allow highest. Finally, the experimental result of one order of magnitude increase of the Q of a disorder-induced business plan flower shop sample is shown. Finally, we consider the creation of high-Q cavities in slabs, for which the lack of a complete gap entails unavoidable radiation losses.

We demonstrate that such a slab can support a high-Q defect mode, enabling low threshold lasing, and we discuss how the quality factor depends on the design parameters. Furthermore, hybridization of two disorder-induced resonances is shown and the mode profiles of the hybridized modes are reconstructed.

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John D. In time-domain simulations of photonic crystal waveguides, spurious reflections from cell edges can be eliminated by terminating the waveguide with a Bragg reflector waveguide. Buy optical mems, nanophotonics, and their applications. Photonics and Nanostructures — Fundamentals and Applications, volume 6, pages We show that light can be very efficiently coupled into and out of photonic crystal waveguides using tapered dielectric waveguides.

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A new non-invasive method to elucidate the spatial profile of the localized modes photonic crystal waveguide thesis a photonic crystal waveguide with unavoidable disorder using precise church wedding speech thermal tuning is proposed. Initially, the gratings were fabricated using a visible laser propagating. We discuss how to lower reflections encountered when photonic crystal waveguides are terminated, both in an experimental setup as well as in numerical simulations.

Chunlei guo duke university, usa. This thesis reports experimental and theoretical studies on photonic crystal waveguides in church wedding speech silicon-on-insulator platform. Mulot, S. John D. Cassagne, J.

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Vynck, M. Courses offered in the certificate, master.

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By choosing a suitable ring parameter, the RPhC waveguide exhibits low and photonic crystal waveguide thesis constant group velocity over a wavelength range of several nanometers. In this thesis we investigate novel photonic crystal devices that can be used as building blocks of all-optical circuits.

Series in optics and optoelectronics. Fano lineshapes in reflection spectra are characterized experimentally, and their origin is uncovered by an accurate analytical model proposed in this thesis. Department of electronic engineering, tsinghua university, beijing.

Juergen czarske tu dresden, germany. Massachusetts Institute of Technology. We also propose to use two dimensional photonic crystal slabs as directionally efficient free-space couplers. We also design a photonic crystal slab with organic gain media that has a TE-like pseudogap. Many different numerical techniques are compared and characterized.

Efficient light coupling into a piece of chalk chesterton essay photonic crystal waveguide with flatband slow mode. Finally, we describe a fully-vectorial, 3d algorithm to compute the definite-frequency eigenstates of Maxwell's equations in arbitrary periodic dielectric structures, including systems with anisotropy birefringence or magnetic materials, using preconditioned block-iterative eigensolvers in a planewave basis.

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